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busy busy b bugger

Posted by: emily

July 31st, 2006 >> baby's playground, grumpy baby, varsity

waaa… so bz ar these few days… rushing like crazy all the assmts… and the members still the same… no one wanna care abt assmt…. hahaha… funnyyyyyy…. but…. haiz.. too many assmt till no time.. i wanna go back stw see mammi… mammi also calling me up everyday… i'm sure she misses me too… i MISS HER SOOOOOOO MUCHH!!

but last saturday went kaikai in mv… bought a skirt… ya.. a skirt.. at last finally i got a skirt after dunno how long i nv buy skirt edi… haha.. not really finally la.. hehe… coz a few days b4 that, i bought the same skirt edi de… but different colour oni.. coz its cheap and i really cant find skirt which i like and suits me.. so they got 2 colours, and i bought both… haha..

i think i'm the honey for kids.. haha.. maybe due to i'm doing Kumon assmt for kids.. haha… that day i went to a boutique, one small boy really cute one, with the "mong chu an" he followed me everywhere.. and he wanna call me but he dunno how to talk, so he just push me to the place he wanna bring me.. haha…


and also in mv that time, i was waiting for my frens to gather back… one kid on his father's arm, gave me his toy car.. suddenly he give me.. i was shocked.. and then smile to the kid, he also smile back.. haha…

haiz… i think nowdays kids are also very stereotype de… especially boys… they only like to talk or interact with girls only.. mostly pretty ones.. soli, not to say me pretty la, but i'm those ok looking compare to others la..

waa.. last night.. was freezing to death… jiejie dun let me decrease the fan… den i took the comforter on the matress and use.. coz i got 4 layers of stuff where i sleep.. 1st the lowest layer, i have the mc's matress, den the matress which i bought, den a piece of my old blankets which i used last 2 sems and finally the comforter which mammi bring for me…  really too cold until i need to take out the comforter… really wanna use it now.. but too bad.. the comforter is blue on colour… haizz… n now, i'm sick edi… haizzzz…/

and also cath cath, this purple myvi is for u.. hehe… but picture oni la..




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July 28th, 2006 >> life

today after class.. went in to UM find jiejie… she brought me walk the whole um wanna find atm machine.. so tired… den after that we went to the Art Gallery to see the exhibision, art media.. mostly the paintings are painted by the students and lecturer of um… there is only one paintings.. really very nice.. and its RM2200… really expensive o… the most expensive one there.. coz others are like rm550 like that only…

and the title is, aku, lorry dan eutstsn… and in the painting, only got lorry and the flower only.. cant see the "aku".. i think probably the "aku" is the shadow on the lorry there…


and u see… my fave car again….. waaa… i wan it~~~








someone who i would like to love…

Posted by: emily

July 24th, 2006 >> growing up, grumpy baby, life

finally… yesterday was my 1st time i went to church since early this year… too much entertainment and outings liao.. dont know why.. i felt i should go last night.. even i havent started my poitalism paintings yet… really its kinda like something urging me to go.

so i went to church last night with jiejie.. oh ya, yesterday morning, i also dunno y i went to my store box to take out my army cap and my nike small bagpack.. since the day i brought them here, i didnt use them b4.. so this was my 1st time using it…
kinda weird too.. and i think most of my classmates felt weird too with me wearing that cap..

back to going to church story… ya.. went to church.. its was a really nice church.. this is my 2nd time there.. coz the 1st time i was there last year, i felt kinda weird.. so i end up going to grace church and mega church after that… FGA. its name.. the church service is in an old old cinema.. and we're sitting on those flipping chairs.. and my bible and my cellphone fell on the floor a few times.. haiz..

despite the prev story… and now we are going to the main point… its when the pastor went up the stage and pray for all the ppl there.. he said something abt being miserable, depressed, stressed, used, hatered, unforgiveness, mentally and emotionally ill, loneliness, and my tears rolled down my cheeks… thank god i have my cap to cover my face… and this time, i remember to bring tissue…

his word and the pressence of the holy spirit touched my hearti need prayers for my unforgiveness, mentally and emotionally illness, hatred and bad tampered.. i need prayer to restore my spirit and tamper.. everytime i went to church camps… the speakers or the pastor will ask me to control my emotion when they pray for me… everytime.. really… i met 2 different person told me that in 1 month. can u believe that?

i felt happy after i went to church yesterday… compare to the last everyweek going to mega church… maybe its bcoz i've found back the person who i've been missing all this time… i really miss him so much…

and finally, after that, i've made up my mind… who i'll go for? the guy who's my imitation… love the person i love… especially love Him, myself, my mammi and whoever i love… =) finally found my stand in my life..