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cute bee bee~~

Posted by: emily

June 29th, 2007 >> baby's playground, mooie

last night after work, me, chun, his bro and kelvin's couple went for Transformer. luckily i bought the tickets last 2 days online.. using their new e-transaction by maybank2u. easy and no need to queue up to buy~~ *thumbs up* 


except for the lousy customer service when i went to pick the ticket up, the receptionist gave me lanci and beh kua de look. somemore his ears dunno wat problem, i need to repeat the ticket number a few times loudly. haiz… 

but the movie was superb.. nice and funny.. lots of funny jokes and script.. some very lame but still funny coz i wasnt expecting transformers to be a little comedy. the funny Arabian operator talking on the phone, dengz~  alittle touching too at the friendship part.. when sammie turn back to help beebee, his legs broken edi.. 

the scene which has all the autobots all over that guy's house looks cute.. if they have those real ones to decorate our house, wont it be nice? hehe~ and bumble bee aka camero is super cute.. especially when he turned himself into a new yellow camero.. ahaha.. and the part when he popped out the can covering his private, and niao niao on the rude guy. hahaha… others like Jazz is cute too with his punk style.. the way he talk and moves.. hehe~

oh.. and i like the high powered police car alot. coz its big and tuff.. although he's a bad guy.. still like the car…  if i were to have a car, might paint it the police style.. hehe..

but ending was, a little too much fighting… cant see everything.. all i remember was everything looks like flying all over the screen.

and both of the female actress very pretty.. and i dun understand how Mikaela's eyelashes can curve up for so long?? really wanna know what type of mascara she using le.. hehe~

oh ya.. and there's one thing i dun understand.. how come megatron can speak English when he was actually here decades ago? i dun think there's world wide web that time… maybe there's something wrong with the plot. huhu~

no jacket, got blazer – shopping time

Posted by: emily

June 25th, 2007 >> baby's playground, grumpy baby, yummy yummy~

haizzzz… so so sad.. actually last saturday after meeting up with seetoh in mv, me asked and persuaded chun to fetch me to Sogo, KL. coz i wanna find the P&Co jacket that i wanted… so sad when dun hav…

and i've send email to the Padini Card & Customer Relations (CCR) Department, Wennes Kong. he double confirmed that the jacket is our of stock… so so sad… T_T dunno wat to do now… haiz…

to replace my sadness… after i went to 1U last week, i went to mv and bought a blazer for myself… felt better after buying… coz i got another jacket for work edi..~ its off white color, and looks very formal~ nice too~~

but then rite, this morning only i saw the washing tag, it should be dry cleaned… so bengang… haiz.. totwanna wear to work or go out kaikai de… it looks like i should wear only for some very important or formal occasion only le.. haiz…. nvm la.. its still nice~ 


and also.. wanna show u guys my cute little brown bunny i won from the games in the fun fair… hehe.. very very cute oh~ the pink nose… and its dark brown fur… with its big and long ears… looks like chinchilas too… hehe…

i told chun it breathe, coz when i got it, it was wrapped in plastic wrapper and there's mist/humid on the plastic.. until this morning still got.. so i decided to let him breathe outside… 



my cute eyes~

Posted by: emily

June 24th, 2007 >> ❤ beautilicious~, baby's playground, cosmetics lens, eastern, events, yummy yummy~

yesterday, i tried on the 1-DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE™ contact lens, which makes barbie's eyes. this was given by Biby last year coz she knows that i've wanted to have it, but have no guts to try on contact lens. she's working in optical shop so she got 2 testers for me in her previous employed shop. one is black and one is brown.

this is mine.. on a "si yau dip"

and now finally yesterday i tried to stick my fingers into my eyes to fix the lens. the lens very very soft… hard to fix it in… but faster than the last time when seow ling taught me..

this is the black one. there's another brown pair i havent use: 

the result
my best shot yesterday~~ wanna show off my cute dolly eyes…

well, not much or not big difference, it was around 1-2mm diameter bigger oni… but it really makes ur eyes look like a doll… hehe~ love it~~ i'm gonna buy one after i try the brown one, coz i dunno which color suits me better yet~

and also, wanna show my ex-roommate as we will be meeting in mv yesterday. so excited wanna show her my eyes, coz i told her very long ago i wanted it edi… den we went for lunch in Sushi King.. yum yum~~ my fave jap beans.. 


and… today.. very de tired ar…. went to some charity fun fair organised by chun's temple. in jinjang selatan primary school.. alot of people and we're taking care of the "find the match cards" games booth. 


chun's mammi gave us each one RM50 coupon to buy whatever we like… ate till full like a pig.. we ate the veggietarian sushie there… erm… not very nice… i still prefer Sushi King's non-veggietarian sushie~~ hehe… den… there's veggie pizza, chocolate shake, veggietarian shark's fin soup, shui kao and etc etc etc.. really alot… cant finish the RM100 both of us.. pengzz..

and there's other games too… and there's one game which they need us to read the color of the font, and not the type. i was quick as i dunno how to read the chinese character.. hehehe… and won quite a few stuffs.. including a watery deco stuffs in bottle, a dark brown bunny plushie and a world clock. 

there were donating blood campaign, and chun went to donate. and the blood… eeww…. i went too, but i just went for checkup, as after checking that i'm low blood pressure, the missie told me i'm not encouraged to donate.. i knew it, but just wanna go there and try to donate and kepoh there.. and also i'm not really ready to donate yet, as i can feel that i'm a little bloodsick. 

chun donating his blood.. 
his blood!!!! yuckkk!! 

this was my first time checking up my blood type, and guess wat.. i'm the special one.. i was so surprised! hehe.. both of my sisters are B type, and i'm AB blood type.. so funny, coz my meimei always wanted different blood type after she watched the "My Boyfriend is Type B" that korean movie.. hehe..

the movie talks about type B ppl are selfish, very bad and etc etc.. and type A are those nice people. so meimei really hope that she isn't type B.. hehe.. she was so disappointed when she check her blood for NS time.

oh ya, and i'm AB blood coz my mammi is A and my daddi is B, so mix edi become AB lo… 

and tonite, we end up.. having dinner whatever we bought with RM500 in the fair.. haha.. whole table of foods~ said chun's daddy.