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alien head

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September 30th, 2007 >> baby's playground, work!, yummy yummy~

and the next day (Saturday/yesterday)

its my working day in 1U for the Standard Charted Bank event. about the ICT ideas competition. there were four girls there to give out flyers including me. we were asked to wear the jacket top and a helmet. argh man… the helmet was hard and tight.. my head hurts and sweating.. haiz… and it makes me looks like alien too… nah.. this is the best shot of the head.. 


there were also 2 mimics, 2 tall transformers and a group dancers, Sparks. the mimics and the tall transformers were entertainers and eye grabber to the event..then there were some performance from JJ and Rudy, Daniel Lee, Nita and some others which i dunno.. but actually i also dunno who's nita.. hehe~ but her voice was not bad duh.. and the dance by the Sparks were nice too… 

then when JJ and Rudy came, me and a partner, Maggie went backstage to drink some water, then there were some ppl in it.. so i told Maggie i wanted to take a pic with JJ and Rudy. but i asked her, is the two guys JJ and Rudy? she said she's not sure coz she never see them before.. but i agak-agak should be them coz they're looking at the schedule… hehe.. then Maggie asked me why don't i ask them whether they're JJ and Rudy. i said okey, i did actually wanted to ask like that, but when i was in front of them i just asked "hey can i take a picture with you guys~ hehe" here's it: 


after taking pics, we shook hands.. and JJ asked, "what's your name?" i said i'm Emily, and Maggie introduced herself, and JJ said, "i'm JJ and he's Rudy". i was lucky i bumped to the right one.. hahaha~

we finished all the flyers before i went to lunch at 3pm.. so when we came back after lunch, the person in charge of us asked us to stand there like vases to take pics with people and wait till 5pm, take a group pic, and we can go home le~ 

the girls with the crew 

my feet soooooooooo very pain…. suan suan de… we didnt walk far coz the uncle in 1U dun let us walking around 1U, so we just walked around the entrance area near Polo Ralph Lauren. and the event area in front of us was the Osim uSqueeze promotion. while standing with my hurting legs, Lin Chi Ling the Osim ambassador in the tvc said, "ni de jiao lei le ma? ni de jiao suan le ma?" (is your legs tired?, is your legs sore?-something like that, i'm not really good in translating) so sad.. my feet hurts.. 

after work while waiting for chun to come and fetch me, my legs was so tired and not able to walk far, i sat right in front of the Osim event area, the Osim feller came and gave me a leaflet and asked me to try out the uSqueeze, so paiseh… haha.. i didnt try it out coz chun's reaching edi.. so i went to the toilet and came out. chun's already there.


chun picked me up and we went to jusco kepong coz dunno where else to go and he dun wanna go back home… so we hung around there and had our dinner. actually its not dinner, its only snacks.. ate the creepyyy~ eeh.. its crepe~ 


love this thing since i was in secondary school, usually we'll it when we went to ipoh coz thats the only place we found selling… we love milo plus chocolate chip… but here dun think they let us mix coz its not in the menu.. 

here's how they do it.. very easy.. just 3 steps~ 

firstly, the base/crepe
then spread the chocolate chips and condensed milk on it
lastly, scrape off the plate and fold over 

 finally… my food… not bad for this coz no milo… taste okey only.. well, it used to be my favourite~ 


sat there and ate… chun was playing a fool.. asked me to record him singing my mammi's favourite song but i snapped a pic oh him singing away.. hehe~ 


i rested, then changed to my JD uniform and we headed our way to Jalan PRamlee. our meet up point was in Thai Club again coz we gonna rove around the same place as the 1st day. 

we started late coz Swee Sum came an hour late… wasted oni we waited there 2 hours early.. Carolyn even said if she'd know earlier, she wanted to eat something… haha.. but we were to free till we took some pics for memories~ yeah.. 3 of us first time working for liquor.  

Rasherl, just came back from Japan, she's so fair~ 
Carolyn, the tall and slim girl~ pengz!

our fave supervisors wasn't coming also… but Richard did came… even earlier than Swee Sum also… so when we're sitting there waiting Richard bought us drinks… when Swee Sum came, we started roving.. from Thai Club we moved to Beach Club, to Rum Jungle, then to Poppy. we stayed in Poppy Garden for quite long because we did short cut in Beach Club and Rum Jungle coz there were too many pros-t-tut. while in poppy, there were so many chinese compare to others.. but there were mostly teenagers(as in the look) and young adults. well you cant find successful man in there..

after that, we headed back to Thai Club coz Richard's there and we need to reload the gifts.. i really cant bear the pain.. my feet hurts… i changed to the slippers which i brought and walked there… we had a break there and drinks~ started again in idBiza(should be wrong spelling edi) but no people and then to DV8. finally finishedd… happy~ but went back to Thai Club again to walk for awhile coz we were 15mins early..

at the end of the day, all of us got a piece of exclusive limited edition JD clock from our boss Richard.. coz i asked him before that edi.. hehe… tebalkan my face to ask coz its too cute to resist, and i know that i'm not able to buy a bottle of JD to get it.. hehe~ thanks alot to him~ 



finally.. its the last day working edi… had alot of happy and fun experience.. 


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September 30th, 2007 >> baby's playground, mooie, work!

last friday… before i went to work at night, i went out kaikai in the afternoon with jiejie and friends… chun was bz showing plans.. so he didnt join along..

we went out to watch "Hairspray" yoh~ nice movie nehh~ actually wanted to watch "Chuck and Larry" but dun think sempat coz we spent almost 1 hour waiting for bus when coming time.. coz wanna watch 2.35pm de show, but reached there see see late edi, so we bought 4.55pm de show… 


the movie was really nice… its the 60's theme… it makes me moving with the music.. and the girl's voice.. waa… nice… but john travolta's butt was so big and funny.. hahaha… the moral of the story was very very good… which are there's no discrimination between skin color and stout people.. then the high school musical troy's hair was so funny.. like God of Gambling Chow Yun Fat's hair.. hehe.. berkilat like syelek..

before movie, walked mv for awhile, coz jiejie doesnt wanna accompany me to Robinson… haizzz… but then bought a cyber colors eyeliner brush and canmake's liquid eyeliner… i'm hoping it will be good lor… coz i've already used so many eyeliners and they're not very good… haiz…

came back mc right after the show, and chun came and picked me up to work at 9.00pm coz we gotta meet up in Armada Hotel with others. and that friday, our supervisors wasnt able to come and join us as they had something on.. so our new supervisor Swee Sum guided us around..

that night we had to go to Armada's bar, Uncle Chili's in PJ Hilton, Hard Rock Cafe, Sugar Club, Planet Hollywood but didnt went in coz Eric was there earlier, he said there's not much customers. so we went on to the next club.. the last club, The Ship's upstairs… dunno wat-theque, forgotten the name..

we had a hard time on friday.. had to carry the gifts bag ourself and gave away the gifts ourself… coz our fave supervisors wasn't around.. T_T.. but i kelian Carolyn only coz she's the one who carried all the way… i helped for awhile only coz its really quite heavy… *sweat* i can tumbang carrying it while wearing my 4inch heels. cant balance myself..

then no break too coz we were late edi… went back kinda late coz we stayed too long at the 1st stop… coz the manager there was nice, helped us with the customers but there were some very cranky and fussy coz asking us too many questions.. and the manager in Sugar Club was helpful too~ thanks alot to them~

kinda busy week

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September 27th, 2007 >> life, work!, yummy yummy~

waa… tired ar…

last night.. my working day… they hired a new supervisor to take over David's job coz David had to "tampal goyok" (Salonpas) on his back and shoulder after carrying the heavy gift's bag for 3 days last week. hehe… and guess what, this is a real small world, the guy (Swee Sum) who came to work was a guy from Team Street, which i went interview for TXNite's job.

then there's another new JD girl.. coz Carolyn was sick, so another girl came to replace her.. and guess guess guess again, the girl is Cherisse, a friend from sitiawan. what a coincidence~ but then i'm still the shortest one coz Cherisse was as tall as Carolyn too… *sweat*

this time the meet up point was in hartamas.. and chun was having gen evo training/meeting that night.. i was in his place coz his place is nearer to hartamas, so his parents and didi sent me to work.. *paiseh paiseh* really felt paiseh asking them to send me to work *cover face*

we roved around hartamas, in Karma, Bojaugles and Rain (Modesto's). mainly we only go to the JD's territory.. then we hitched in Swee Sum's car to Uptown, Fuel Up. but on the way out of hartamas kena road block.. coz of his mod car and exceed speed limit. haiz.. kelian him lo… dunno his 3 days salary can cover the saman or not..

after that we went to Bamboo 9 in TTDI, the area kinda new.. and in the club was very nice.. and i had to kiss a girl on her cheek coz she's drunk edi… pengz… arGH! nvm, she's a girl and i'm NOT les. and then we headed our way to Laundry in Curve, and by the time we reach there, they already closed.. so…. fong kung~~ hehe..

and yay~ i've got the pics from my supervisor edi~ happy~~ and also i've edit in all the pics~ enjoy~~ 

then, this morning… chun was supposed to send me home before he go to school.. but then he said he will be late if he send me to MC first, so he asked me to wait for him in the car while he went to class. he dun let me to follow him to class coz he parked at the roadside jalan dungun there, so he wanted me to take care of his car… actually he told me to wait for 30mins… but end up i waited for almost 2 hours.. so hot in the car… cant sleep in it also coz alot passerby looking at me… T_T

wait wait and wait… shi jing even asked me to go photoshoot with her.. but cant make it coz chun have another class at 2pm. so chun took me to lunch nearby in Kedai Makanan Seng Lee… which he claimed its char kuey teow very nice… okey la.. not bad only.. almost same like what i used to eat in sitiawan.. but sitiawan's nicer.. hehe~ the price was abit high… one small plate for RM4.00 and RM7.00 or RM8.00 for special ones. 

the uncle in stripes top's char kuey teow
this is mine~ no prawn and see ham
this is chun's with big prawns and see ham

waited for chun, and got myself ready for a fitting session, for this Saturday daytime job in 1U's … around 4 something, chun sent me to somewhere in pelangi damansara's Costume World. we were there to try out our outfit which we will be wearing on the working day.

no camera is allowed, i curi-curi took this pic..

they sure have lots of costumes there. and i were supposed to just wear a silver top with white skirt for the event to give away flyers.. it will be some ICT event + contest and some performance.. haiz.. gonna be tired, nite time still got JD work.. 

after that, we went to taman megah for dinner.. we went round and round coz dunno wanna eat wat.. so weend up in Ming Tien.. i ate a bowl of shark fins noodle and chun had chicken chop rice.. and otak-otak for both of us~ 


add some black vinegar into the shark fins noodles to make it taste better… the shark fins noodles was okey.. as it used to be very very nice de… then, chun's chicken chop rice was not bad.. the fried chicken was crunchy nice but sauce a little weird taste.. the best was the otak-otak.. or maybe i havent had any otak-otak for such a long time so i really think that it was nice..