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Posted by: emily

February 13th, 2007 >> baby's playground, events, yummy yummy~

ooh… and also.. on sunday.. i went to klcc convention centre to see chun play basketball.. its called the petronas 3 on 3 game. it is the type of project i should do for sales promotion design.. so curious u know.. wanna know how gonna do it.. but our grp de assmt also cacat jor.. 


meanwhile was there.. chun plays wit his fren challenging another 3 guys from malacca. they had been in the event place since 8am i think.. but i reached there about 12pm to 1pm.. coz i need to finish up my assmt b4 i go out. oh ya.. back to the story.. chun's team didnt get into the next stage.. coz all of the opponents are geng.. and also not to say they are more experienced by age and size. 


 this is what happened with the ball flew towards me.. haha.. 


 after the match, we went to eat something.. and together with chun's frens, we went to eat sushi king~~ so long nv eat le.. this the beans i ate.. yummm~~.. and i ate quite alot that day too~ 


 on the way sending chun's fren home, passed by star hill and also this dunno wat place.. somewhere i dunno where, and saw this cute cars~ big but cute cars.. special promotions for Le Tour De Langkawi. another sports event again. man.. i've gotta learn from them le.. to create more attractive stuffs for sales promotion design. 


 and this poster/billboard/adversitements.. i like the woman in it.. catchy.. 


den went back home rest lo.. for dinner, chun said wanna eat something like calling those veggie and meat dishes.. so i remembered when mammi took me to puchong there… yummy~~ and then i remembered our new year eve class dinner will be in the "new paris restaurant" in ss2.. oh ya.. wit chun's long time no see frens which he met in mc. haha..

den later gonna go to our advertising group 3 & 4 de chinese new year dinner le..