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a “couple” of shoot

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March 30th, 2007 >> memories~

yesterday.. tired day… after class.. came bak and did some of my assmt.. and then chun came and picked me up at abt 5something.. coz i arranged a photoshoot session in studio with vyruz, hong kiat. kiat brought 2 of his colleuages to shoot us.. coz i wanna take formal wear pics for my profile.. internship's pic. i dun hav any formal pics which i can use.. i even submitted the pic which i took in secret recipe.. and frens said it looks like studio pics… haha…

of ya.. and halfway doing my assmt coz i need to do about 4-5 pcs of photoshop item for my brand management ads before saturday night coz chun's basketball competition is on tomolo night… haiz.. rushing… and i havent makeup when chun came.. so i did half of it in the car, almost a little in the studio when we reached…

on the way to kuchai lama.. we went to the wrong place.. coz i tot chun knew how to go.. and he tot that old klang road was the place.. and i tot it was somewhere in oug, coz kiat told me it's in somewhere deeper than uog.. and i was denged! when i saw highway in the "deeper oug". wrong location!

so and at last we reached kuchai lama directed in phone by kiat.. reach the shoplot area still cant find the shop.. and the owner of the studio came and lead us there.. haiz…

after puttion on my false eyelashes, i puffs some powder on chun's face.. hehe.. alittle makeup to make him fairer.. den we changed to our formal wear.. and that black long sleeve top is my only fave formal wear.. and i dun have a proper formal skirt to wear pun… 


from 8pm to almost 12am.. tireddd…..

ponteng all my morning class today.. and only went for the presentation session with mr lansi soo jin.. hahaha….

now doing my assmt… coz rushing for tomolo's basketball competition…


pray hard for tomolo’s interiew

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March 27th, 2007 >> baby's playground, mooie, yummy yummy~

on saturday.. continue my journey wit biby and winne.. met them in mv.. they tot wanna go to sunway de.. but chun dun wanna go so far… so after thinking that there's not much to shop there, so i decided to persuade biby and winne to mv since at 1st they wanna go there too…

was shopping with them.. happy although i didnt buy anything at 1st.. coz wasnt looking for any clothes.. but after they went back for dinner, i bought a 5inch heels.. which i love the design.. and maybe its too high edi.. dunno where can i wear it to.. hehe..

for dinner, me treated chun Manhattan Fish Market coz he had been a good boy for the whole day accompanying us and also for sending me in the traffic jam to times square. we had seafood platter for one, soup of the day and veggie.. 






 on sunday pulak.. went to the cemetery to paipai chun's grandma.. cleaning up the tomb.. so hot even its at 8am in the morning.. the sun shines so brightly.. and its feels like burning on my skin… and skintone also become darker edi..

night time, chun took me to williams.. chun ate butterprawns with seashells pasta and i are roti ayam special.. chun's food taste nice.. but he said it dun taste nice after eating if for long.. as for roti ayam special, its not really nice coz the roti kinda too thick.. makes it taste more like roti than roti ayam special..  




 today, tuesday.. supposed dun have class in the morning de.. so lazy wanna go.. but had to go for discussion.. isk.. but after class in the evening(thinking dun wanna go edi de coz lazy) but attended also..

back at home after class.. waited for chun to come and pick me up.. we went and watched Stomp The Yard! its a nice dancing movie~~ just like You've Got Served. nice moves and stomping effects..  


now back.. tired and sleepy.. didnt sleep properly past two days.. and tomolo i have interview in Ogilvy in the morning.. happy~ pray hard i;ll get it~~ 


ahboon birthday, i sick bleh..

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March 26th, 2007 >> baby's playground, birthdays`~, events, mooie

last friday… right after my last class.. i asked chun to come and picked me up from school and send me to Times Square coz we will be celebrating Ah Boon's birthday and Biby came back from S'pore to celebrate too~~ 

was stucked in the traffic jam and chun's little didi was with us.. paiseh.. brought him along coz chun must send him to tuition.. den little boy cannot play RO… den i fall asleep in the car..

very tired.. coz in the afternoon, i skipped the 1st hour class coz i asked mammi to bring me to uncle's shop and eat rice wine noodles… and i walked almost the whole uptown to find the production company… cant find it.. tired and gave up..

celebrating in Neway.. boon's 23rd birthday, bought him a necktie and i wrote wrongly the 22nd birthday on the card.. paiseH! 

there was 7 of us there, including me, biby, winne(biby's jiejie), ahboon, melvin, stevie and laima. and also.. Neway's service so cha.. no good.. and also while we was enjoying the cake for like 5 mins, the workers came in and asked us to leave coz it has passed our time edi.. it was their fault also to brought in the cake late.. deng..

when we was leaving time, i was like having headache… walked for awhile, went to ladies and came out… then into a boutique, and there my headache become worse… really pain! sat down and rest.. biby gave me sweets, and better  abit.. still not yet die.. can walk and accompanied them to bowling..

while waiting for chun to come and pick me up.. me and biby watched the others bowled.. it was funny.. but i can only smile.. coz it hurts more and more…

too hot i guess… or too tired coz the afternoon walking in the sun and night before, went to watch 300 with chun and kelvin… not bad movie.. but very cruel and disgusting… corpses all over the places.. yucks.. 


when at last chun came.. he sat for awhile and we left coz i cannot tahan edi… walked to the car, on the way, we stopped in 7-11, chun bought me a cup of milo coz i refuse to eat… too pain to eat..  

so i just drank half cup of the milo and lie at the back of the car… too tired to sit.. pain pain pain.. slept on the back couch..