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August 31st, 2007 >> ❤ beautilicious~, fragranza

me… removed an item from my wishlist edi~

last few weeks, i bought Tommy Hilfiger's True Star parfum. love the smell… although it's strong.. 


argh.. farn!

dunno wat to do. dunno ar! 

opera drag diva

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August 29th, 2007 >> fun stuffs~

i found something on youtube. lets watch~ hehe…

you wanna guess who is that? . but dun think you all will know.. but, enjoy la.. btw please leave a feedback in youtube..

(p/s: i wont be responsible if you accidentally throw out your meals. thx…)

sushi again~

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August 27th, 2007 >> yummy yummy~

last week.. on sunday, after church… me and jiejie went to section 14 Sushi King makan~ hehe… our bill turned out to be RM50++. i dunno wat we ate.. 

for starters, i ate edamame~ jiejie had that ebi fry (behind).. 


then we dipped into sushis~ yummy yummy~  



finally our set came~

our set meal, Tenpura Gozen which is RM24.90. extra one simmered flounder fish (below right corner). cold cold geh.. scary… rather eat Fry Set which don't have simmered fish for only RM16.90. only that fish cost 7-8 bucks leh…. me and jiejie share this set coz i dun think we could finish one whole set per person. because we ate sushis too.. and we're soooo very the full edi… 

my potato inari.. came after the set.. too full edi.. and i had to take away this two pieces of sushis~ i love this.. nicer than the normal inari.. yummy~ but cost more…


this heavy and thick lunch can tahan till dinner… so just ate the two pieces of sushis for dinner..