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nescafe kickstart outstation trip

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September 29th, 2006 >> events, malacca, work!, yummy yummy~

finally came back this evening from work… i pia come back when finish work, and my team leader sent me till kajang ktm…. ok.. the story is like this..

on monday evening, i received a sms from a girl i met while training in G2, Denice. she asked me whether wanna work for 4 days outstation… coz replacing their team member…. den i tot y not, since i'm free, but at 1st i was having some problem with transportation coz i tot was in somewhere far as usual, myc always go upm, shah alam, kajang and somewhere far from pj… so i run through my file of ktm, lrt, rapid kl, metro bus and etc etc mass kl transportation info… finding the best way to get to kajang..

at last i did… i woke up early in the morning like 5am to get ready… as usual, i'm the deeli-deali type… at around 6.25am i went downstairs to wait for bus.. but at the end i took cab to midvalley coz didnt see any bus… probably missed the earlier bus edi coz late abt 5 mins come down.

den i was late again coz i was checking the map of ktm in MV ktm station, when i was at the last 10 stairs, i saw the train passed by.. so had to wait another 15 mins for another train… this is my 1st pic of the day.. the sienness in ktm station early morning… 


cut cut cut all the unimportant part… we waited for another girl who was late, and to inti nilai we go… reached there, short brief, unload banners, put up the kickstart counter and here we go~~~ 


the girl beside me is Denice, as usual, they all are taller than me

not good impression towards the coll… i mean the place… kinda ulu.. and.. also.. the students see us like see ghost… haiz… we're not selling stuffs also they scare.. giv them the goodie bags and fill up the form only ma… hiyo…

k… skipped… after all the end of day in Inti Nilai, straight away we head towards Seremban… we checked-in into Seremban Inn.. and the thing is… there are some grave yard behind the hotel.. i mean… somewhere up the hill quite far away from the hotel.. i didnt notice it until the second day, which the day we're leaving the place.. scary also.. coz our room window is facing the hill…. the residents of the girls dorm: G-Wen, me and Denice


 this is G-Wen and Denice. our team leader, Tommy Lee (Jones) took us to Seremban 2 for the 1st night. went kaikai, jalan jalan and makan makan


do u know whats the difference with G-Wen? …….  its her HAIR!! we went to buy hairdye and helped her to dye it black.. muahaha… she's actually kinda dun like coz i said my 1st impression towards her was la la~

and to the next day…. today, we are going to Tafe College… Tommy and Shawn always call it Tar Fei Kei College.. hahaha.. its a coll far far away… into the kampung kampung like simpang3 in sitiawan. 





 the college hav so0o many guys.. its like 97% boys and 3% girls, coz mostly they hav automobile and engineering courses. i saw someone when i was there, a girl… she was my x-colleage, chui san.. a part time i worked with in fajar last last time.. terkejut see her… haha.. she is 1 of the 3% girls.. here, ppl also mistaken me as a malay.. haizz.. say me tak puasa.. T_T


 on the way back, we went to eat the Fish Head Bee Hoon, i ate some of G-Wen's but too full… cant go in… den nite time, back of my neck like kinda swollen like that.. dunno its allergy yo the fish or wat…

for dinner, we jalan-jalan to makan… its a place which i like the most.. got yummy foods.. but i'm trying my best not to eat so much edi… now really growing le… haiz… i only had barley fu chuk and longan water (cat eyes water, cats tears) u see Ben is cured in the pic.. haha..


next morning… packed our bag and checked-out… next stop, Kolej Lagenda… at was a nice place, out booth is in the air conditioned place… better… but still hot.. this coll, we received the most forms.. its abt 1k plus.. others like only few hundreds nia.. *pictures from here havent update coz tommy havent giv me. 

after kolej Lagenda, we terus go to Malacca liao… tired.. slept in the car, but not comfortable… neck pain… reached, checked-in Mimosa Hotel (Mimosa, agnes's fren's nick). cant take a nap.. coz excited we gonna eat lok lok for dinner, coz i asked for it.. haha… 


after done, we go makan lok lok in somewhere maybe its called lucky restaurant i think… not sure, coz i just ternampak oni…. its ok ok lor… not bad.. but not much my fave thing… maybe coz my fave thing is not seafood lor… so, after that we went to mahkota parade jalan jalan…

den den after that, we went back to hotel… tot wanna rest edi.. but tak jadi.. we crashed in the guys room… and u know wat…. tommy bought for us some desserts~~~ my fave… but the desserts is kinda weird…. it has the maccaroni in it la.. maccaroni in my lo han guo… hmm.. but it doesnt taste bad.. coz dun felt anything when eat it.. just funny only… hahaha… 


last stop… Stamford College Malacca. not much ppl… but still can get abt 100 plus forms.. ok edi loe.. this is the last one edi… so all like dead fish oni… haha.. malas edi.. i;m the laziest one there, and only know how to eat oni.. and for break they tapau for us TKH Cendol~ coconut de.. coz i dun eat durians… haha… haiz.. this time sure become fat fat edi… really cannot stop my mouth… keep on itchying… i'm like eating non-stop oni… all those junkies… haizz…. till now also still munching corn-flakes.. 

this team is funny… they do alot of funny stunts… main like crazy… pose like a dead ppl, panjat fence and take pics, den somemore made the sandwich board to put on all of us den take pics… funny… and i look stupid k.. 

balik time, we went to new jusco there… saja to eat our lunch… actually was going to eat the chicken rice balls de… but not many ppl wan.. coz i also eat b4 edi.. so just go jusco and buy sushi to eat.. den go back kajang lor…

thanks to all my new team mates, denice, g-wen, tommy, shawn, bryan and uncle john.. i hav alot of fun this trip and its a nice experience…  

oh ya… abt elaine… she let me go.. she didnt ask me to do the job edi… luckily she still gives me job.. tomolo… job.. in usj giant.. same time same place same entertainment and same routine.. haha…. its fun though…


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September 25th, 2006 >> growing up, life

will be going outstation tomolo for work till friday… hmm.. sound… professional….hahaha…. nv been outstation for work b4… this is cool~

elaine didnt call me back abt the job… dunno y… hopefully she got others to do it.. hopefully…. still praying hard…  



black september

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September 24th, 2006 >> grumpy baby, life, work!

waa.. tired ar… working this 2 days…. some sort of called "hair care consultant".. its actually some promoter oni le… got ffked by elaine for the previous job, and gave me this job. the supervisor was nice, he fetched me go and back from work this 2 days.. too far edi.. in usj la… so regret coz accept the subang job from them.. really dun like it… i dun like…

so tired… went to take sup paper last friday.. that's when i received that job offer unconciously… this job is not easy.. must travel down to subang for 2 and more weeks… so far.. tiring.. come back time no bus tim.. without caring abt the consequences, i tried my best to retreat from that job… praying hard they'll let me go..

nothing much happened this 2 days.. as usual, ppl mistaken me for some eurasian and sarawakian and malay ppl when working time…. sien.. same old stuff... sien…

miss cath cath when passby summit usj.. where she stay..

new project in new place for me, luckily barry asked his frens/mom in law to bring me along, she's a nice pretty auntie… met a bunch of jolly ppl… happy ppl… break time was 2 hours.. haha.. snake in workplace… michelle, barry my supervisor's mom in law… she has a tze zu, name BB, super cute… makes me wanna bear a BB too…

my bad luck month… the stupid dunno wat position indian guy come and scold me.. yesterday also… somemore ask me, "i'm talking like this to u is scolding ar?" kns.. and somemore ask me to take the stupid ladder to climb up the rack and arrange the stock… luckily, barry called someone to help me… thanks guy… so pik che ar!!! den some more the stupid job!!!


hoping that mammi will come to kl… so that she can bring jelly mooncake for me~~ missing her~~