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birthday sick

Posted by: emily

January 25th, 2007 >> growing up, life, varsity

ops… late submission.. the 22nd Jan.. my last best colleague's birthday.. Yu Tang.. she was my best working fren which i had.. somemore she's younger then me de.. and she always helps me wit stuffs.. and also.. alot lots of stuffs.. really… wished her a late birthday greetings which was on 23rd morning..

coz i was too bz wit class replacement and assmt discussion till i forgot.. and also.. on that day, chun came to my sch.. actually wanna eat there punya, but he see edi den dun wan.. so he took me to sea park to eat chicken rice.. back to sch again for the SPD assmt discussion..

and then.. on 23rd of Jan, was Stevie boy's birthday.. wished him birthday at the same time i wished Yu Tang.. she replied to me saying i remembered her birthday after so long nv see her.. but then.. no reply from this boy… probably bz celebrating wit his gf bah.. haiz.. this stevie boy.. the boy.. which.. always make ppl happy with his cute face.. and yet he deny it..

i cant remember how it feels when having fun wit both of them le.. probably coz of less contact and i'm with my stuffs and they're wit their ways.. but all i wanna say is wishing happy birthday.. all the best in the future~

right after waiting for Stevie's reply.. which i havent receive.. i was sick… on the particular wednesday, a wonderful day which i dont have class but i end up sick.. no class.. i sick pulak… haizz.. maybe coz i'm too hot… the sun… shining.. and me.. blerk… sick..

i didnt tell chun that i'm sick.. until nite time after his work, he came to pick me up for supper.. he said i look so pale.. den only i told him i'm sick… we went to kei tak sek for supper.. i ordered a double boiled winter melon and white fungus. which made me recover from sick the next day…

actually also becoz i didnt attend the morning class the next day.. which is this morning.. coz.. i think i really need to rest more… and today, i wore my cap cap to sch… and ah sui who wore black shirt kena lottery from miss louise, comm theories lecturer.. haha… and he asked me whether there's sun in the classroom… it was the sun's fault i got sick.. so to hide from the sun, i need my capcap.. well, that's a joke..

oh ya.. today pinpin was in genting kaikai.. he invited me along.. but i got classes on.. so cant go to kaikai also… me so long nv go genting edi le… wanna go play play and play.. yay~

shop shop~~

Posted by: emily

January 21st, 2007 >> baby's playground, mooie, yummy yummy~

my shopping days this week~~

yesterday.. went to 1U and picked up my jeans jacket from P&Co.. hehe… even chun said its nice.. really nice oo… love it love it love it~~ hehe.. was kaikai-ing alone in 1U since he's working.. bought a top for mammi and also some "ban mei mei" de thing lo…

got myself a retractable blusher brush from body shop, a eyelash curler from sasa which the salesgirl recommended it as good as Shisheido's and Shu Uemure's. tot wanna buy Shu Uemura's de, but since i can get the same effect but cheaper, why not? so i can keep the balance to buy something else..

before that, i mean.. a night b4 yesterday.. chun saw "Death Note 2" de movie in the newspaper, den i tried to reserve de movie ticket, either in MV or 1U.. but all fully booked edi.. so i went to buy the movie ticket in 1U lor since i was there edi… chun came to pick me up in 1U when it rained heavily and i cant go home…

den midnight, 12.45am  we watched that movie… nice.. really nice… maybe its bcoz the anime/comic has hundred over episodes, and the movie only 2 episodes, so the movie has all the exciting parts.. nicee… but the sad part is.. dun hav Death Note 3 or Death Note 4 le… ooh ya, i heard they said Rem is actually a "female" wor.. funny.. 


although i think that its nice… but.. i come across quite alot of no good comment abt this movie.. coz they said that its kinda like totally/partly different from the anime/comic and so on… for me.. so what its different.. at least i'm watching it happily.. 

back home at 3.30am… so late edi… ehekz.. early in the morning i mean.. tired.. den the next early morning, this morning.. not early actually.. its 10am edi.. jiejie woke me up.. coz wanna go to MV shopping…

and jiejie wanna meet her frens.. siu ling and kig tseuw.. both from sitiawan too~ siu ling is me senior and kig tseuw is my ex-colleage.. happy to see them after so long time… so den we went kaikai together..

today, i bought some CNY clothes.. a red top.. RED for CNY. and then we went grocceries shopping.. walk until feet also pain… den i bought peanut filling tong yuen (glutinous rice ball).. wanna eat.. and also cook for chun too.. coz jiejie dun wan.. and me alone cant finish all… chun terpaksa come over to take it later… 

just now, i was in carrefour toiletries department to find some toothbrush.. and i found something very funny… u see this… and its in the market.. i tot it was only jokes online.. but tak sangka.. they really sell this.. hahaha…. 
and also i bought something cute.. u see this 2 bottles of drinks.. it reminds me of myself.. the shortest among my frens.. haha…. 

den when we both came home… after unloading the stuffs.. i found out that we actually forgot something.. we forgot to take the groceries at the last stop, in JJ. left the counter right after paying.. haizz… den jiejie asked her fren to send her there and take.. luckily its still there, coz the cashier realise it.. 

learnt my lesson.. —> dont depent on jiejie. coz i was paying, and she usually will load the stuffs into the trolley.. mana tau she dunno bz kepoh wat till she forget.

muakz sayang~

Posted by: emily

January 19th, 2007 >> growing up, life

woo.. this few days… wanna say thanks to chun.. he made my life happier.. and also.. its meaningful too.. even though its just an hour or a couple of minutes.. coz… he teman me everynight these few days..

he finishes his work at 12.30am or 10.30pm.. den after that, he will come over to pick me to and go supper… that's the most happiest time everyday.. everyday looking forward for that moment… but i dun really hope too much.. coz i know.. he's also tired after work.. and i wont blame him if he doesn't wanna come and see me.. i know.. i know.. he is tired..

but he still comes to see me.. i know he reads my blog.. when i'm sad.. when i'm depressed.. when i'm grouchy without him… he's there to cheer me up and apologise after that… he's so sweet… sayang him… muakzz….