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October 31st, 2007 >> memories~

just got my pictures yesterday night from patrick… he came and drop off the cd for me and chloe… but he forgot to make another copy… and my burner spoiled i dont know why… haiz.. these pics was taken last few weeks edi in Stesen KTM.

here's some pics which i like lor… but alittle only…

this is us: me and chloe 


i love my full body shot although very normal shots coz i look so tall in it… and i never think i was so tall before.. hahaha~  

this is the funniest pose which i think of a caption for it…
the sitting pose… my leg look like i had my ankle twisted edi… but still i love the expression…
this is for chun~
my lanci pose~

for [more].. but not much la… almost all are here edi.. 

why carshow or ads with male models ARE NOT OK!!!

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October 30th, 2007 >> fun stuffs~

what my jiejie found online~

she look into her email and got this junk… this is so funny and stupid… 

*please.. i'm not responsible of your wasted meals. 

wah.. pretty girl~




hehehe~ u see the guy's butt..

salute them neh… 

patut la kereta tak laku… Ferrari's sales sure jatuh menjunam when they take guys as model.. hahaha~ i rather enjoy seeing hot sexy chics on car than these… hahaha~ 

my angel eyes

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October 29th, 2007 >> ❤ beautilicious~, cosmetics

yesterday.. i asked my classmate, Qling to help me to purchase the Tsuya Tsuya Angel Eyes mascara set coz i was lazy to go out.. and thinking that it was last day yesterday, so i asked qling for the help as she's working in MV. 


and happy~ got the mascara right after qling came back from work~ she passed it to me~ the set comes with a mascara toner to dissolve the harden/dried mascara in the tube next time. then there's a brush which is actually a blusher brush, to sweep your face if the fiber fall all over your face.

the white fiber is for lengthening and black fiber is for volume. the SA taught me to apply mascara on the base first.. then use alittle of black fiber on the inner eyelashes first. then use the mascara again. then add black fiber if you want more volume. but usually once is enough. then use the white fiber on the tip of eyelashes.. then use mascara again.. repeat it until you're satisfy with the length. 

the mascara brush 

i was really really tempted to try it on.. but night edi… apply edi let who see leh? hehe.. so i applied it this morning before i went to school~


see my before picture. its only one layer of mascara applied. normal looking eye. 


erm… my first attempt on this thingy.. handshake… and it results ugly first apply on my right eye.. really ugly… coz i put too much black fiber and i put on my whole eyelashes.. and i applied alittle of white fiber in the middle only coz of my shaky hands. haiz.. it turned out cacat lo… 


buy my 2nd try was good.. which is on my left eye. but i was too afraid i might make everything worse, so i decided to stop at 2nd apply of white fiber. if i wan it to be longer, i can apply the white fiber another 1 or 2 times. 


need to practice more to make nicer eyelashes lo… love it~ you can see the effect more if you see from side coz i'm making it more to lengthening effect. 


*sorry la.. its my first time.. sure messy de… and also actually its kinda hard to apply also…

–edited 2 December 07–

well.. my applying skill has increased.. much better i think… still cacat sometime if i'm in a hurry… well.. this is okey edi liao.. if wan more longer and nicer lashes, stick shu uemura's false eyelashes lo..

the flash so cacat… so it end up like this… just wanna show you how it looks like clearly… below is the difference between maybelline unstoppable shinyblack and tsuya tsuya mascara…  



tsuya tsuya vs maybelline unstoppable