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so xiao xin~

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October 28th, 2006 >> memories~

luckily i nv go back sitiawan and call off the photoshoot session… the session was marvellous.. but the only thing was… i grow rounder and rounder…. all together i gained like abt 5 kg.. haizz.. so sad… cant deny that i'm actually fat edi

*edited with pics edi, but then only afew.. coz i forgot to ask digi to burn 1 copy for me.. 


and today's session, i was feeding and donating blood to the misquitos… its was like sooo0o many mosquito!! my back all kena bitten and now got big red red spot…. 




 oh ya.. the photographers was anthony and shin chan.. so there will be 2 different style of pics.. and also rite… shinchan kena bitten by a leech.. and he bleeds like…. so many…. and yet still he manage to shoot us.. haha…

ya, us… its me and agnes again.. hahaha.. and in FRIM again… and also some indoor shots.. thanks digicrox and shinchan for this memorable photoshoot session…. thx alot~~~!


today's there is no more hypertune or natural candid edi.. its all abt waterfall, jungle and "sexy look". i really think that i look cute even it shound be sexy.. haha… and some of the messy hair shot makes me look like oweing alot ppl money… and farn abt it.. hahaha…. 


 we was puttion on more makeup coz indoor light need thick makeup as the light tends to swept away the makeup on our face… hehehe… 




when we was in anthony's room, we saw soo0oo many models pics… these include, recently taken pics of leng yein and years back leng yein, fiona kwok, julie hoi, jill moo, yeneki, agnes ang, chrissy chiang, felixia yeap, elvie and a dozen of them which i cant remember their names… from event to bikini shots… tabik~

after the whole day shooting thingy…. sky invited me to join his forum gathering in midvalley. i came back, sit for 3 mins, den sky came edi… so fast.. 




when i went there, saw my dear boss stephen… he was there for the nokia N series event… the gathering for "I Need House" forum… dont know any of them… but they're friendly.. really… this is a cute girl i met there.. bebee~



had my dinner in Secret Recipes, i had Mocha Walnut there.. not really nice coz not strong mocha… i should be dieting.. but i still took this fatty cake… haiz.. dissappointed in myself..  



 after that, we went for a walk in the I Need House shop… the founder just took us around there to jalan-jalan and see stuffs… haha.. it was my 1st time in the shop.. it really has alot of funny stuffs.. here is 1.. cute..  


den, to Bowl.. Bowling lo… my 1st time there too~ i didnt bowl… i just sit there and watch… and 1 thing Sky found its nice…. the round red fan.. haha.. see these pics.. 


 the red fan…. so james bond…. hahaha… 


 ***yayayay~~ biby coming BACK???

more pics of photoshoot session: 

road to be taken…

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October 27th, 2006 >> growing up, life

yay yay… i'm having another photoshoot by anthony(digicrox) this coming saturday~~~~ and simon might be going back to sitiawan also…. probably tomolo or the day after…. and i wanna hitchin a ride in his car… if i really wanna go back, he will be going back, if i'm not going back, he'll think 2wice of going back..

now so dunno wat to do.. wanna go back or call off the photoshoot… so sad…. dunno how to make decision… wanna go back see akong and then comeback kl on monday with mammi…

and also since i dun have to meet tommy to get my salary cheque edi tomolo…. and now…. this 1 decision… makes a very big changes… both brings happiness to me… but i'm still not sure whichs impact is bigger..

and now… trying to convince simon to go back next week.. so i can go back too.. but he's bz that time kua… haizzz… haizzz…. he said something abt next 2 weeks worr… i dun really understand, but i know he wanna go back this week coz he wanna go open house.. haha…

just now went out yumcha wit wilson… the cute boy… he bought me a packet of strepsils when he sent me home coz i've been sore throating since before i went to seremban.. and now i came back with flu pulak…

oh ya… meimei told me that Malaysia passport wont be valid after end of this month… so wasted.. my passport still have another like 2 years to go.. haizz… cant go s'pore end of this year le… T_T


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October 26th, 2006 >> mooie, seremban, special occasions, yummy yummy~

finally… back in mc again….. whole week holi-holi-holidays~~ was away since last friday and now i'm, back blogging my sweet memories~

last friday right after class, with my dress which simon used to call it my night dress, me and jiejie took ktm to seremban… the train was packed.. all wanna go back kampung raya… so was us… but my kampung not seremban le.. just went there to my gugu's place..

meimei in jb heard that i'll be there, so she cancelled her trip to Nilai to visit her frens, and came to s'ban with saeku..

when i was in seremban, there was alot of foods lor… since kah cheng guu(in foo-chow, its to call my gugu's husband) just came back from Japan.. he brought back munchies and choco-lates.. hehe… 


oh ya… and also a big thanks to sanku for preparing sooo0o many foods for us.. yummy yummy~~~ there was hong jiu mien sien(red wine noodles), poopiah, wantan, sushi, chicken curry, wait.. i've gotta check my camera later.. coz i took the recipes step by step~~ and this is one pic i took of my sanku, bz feeding us… i mean the food she's preparing.. 

and i helped her to peel the turnips for poopiah, and also to wrap the wantan also le… since sanku already cooked for us, just a little help from me and a big thanks to her~~. 


here, i have…. hong jiu mien sien, fried wan tan, poopiah.. 




 chicken curry saeku's style~ 


 when meimei came.. sanku prepared japanese foods for her.. coz that's her favourite… really.. everytime we come, sure got de… hehe.. here are sushi, miso soup and unagi`~ 



all time favourite ABC soup~~ with corns~~ yummy~~

 do u know what flower is this??? take a guess… 


also… not to forget.. i watched The High School Musical, a Disney movie… i tot that it was nice when i passed by the tv in Jusco last week.. and i was influenced by my 2 little cousins to watch them… and i can say its nice.. simple and nice… looking forward to have the OST… 


while watching that movie.. we had our ribena ice cream made by sanku~~ daniel was trying to be a superman or spiderman.. haha… 


amma was there.. i can feel that she's lonely. so kesian her… she wanna go back sitiawan but gugu dun let coz she will be alone there… but i can say that she really misses sitiawan.. and when i was there, i had to listen to all her "goreng sayur"(simply talk even we didnt say the thing also).

and i helped her with her toe nails… everytime also i cut for her de… so she waited and waited for me to come… and look at her feet… it looks disgusting.. but all i can say is thank god for her legs… if not, i wont be able to live so comfortably here now.. she earned alot with that legs u know… she can ride moto with that legs, she was a very popular broker back in sitiawan.. thats y she loves to go back stw.. but now gugu dun let her go back coz she had some hard time with both the legs and her backbones… 


on Sunday evening, saeku and meimei came to sanku's place.. the house was as noisy as can be… really.. especially my saeku has a loud voice… and daniel was so worried that we finish all the foods before saeku came.. hehe… coz junk foods are my favourite.. hehe.. and also.. before that i sengaja smsed saeku saying that i'll finish all the foods before she come… she had to work on sunday den only she can come…

in the process of taking pics, my digicam's batt gone flat before i can take all the foods pics that i wan.. so no choice.. gotta use my hp.. but didnt took much after that coz i was lazy and woke up late edi.. hehe…

and on tuesday, its ladies day out… me, meimei, jiejie, saeku and sanku drove down to kl for shopping… saeku and sanku aja untung… sanku is more to clothes and saeku is more to shoes… mentang-mentang she said she has pretty legs which all the shoes will look nice on her.. but sanku tembak her back said she has ugly toe nails.. coz she like to kopek it.. hahaha…

and i was as usual, sarcastic. hehe.. cant change it.. i commented abt almost everything… and also… they bengang i tembak them.. but they just ignore it.. hehe…

ong ong(my eldest boy cousin) came to 1U to meet us there… with his future wife, Jane. she actually commented on my dark eye circle and crow feet on both sides of my eyes… man.. i really need wrinkle minimiser.. and guess wat… i got my early Christmas present.. huhu~ EL mascara and eye cream from my sanku~ 


meimei was so nice to listen to me… and gives me advice.. coz she was hoping to be a …… i dunno what its called edi.. i told her i dun really like to stay wit jiejie coz of her attitude… meimei asked me to forgive her and accept as she is now… i really gotta bang my head to the wall… jiejie is always acting like she is younger younger than us.. and childish i can say… and also bossy at the same time(big sis style)… gonna headache… miss the time i used share my room wit meimei… 

and we had 2 myvi on the porch~~ 1 golden and 1 apple green… tak bole kata tak sekeluarga… coz it runs in the family.. suka almost same colors… 


 and 2 featured missy. the beauty of single eyelid ladies.. my meimei and miss kirsten lim.. my little lady cousin… 


  *the answer for the picture of the flower is, its a flower to put in the laksa.. haha.. should be called laksa flower..

and also we watched "the pacifier" on tv.. very nice and cute movie.. love the baby~