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Posted by: emily

November 28th, 2006 >> gadgets, work!

yo~~ this is nice… i found this in vicky's blog.. his new car… with this metal emboss thingy.. that day didnt see it coz too dark edi night time…

i wanna have 1 too… but where can i put?? bicycle? motocycle? argh!! i dun have any vehicle… so sad… if i got car also no use.. i dunno how to drive…. i've got an un-use-able car license… that is super sad… T_T 


*what's with me and cars? haizz..

and also, my design for sky's so called company namecard… left is front, right is back. this is so my color~~



hot pink fuzer

Posted by: emily

November 26th, 2006 >> life

guess what i saw just now…………… thisss —->>>> 


pink color team fuze satria!!!!!!!!! i wan tooooo~~~~ i think that should be jocelyn's… izzit?? T_T… i wan a pink satria tooo…..

study week = packed week

Posted by: emily

November 26th, 2006 >> life, varsity, work!

woo… yesterday was so happy… coz at last i can confirm a job in pc fair edi…. i really sound excited and happy last night.. Tucker said coz i asked for his decision and opinion when Gavin called and asked me to work in pc fair for Samsung.

i was actually still thinking should accept the Canon job or not.. coz that feller he told me was confirmed at 1st and asked me to interview last 2 weeks.. but i didnt get to interview coz i didnt see him in office.. so he didnt even call or sms me after that… and i called him a few times to ask whether he really wants me to work or not, but no answer.. he didnt pick up my calls…

so tucker helped me to made this decision.. working for Samsung, coz Gavin can confirm me on the spot yesterday.. yay~ and i accepted the job~ so excited to work in pc fair~~ more exciting than working for G2 the events…

hoping that this lucky star will be around when i need it…

den, last night… kenn kenn called yumcha~~ 1st time yumcha with EO this semester… so long nv see them edi lu…. Vicky bought a new car.. hahaha.. Chanti-sama came back from Indon and somewhere Arab there and  Kenn Kenn moved to ss4…. actually i should add, Bryan aka kukudrop changed to EMO glasses which he looks much better with it.

den just now went to 1U for the futsal model interview… the interview was for abt 5-10 minutes only… very fast… and they said they cant confirm me coz they still havent finish interview all of them… so its kinda like, if they dun have enuff girls, they will confirm the other spare 4 girls lo… like that lo…

and they gave some compliment gift lo… a RM10 Starbucks Coffee voucher, the roof futsal car sticker and their futsal t-shirt lo…. advertising strategy.. hehe… 


and on the way back, i went to fresh market to buy some veggies to cook for tonite~ so hungry… now waiting for the broColi and enoki to cook in my rice cooker~ yumm~~

actually tot wanna go back sitiawan right after coming back from 1U de… but think think edi… dun le.. coz kinda rush… coz shi jing's photoshoot its either on wednesday or thursday and i'm going coz patrick insisted i go along… and i'm also scare that Samsung's briefing day will be on tuesday or wat lo… plan to go back after exam lo..

so now the plan is like… i study this study week, monday and  tuesday.. den briefing should be either wednesday and thursday, also the photoshoot either fill up the remaining wednesday or thursday… and then go work on friday, sat and sunday… finally next monday its my 1st paper edi… IA~ good luck to me oh….


*the above is just plan oni.. still dunno will be so accurate or not~

and also to my fellow coursemates~ Good Luck in exam worr~~