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gray zone

Posted by: emily

November 30th, 2007 >> grumpy baby, life, work!

just got very frust again…

even though i got the job recommended by Nic… haiz.. rushed the whole day… chun borrowed car to fetch me to interview.. but the owner wants it back asap… chun asked me not to go to the interview in sunway coz its not worth it to rush here and there, and he cannot be driving the car for that long… so i made up a decision i should let go the P1 Wifi job.. but still i want to work coz i dont wanna stay in room while jiejie goes to work…

deciding that i should not hog other people's car and mafan chun, so i asked swing coz i wanna tumpang her car after chun sent me back to school… and i even ponteng the last tutorial class coz the class ended early even before i reach school.. so on the way back to school, annie texted me and confirmed i've been selected for interview with the real client next week..

so since i got the job… i didn't want to go to sunway interview edi.. coz i wanna have some rest before work tonite for JD. then i told swing i wont be following her to interview edi… but who knows that guy don't wanna wait for swing as he promised.. den now i feel so sorry coz he doesnt wanna wait for swing coz maybe we're the only one which will come after 4pm like promised.. den now dunno swing will get the job or not..

he didn't keep his promises.. he said i don't need an interview at first, and then said if i don't go for interview i cant work.. den now this?? what kind of person is this? so untrustworthy.. i had to beg chun to borrow a car to fetch me to interview.. i have a job at night later. i had keep myself worrying abt this and that..

mei hwa told me he is a very nice guy.. but i don't think so…

i'm so pissed off now..

laugh often.. i’ll try my best..

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November 29th, 2007 >> ❤ beautilicious~, baby's playground, cosmetics, grumpy baby, mooie, skincare


got very fed up… annoyed.. frust.. and tired… coz did alot of thinking and decision making.. 

but also enjoyed my shopping trip.. 

firstly… from class this morning.. i straight headed to klcc coz of the member sale.. hehe~ got the stuff i wanted, collected the RM20 voucher and left.. 

the red packet
color my cheeks~ and vouchers~
Givenchy's philosophy – Laugh Often

den questions came to my mind… since chun's car in the workshop… i should go to Kose Warehouse sale myself? coz if go on weekend sure alot of ppl… but then XinYing and QLing are in 1U to wait for me for a movie.. so making decision whether which one should i go… to 1U for movie or to Kose warehouse sale…

quarreled with chun.. i also dunno why… too stressed to make decision.. and alot thinking made my brain malfunctioned…

luckily chloe saved my life… she wanna go to the warehouse sale.. so i directed her there, and i asked her to buy some stuff for me… yay~ bought Kose Sekkisei Lotion 360ml.. okla.. actually wanted Sekkisei Emulsion de.. but chloe say too many products there edi.. she blur.. so nvm lo… 


and so.. i headed to 1U by bus which took 1 hour plus to reach… i think i can go Seremban edi.. sat in the bus for that long… pengsan and tiring.. and also… hate taking bus.. those guys like whole life never see before girls.. keep on looking at ppl and call amoi amoi… not tired mer call all the girls on the street? blehh..

den somemore…

yesterday… i was supposed that i got the Wifi job for PC fair.. mana tau last night the feller called.. he said i need to go for the interview on friday no matter what.. if not i dun get the job. promised edi, now like that..

firstly, yesterday he confirmed that i will get the job and i do not need to attend interview but will brief me on weekend.. so i didnt go to times square for u-mobile in 1U job, i let go 1 job because of that. den that night only he tell me i need go for interview coz of bla bla bla… really feel like giving up the Wifi job coz i'm very packed on friday.. 8.30am class till 4pm. and he want me to go sunway piramid to interview. chun dont have his car, how am i supposed to go? fed-up. then i got JD job friday night. tired..

dunno how… jobs?? never too many… those people like that really screwed up my life.

but luckily Nic from clickz saved my life… he offered me a PC job also… which pays better… if i really cant make it to the Wifi job interview, at least i can go to his… but still need to interview geh la… so wish me luck for tomolo's interview~

during tomolo's break time in between, chun gonna borrow car to fetch me to interview lo.. kelian him… gotta drive to and back for me.. and if the interview didnt go on well, he need to fetch me to sunway for interview again… haiz… and again night time gotta drive me to work.. haizz haizz…

okey.. back to my shopping story..

reached 1U tired.. and thats when Nic smsed me.. my mood became better… more happy compared to before that…

we watched "Enchanted". luckily they bought ticket late abit.. had time to rest and eat something coz i havent eaten since morning…

walk walk for awhile to wait for the time to pass… love a heel i saw in Nose… but… haiz… too many heels edi… so bought some groceries and also junkies… then its time for movie~ 


nice and magical movie.. but still i like Stardust better… maybe coz this one dont really make sense although its a fantasy fairyland… but still it doesnt goes right.. haha… nvm.. at least its funny and nice… hehe…

now… praying for Nic's client interview tomolo i'll get the job!~

black luck

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November 27th, 2007 >> grumpy baby, life

kelian my hubby…

i mean the car…

oh ya.. its his car…

haiz.. kelian me… no driver…

last sunday.. after sending me back home… he met an accident… which results this… 


haiz.. last month edi like this:


and now this?? hiyoo… 


nothing to say… got an interview to attend later… ciaoz.. 

*edited at 5.10pm

just back from klcc.. tired…


the interview was… a very successful mistake made by the agent company.. dengz… they call up the wrong person.. which is me.


i mean.. they weren't supposed to call me, they're supposed to call and inform another girl name Emily Tan. and i'm very sure i wasn't supposed to be there also.. its for those who're 165cm tall as they want every girls to look the same tall.. i'm only 152cm, what say you?

a wasted journey to interview.. and the girl didnt even say sorry… so rude..

but luckily.. i treated myself with something better~ hehe~

kaikai lo of course… 

yay~ got to know that this coming thursday will be Parkson's Member Sale Day~ happy~ and double bonus~ Parkson KLCC has the limited edition Fall Collection, Givenchy Prisme Again! Secret Blush Quartet #10 Secret Rose. yay~~ it was sold out every other counter you know… happy~ gonna get it on sale day~ 


muahaha~ happy~!

just pray that chun dun kill me for buying all those stuffs~ lol~