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yeeeee.. exam arGH!

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April 30th, 2007 >> gadgets, grumpy baby, life, yummy yummy~

yeee…. hate exam.. especially those with lots of words in the note de… yeee… yeee… geram ar… no mood wanna study…….. coming Thursday exam arGH!

the only time i can properly study is when i'm in chun's house… coz i dont really like to use his pc to online and sien, i cant do anything else other than read my notes.. but read till very sleepy T_T

arGH! what the heck! hopefully i can pass this comm theories exam laa… @@

last week, i bought some handphone skinning thingy or they call it handphone tattoo.. cheap.. and cute designs too… rm3 per piece..

last night, i'd tried to stick on my baby phone.. but it doesnt stick well coz i'm not professional.. so i took it off and stick on the keypad only.. hehe… to protect in case i dripped some sauce or liquid on it.. as usually i did a few times on my previous phones..

and so i decided just to use the crystal casing to protect my baby phone edi.. no need skinning coz if in case i clumsily dropped the phone, the crystal case just breaks oni.. haha…

here's the pic of my tattoo phone.. not pro skill.. thats the best i can do edi..


this afternoon, me and jiejie went to ss2… i persuaded her to treat me korean food as birthday present again~ hehe~~ and so, we went to "House Korea" to eat.. the portion its kinda big.. i cant finish my food… so full… and compare to the one in Jaya supermarket, that one is nicer.. but that shop dun open anymore le.. maybe stopped business edi.. haiz..

my spicey kimchii soup  

jiejie's chicken lunch box..

yesterday, tried to book SpideyMan 3 online movie ticket… but kinda fully sold out edi… chun tot wanna go to MV, and buy on the spot de, mana tau this morning he went there, all sold out edi… bad luck.. coz he wanna watch the premier tonight after midnight, but tak jadi.. coz no ticket, so.. he had to wait till i'm back from sitiawan next week only can watch edi le.. kelian him…

oh ya~ i received confirmation letter from Akomori edi.. so happy~ hopefully i'll have a happy intern experience there~~ 

later gotta go to subang wit boonboon to meet up aping~~ she came to KL le~~ hehe.. 

boonboon’s splash party video

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April 28th, 2007 >> birthdays`~, fun stuffs~

boonboon's birthday splash~~ hehe… have fun!

my celebraties look alike

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April 28th, 2007 >> fun stuffs~, growing up

in swing's blog.. there's something fun~ while i was studying and sleeping.. i tried this… the face recognition.. celebrities look alike.. try one too~