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August 31st, 2006 >> life, work!

haizz…last 2 days.. elaine from g2 called and asked me to go training yesterday. working for Brovil this saturday and sunday in midvalley. so happy~..

so went training yesterday.. met a pretty girl name Denice.. nice name.. same as meimei except for the spelling.. eo08.gif must buy black pants to work ar… sien ler… cannot wear skirt.. haizz… so after that, i went to midvalley to buy lorh… spent whole afternoon there searching for black pants… tired…eo26.gif

den this afternoon, wkhai from myb called and asked me to work for the car sales thingy for this weekend. so sorry to dissappoint him, sure sky will kantoi me liao..  haizz..  eo18.gif y?? y?? like what shi jing said.. when no job, its always no job.. when got job.. everything come clashing… 

and also khai offered me on the 23rd… but still i cant make it… coz elaine asked me to barbie around in klcc. eo28.gif its actually working.. for barbie in klcc. i'm barbieing~ eo27.gif hopefully will do my best~~ dun wan to dissappoint her! thx~

baby cupid…

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August 30th, 2006 >> growing up, life

from devilish's blog i see today… yea.. i agree that its kinda like breakup season again… haiz, yup.. many ppl are outta love these days… coincidential? baby cupid isnt doing his job… hmm.. dont really know how to say it to u guys.. i'd just keep quiet.. just hope that time heals.. i know how u feel k… miss ya much… take care… 




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August 29th, 2006 >> sitiawan, yummy yummy~

argh.. back from holiday… last few days went to see jing siew's baby.. so cute o… her name is En Hui.. i think she looks like jetzumi.  


 and this is yih ling's baby, wen jie.. he is sooo cute.. especially with the cow cow costume.. 


 so many babies…

this few days, accompanied by jing siew and her baby.. all day jing siew brought me to visit ah zhen, buy baby's clothes, visit xiao yen and also do my stuff. there are babies everywhere… too many kids.. sigh…

my 1st day in stw, i went to mammi's shop.. cool.. look very new although its an old building.. 2nd day, early in the morning, mammi already called.. ask me whether wanna hav breakfast… it was so early in the morning… den later mammi brought me to waikong's house.. babies again… ah hui and yang yang

and I've went to visit my frens.. they're so naughty.. said i've grown taller.. how i wish to be taller.. they're just kidding abt it coz they haven't seen me for quite long le.. and my curly hair changed edi.. become more like.. urm.. messy.. and its actually matured.. =/  

met up with aping & ninnin… but didn't talk alot.. coz time dun allow.. aping's jiejie is gonna labor soon too le… might be a MErdeka baby~ congratz to her…

3rd day was a bz day.. until i forgot to buy stuffs which saeku and jiejie asked me to buy… and also, I've had Yuk Rong to altered for me my jeans which i need it for work. haiz.. need to wear jeans le…  

back today in mc, mammi was here since sunday coz she need to settle the house thingy here.. den for dinner, mammi brought me and jiejie to kfc… which is fattening.. sigh… growing again…