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many eating session

Posted by: emily

February 14th, 2007 >> events, gathering, special occasions, yummy yummy~

advertising course tutorial 3 and 4, cny dinner night.. everyone's wearing white.. but still got some didnt wear coz we finished our last class at 5pm, and 6.30om must reach the new castle restaurant edi.. so they dont have time to go back home and change..

i think me, xy, sinlay and seow ling are the latest group to reach. coz traffic jam ma.. luckily they're almost to start when we reach. den started to "lou sang". my 1st "lou sang". never play with it before coz my family isn't into those too Chinese style of celebrating. 




and u know what.. when we started to lou sang, the guys are so bad.. they purposely come and kacau. and until the foods was everywhere on whole table. u see..


 den after the dinner.. photo taking session was on for the whole night as usual… loud everywhere.. i think even the boss of the restaurant are scared of this bunch of monkeys edi.. haha.. *havent get the other pics* 




*edited* this is me in the pics~ haha.. as u can see, i got so many bodyguards in my course. hhehe..

more pics: 



the red advertising tutorial 3. whole class wore red on that day. can u see me?


so when everything finished, tot wanna go back edi.. but then, they all wanna go yumcha.. so we went to Sky Cafe in ss2. that place is cute, they have games in the 1st floor. a very cute big game board on the floor.. hehe.. 


and i ordered drinks only, coz i'm super bloated. my sour plum coolie.. and we played jengga~~ 


den after awhile, chun came and picked me up and head our way to william's for chun's dinner.. william recommended a seafood pasta and i wanted the giant ribena longan.. yumm~~ hehe.. 




and lastly went back home merajuk.. on valentine's day.