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kaikai day

Posted by: emily

February 12th, 2007 >> baby's playground, yummy yummy~

well.. now a days my weekdays is always a normal fine day.. nothing much happen.. since jiejie's back in stw edi.. and i'm looking forward to go back soon too~~

hehe.. but then, last saturday.. i went out kaikai alone lo.. coz XY and CL wanna go to MV, but i dun wanna go ma.. so i go alone lo.. and also chun bz in sch and with kevin… den jiejie wanna teman me there.. but then, she wanna go back stw.. so after my morning class, i went back and we took bus downtown together, and i took monorail after that leaving jiejie in the bus to pudu. 

actually my purpose there was to go to Times Square to buy cosmetics for sae-ku. coz she wants Missha's lipkayu.. bought 3 lipkayu for her.. because i told her i received a sms from them saying that they will be having sales till end of Feb, but scare no time to go edi.. so went on saturday lo..

after shopping awhile in TS, jiejie walked from puduraya and met me in lowyat plaza's hongkong snacks place. we ate yum yummy shark fins' soup and also our all time favorite curry fishballs. after eating, jiejie walked back to puduraya again le..

so since i was there, i went to pick up my commission cheque in Lowyat from MR.Ong. my my.. boss.. haha.. boss' assistant. my commission for that 8 working days are RM160. banyak lo.. compare to the pantene i worked for. happy to see them.. i love working with this bunch of monkeys.. hehe..

and also went kaikai in sg wang. bought a white heels from lot 10 vincci, nail polish, eyeliner, eyeshadows, storage bags and a small pink cropped hand gloves which i think its for kids de.. but i want it.. hehe.. it is cute~

den nite time, chun came over took me to makan.. happy to see him..