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Family Tree

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May 26th, 2007 >> anniversaries, grumpy baby

chun came over yesterday after school, and mammi reached my place around that time too… so chun got to chitchat with mammi in the room. when he was here, i merajuk coz he promised me he will accompany me this whole week coz i'll be going back to sitiawan later.. actually i "lau kai" because i have a mission to complete before i go back stw. so and at last, chun canceled off his meeting and took me back to his house.. hehe…

after mammi left to her frens place.. i packed my stuffs, my pink doggy and almost half of the clothes in my closet to chun's place.. packed my bag to go back Sitiawan later… then, me and chun went out too.. we went to pasar malam around chun's house.. the pasar malam is nice.. coz its quite long, but not as long as the Cheras one, and also there's alot of yummy foods~ but don't feel like eating, so i just bought some desserts only..

reached chun's place, we had our dinner.. chun's mammi cooked porridge and chun re-heated the mozzarella cheese he had last Pirates Night in Murni, but cant finish it.. it taste…. not really nice.. coz not enough hot.. and after dinner, i wanted to bath… i went into the room and took out the secret mission.

actually that day when i went to 1U, i went to buy something for chun. coz i know although he has no time to accompany me, i'll try my best to be as good as possible. as he's bz for our future.. xin ku him lo… so i bought this cute big tree for him. this is actually the same "Wishes Tree" which he bought for Valeska.


i know chun wants to have something to decorate his room, so i bought this especially for him. and i've added something for him. it's called "Tan's Family Tree".. hehe.. cute rite? although the wordings are cuter compare to the pictures, but pictures are more meaningful..


so cute~ 

after bathing, i asked chun to go and bath too… he was so blur.. he cant see the cute tree on the rack at 1st.. 


 den he went back to his table and took another thing.. and then only he sees the cute tree… haha… 


he was smiling to the cute tree for like a few minutes and then only he looked at me.. love u hubby~



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May 25th, 2007 >> baby's playground, mooie, special occasions, yummy yummy~

as promised… my POTC 3 free movie tickets…

chun picked me up early around 5pm to go to Cineleisure to watch the Pirates of the Caribbean 3.

when we're on our way there, i saw a bus' back advertisement showing laksa~ yum~ love it~ it's biby and aping's favorite.. and i'm hooked to laksa too~ hehe.. we went round and round the curve to find reasonable price laksa. at last we decide to go little penang cafe to try their assam laksa.. not bad… yummy~ very sour and hot~ but RM9.00 for 1 bowl like that lo.. quite expensive.. still not good if compared to the one in Petaling Streets. 


went for a walk in the curve and look for wireless modem coz i'm moving to chun's house soon, need extra router for my pc and his laptop.. but kinda expensive.. RM220 for a modem alone and RM85 for a wireless adapter. cant afford.. better take the offer given by Lian Chai.. cheaper, RM288 for both. i can buy lots of shoe and clothes with it ar~~

after a walk around the place, we went to cineplex to collect our tickets.. there wasn't a lot of people at 7pm.. but when its around 8.30pm.. the crowd start to get merrier.. here's our movie passes and free drinks and popcorns coupon, sponsored by exabytes. 


this is the look of ppl waiting~ 


chun cant wait to get into the cinema hall, he was so excited~ hehe.. but i was tired coz waited for quite long.. we was suppposed to dress up like pirates to win prize, a trip to Singapore, but we didnt do it.. and about 95% of the people there, dont dress up also.. but i saw a few, they dressed up so cutely.. and lots of people there taking pics, for blogging purpose bah, coz all the winners are bloggers ma.. hehe..

Pirates of the Caribbean 3, funny movie.. really funny cold jokes.. chun said the second one was funnier, but i havent watch ar!! the stuffs look so real, those alive slimy brain and heart.. geli~ and the settings, costumes, camera focus and color combination are very nice.. really.. and btw… do Singaporeans speak Cantonese? its weird coz as i know, Singaporeans only speak chinese language such as mandarin and hokkien. but in this movie, they speak Cantonese.. haha.. very funny..  


actually i dont feel comfortable in the cinema, coz the seatings are small.. the movie's running time was too long.. and the soft drinks makes me wanna wee wee… but dun wanna go out coz scare blocking ppl… oh ya.. and also one side of my high heel fallen into the back of the front seat.. haizzzz… kelian my cold feet..

in the middle of the movie, chun kept on scratching his hands and legs.. he's probably allergy to something.. his skin was red and lumpy.. so, after the movie, wanted to go to see doctor. we went to Sri Sinar there, but all closed. and we went to hospital universiti, closed edi too.. and so we went to section 14, luckily there's a clinic which is open 24 hours. but bad luck, it costs chun RM60 for some allergy cream and few pills. wah lau eh.. so expensive.. we was so shocked when the doctor said the amount.. pengzzz..

haiz.. tired edi.. time to sleep le.. nite~

happy day~ 

loneliness filled my emptiness

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May 23rd, 2007 >> baby's playground, growing up, grumpy baby, yummy yummy~

updated my shopping list…

yesterday.. after the sad blog.. i went to 1U the next day.. chun offered me a ride.. but i refuse to hitch in his car, so i took bus there…

man.. i really hate people who loves to disturb people.. it seems like they've never seen before the female species. so low class.. teasing and mengorat everywhere.. i wanted to shout at them "pergilah balik rumah cermin la muka hang tuh!". but better dont, i'm alone there… yeee… hate to take bus!

driving own car? i know.. mammi keep on bugging me to learn how to drive so she can give me her satria.. and at least i did my first move by renewed my driving license last 2 week when i was back in sitiawan. but… i… scared…

talking about renewing my license in sitiawan, do you know that actually Sri Manjung has 3G connection? i was shocked when i was in JPJ, and when mammi parked her car under a tree, i looked at my handphone and i saw the 3G logo.. aik~ got connection worr… and i video called chun.. really got oh~~ but in Sitiawan tarak lo.. so sad.. if not, i can video call chun all the time in Sitiawan..

and back to my 1U shopping outing. i reached 1U in the sad mood… i was doing my favorite thing and yet i'm still depressed… walked around.. bought Maybelline Unstoppable ShinyBlack Mascara, recommended by my ex-roommate. she said that its really good.. and so i put my EL and Lancome mascara in my garage sale. coz i bought 5 pcs last time, and sanku gave me another EL mascara.. i gave biby 2 pcs for her birthday present, and i used the another 2. so after finish using the 2 pcs, dun really like them coz doesnt gave me the effects i wanted.. hopefully Unstoppable ShinyBlack is good lo..

walked the whole shopping center without feeling happy also.. even there's sale in Voir Shoez, i bought a pink polkadot clog high heel. i saw that heel few months ago but didnt buy coz its expensive.. i'm inspired by Saeku's passion on clogs.. hehe.. 


still sad.. after tired walking.. i went to Oriental Cravings for some desserts.. i had "lo han gou", nice.. 


when i wanna go back time, the sky was dark.. it looks like it had rained and still drizzling.. same mood as mine… luckily i brought my umbrella.. reached home safely.. still down that time..

later chun called, he asked me whether wanna have dinner together and i said yes. coz i've rejected his lunch that afternoon coz i want him to feel me..

we went to KTZ, had our favourite zi ma wu, black sesame soup. but.. i cant stand the sadness in me.. feeling like wanna cry… i didnt finish my zi ma wu.. and chun knew i'm really down.. but he cant do anything to make me talk..

so he sent me home.. and i voiced out to him in msn. i cant stand talking with him face to face, i know for sure i'll burst into tears.. i was so depressed and lonely, nobody came and give me comfort. chun was too busy with his new business and classes. and when he's free, he hadn't arrange time for me.. so i told him i need more attention especially when i have nothing for holidays in my room and jiejie is not around. the feeling of emptiness and loneliness are driving me crazy.. i hate it!

i'm all better today.. its good to talk with your partner, chun has been very understanding. he has promised me he will accompany me this few days till i'm going back sitiawan again this saturday.. 

oh ya.. and today, he took me to lunch. but before that, i need him to sent me to post office and printing shop for something urgent. and then we picked his youngest brother up from school and went to bandar menjalara, "Restoran Yong Tou Foo Zhen Zhen" for lunch. this restaurant serve delicious yong tou foo.. really yummy and big piece too.. but forgot to take pics lo..

today has been a pretty good day.. hope it will always be..