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inaii design

Posted by: emily

February 28th, 2007 >> ❤ beautilicious~, D.I.Y

yesterday after class.. came back.. played with the inai i bought in sitiawan when holiday. xy came and helped me out. she's good in design.. 


and it looks nice… this is the color after washed the inai away with water. but the color dun really tahan lo.. after shower, the color looks lighter edi… argh.. picture blur!! 



around with chun

Posted by: emily

February 28th, 2007 >> baby's playground, mooie, special occasions

saturday afternoon, went to chun's house for lunch.. his mammi prepared food for people to come bai nian.. it was sooo many people around.. and so paiseh..

and i stayed around till dinner. after dinner, chun took me to his best fren's house. ate alittle as we are very full edi.. then we left and went to MV again. actually we wanted to watch movie de.. but saw alot of people queuing.. so i dun feel like to..

so we walked around.. wanna find the medicine for chun's corn on his hand. chun wanted to buy me a white gold chain.. but.. i dun wan him to waste his money.. so we didnt buy.. and then went back to the cinema to queue, coz lesser people edi.. at last we didnt watch anything coz no more seats.. only left those super front seats.. and we went back home lo..

sunday was another day.. jiejie went to pick up the letters.. and i was surprised when i received a CNY card from jamie.. she's really so nice.. met me in hometown but also send me a card. better compare to sms.

and guess wat, i also received 2 movie tickets to watch "Lady Iron Chef". i won this 2 tickets from cinema online contest which i cant remember when i submitted it. so in the afternoon, chun came and picked my up to 1U. we watched the movie lo.. funny and wu liao movie. low budget film.. not worth to watch. better buy dvd. luckily i got it for free. 



KL = entertainment?

Posted by: emily

February 28th, 2007 >> baby's playground, grumpy baby, mooie

back in kl late wednesday night. mammi was at my place edi.. she wanna accompany me here. miss her much~

the next day (thursday), me in chun's house accompanied him to go to his grandpa's place to give him medicine and injection. and then we had lunch together. then chun sent me home to wait for saeku and gang to come. mana tau they delayed and i got fed-up waiting, me and chun went to MV for movie.

sometimes i got very frustrated when saeku likes to make her decision and everything i need to follow. cant i have my own opinion or freedom.. dam.. ok fine, forget about it. so, we watched "Ghost Rider". it was a kinda funny movie and ok ok only.. some parts are funny only.. 


after movie, we joined chun's frens go pai nian and gamble gamble.. i'm not into gamble so i dont do it. and chun's excited about it~ but no luck.. we left early coz tired, his friend was very friendly sent us out. 

and the next day (friday), chun sent me to school coz our Mr.LIM SOO JIN has his class on. i woke up late and havent done my sketches so i only wanna go for his tutorial class at 2pm. and missed the lecture class at 11am.

when i reached school, was still early. so i continue drawing 25 sketches in the car. when it was 2pm, i went to the class and waited for about 15-30minutes, i got sien. and i asked for Mr.Lim's number from friens and called him. he said that the tutorial class was canceled and he told the students in the lecture class.

how am i supposed to know when i was on the way there edi.. he somemore can gave me some evil laugh and asked me to pass up my sketches in his pegion hole. so fine.. i passed up. coz i dun need to do another 50 the next time.

so, me and chun went to sea park again coz he misses the chicken rice there. after the chicken rice, chun sent me back home and took a nap at my place while i online to do my small business stuff. coz he wanna go to have a haircut later.

when he woke up, he wanted to go home edi.. but i stopped him and i wanna follow along. so we went kaikai in 1u. just for some walk and yumcha. when we was reaching MC, he stopped at KFC, and talked.. a lesson for chun to learn.. good one..