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shinyshampoo is my nick

Posted by: emily

December 31st, 2007 >> fun stuffs~


end of the year edi lu~ happy~

aloha 2008!!~

coming semester is my last semester before graduating edi le~ so fast neh~ 3 years edi lu~

wish me luck in my final larr~~

oh ya…

recently.. i've realized that there're lots of people looking and searching for me edi… SHINYSHAMPOO is gonna be popular~ yay~

hehehe~ i love my nickname~

see the analytical stat. this is my first time seeing so many search on "shinyshampoo" weee~ 

last month
last week
this week

shinyshampoo is quite a special nick coz whenever i register it, its not chosen/registered by anyone yet.. so i guess its mine~ hehe~ 

pink cute eye mask~

Posted by: emily

December 30th, 2007 >> baby's playground, mooie, yummy yummy~


yesterday.. chun was free to take me out..~ yay~

we went to 1U for a movie..

but before that, he came and fetch me in the morning, we was going to fetch chun's akong together to have breakfast in IKar fish head noodle in kepong.. but then when we fetched akong, he said he doesnt feel comfortable.. he was unwell… so after some stuffs went on.. we took akong to the hospital.. he had some water in his lungs..

after that only we went to 1U.. reached there, got the movie ticket, some pop corns, hot dogs, soft drinks, and we went into the cinema..

we watched "The Heartbreak Kid". well for me it was a nice comedy.. but the "za" ppl de jokes really kao geng~ hehe.. not bad but just not extreme enough~ hehe.. den somemore they "cut" alot jor… end up become not very nice..



after the movie.. we wanted to get some mini stuffs to eat before going back to chun's house for dinner. actually i was so hungry.. coz we sent akong to hospital and didnt get to eat any breakfast… then we went into the cinema with some little snacks.. so we wanted to try Big Apple's donut.. as recommended by so many many many people in their blogs.. especially Vicky, he recommended the Duran2.. yucks!!!! 

i stopped chun from buying duran duran! yuckkk! 

we bought only 3 coz we dun want to show the over bloated face when on the dinner table later.. and also we had some fruit juice too~


after that, i wanted to go into Parkson to get some stuffs coz i had a RM10 voucher which i dunno what to buy… so after searching and pondering… finally i gave up.. then still feeling a little wasted, i went back to the kids department, and look for my final item i should get.. then i saw this…

this cute little thing~ hehe~ 

cute cute~

its a cute eye mask… i need this coz i've always wanted something to cover my eyes while i sleep with my jiejie switching on the lights~ then it reminds me of mammi.. coz she love to use my beads love cushion to put it on her eyes~ hehe.. i gotta show mammi later~ happy~

chun's trying to act cute with my cute cute… isk… =.=||  


yeah… i know.. he is cuter…


sien sien oh~

Posted by: emily

December 27th, 2007 >> baby's playground, life

yesterday was sien…

i followed jiejie to work in MV.. then i went kaikai myself… no one to accompany me.. really sien oh.. just went to get my stuffs and siemz..


was there coz i still haven't lost hope on the Giordano top.. muahahaha~ when i went there, its the LAST black turtle neck SIZE S top left. it seems like its the one and only one reserved waiting for me edi… haha~ happy… i got it with 50% off.. cheapz kao kao~ 


den only i got to know my sanku was in KL yesterday… she took her children to Pusat Sains Negara and then to The Curve.. i should have called her so i can join them to reduce my sienness… haiz.. nvm lo…

today also same… sien…

but cant join my sanku coz they went back to sitiawan ler…

so me and jiejie rotted inside our room for the whole day.. she's lazy to go out since its her off day, she wanna sit at home and rest.. i got no choice to stay at home and rot coz i'm lazy to go out alone.. haiz..

wanted to work for Tuborg beer on Friday night de.. but then the uniform kinda.. not that nice.. can see tummy.. somemore its in white color… better dun le… haiz.. although its pay on the spot.. haizz… 

den for dinner.. jiejie went out with her senior.. she's so bad leaving me alone in the room.. and i got to cook instant noodle coz i dun wan to eat those stuffs in the cafe… its soooooo salty… tak tahan.. den some really cannot eat de… haiz… actually i wanted to eat nasi lemak outside the hostel de.. but then today they tak bukak.. sad…

so came back into the room and cook noodle lo.. mana tau rite… the noodle gonna expire soon le.. haiz… nvm le… its still havent expire.. still can eat de.. haha..


my little cooking place…  


just hope that it wont be so sien next week lo…