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June 29th, 2006 >> gadgets, life, yummy yummy~

woo… ppl… see this…. my type of car…. i wonder.. in malaysia got ma? if i got $$, i sure wanna buy this car!!~ I WANT THIS CAR!!!!!



went to eat rojak and ice kacang~ yummy~~~~ sooo nice~


last night in MC, they had some Night Market here.. i went there and bought something cute… yea.. cute~ kawaiii!!! its 100pcs cutey name stickers and a cutie okui.. really cute the okui… looks like my expressionless cousin didi oni.. hehe..

den today, i went to pasar malam wit jiejie, saw got pink colour turtle.. but then its much more expensive than the one i bought in Mc night market, so i didnt buy it.. 



I am bored so i tag along …ahhahaa.

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June 28th, 2006 >> fun stuffs~, growing up

i saw penny and carol did it in their blog… so i wanna join along~~

Name 20 people you can think of and then tag 10 more ppl to do the tag. got nothing to do… so wu liao…. ppl not listed, please dun be sad.. its coz not enuff space…

P/S : For those who got tagged, think of 20 names first and write it in your blog post before you proceed reading the post.

biby_2.JPG 1. biby (best friend since kindergarden)

aping.JPG 2. aping (best friend since kindergarden)

siew.JPG 3. jing siew (my older best friend, which ppl always say we look alike)

rainie.JPG 4. xiao ling(rainie) (my cousin jiejie, we share the same favourite stuff)

joanne.JPG 5. joanne (my hahaha friend since form 1)

anne_2.JPG 6. anne (oh my pretty Gothic friend)

kuangleng.JPG 7. kareen (my best church friend)

reen.JPG 8. reen (my best malay friend in sch)

jamie.JPG 9. jamie (my geography teacher's daughter and she's my classmate)

penny.JPG 10. penny (aping & bb's classmate + blog reader/fren)

simon_2.JPG 11. simon (used to be my best listener)

stevie.JPG12. stevie (mischevious friend)

Carol.JPG 13. carol (aping& bb's classmate + blog reader/fren)

mixoo.JPG 14. mix(sheng oo) (fake dear)

nipnip.JPG 15. pin pin (D5's classmate, but my friend)

albert.JPG 16. albert (my twin bro)

ninnin.JPG17. nin nin (a girl i met in tuition, workplace, school and supermarket)

fai.JPG 18. ah fai (always lends me his ears, but sarcastic~)

cath.JPG 19. cath cath (got to know her from lyn, from kelvin squall)

dex.JPG 20. kenn kenn (dk82, dexter and  a monkey)

How did u meet #14? [mix(sheng oo)]
online in IRC when i was 16.. DALNET #Sitiawan RULES~~

What would your life be if u haven't met #1? [biby]
Then me and aping wouldnt have her as best fren ler..

What would u do if #20 and #9 dated? [jamie, kenn kenn]
hahaha… i'll be sad for kenn kenn.. coz jamie is a shopaholic and kenn kenn is a total log

Would #6 and #17 make a good couple? [anne, nin nin]
Confirm not, both like guys..

Describe #3 [jing siew]
Fair skin , long dark hair, leng lui, chinese, super loyal and smart. (let me continue) nice, lovely, sweet, pretty, kind hearted and married with 1 baby girl~

Do you think #6 is attractive? [anne]
of course…. she not those typical malay.. she is unmalay and totally looks like chinese… she is fair and gothic… those american gothic.. almost like suicide girls… not jaanese style gothic lolita…

Tell me something about #8 [reen]
she own a yellow mini. and a yellow beetle… dun jealous dude…

Do you know anything about #12s family? [stevie]
urm.. i think i remembered he told me, his parents dressed him in girls attire when he was small… i think so its him… but i totally remembered he told me that he dremt that a piece of pork running after him.. hahaha…

What is #7s favourite? [kareen]
we used to love nail arts… we spent most of our time exchanging nail polish when i was form 1..

What would you do if #11 confesses that he/she likes you? [simon]
muakz… of course, i like him too..

What language does #15 speak? [pin pin]
mandarin lor…

Who's #9 going out with? [jamie]
someguy name andrew…. in new zealand.. i bet her parents doesnt know abt it.. hehehe… she's naughty..

How old is #16? [albert]
21, exacly same wit me.. my twin

When was the last time you talked to #13? [carol]
in her blog comment… a while ago..

Who's #2s favourite singer? [aping]
erm… she likes quite alot singers… dun have a specific one…

Would you date #4? [rainie]
urm… we went out on a casual date for a few times edi.. we went shopping~

Would you date #7? [kareen]
of course… coz havent seen her for a year plus edi..

Is #15 single? [pinpin]
yup… pinpin will get one soon… dun worry..

What is #10s last name? [penny]
erm… i think its ong… penny ong rite?

Would you consider being in a relationship with #19? [cath cath]
cath cath is wit kev kev… how can i steal her….

What schools did #3 go to? [jing siew]
smjk (c) nan hwa, sitiawan…

Where does #6 live? [anne]
previously in sitiawan.. now probably somewhere near general hospital.. her mom works there…

What is your favourite thing about #5? [joanne]
funny and funny~~~ hahaha… hyperactive too`~

Wat do you think about #13? [carol]
she is actually someone i dun really know in real life although we've met quite a few times and had fun together…. but she's my blog reader for some time edi… so, she's someone supportive and caring coz she gives me word of courage and comment when i'm down and when i need someone's attention… and also not to forget, she reads all my crap when i'm grouchy…

What do #4 and #19 have in common? [rainie, cath cath]
both are female… and both are nice people…

What special qualities does #17 hold in your life? [nin nin]
erm… she talks alot.. and always update me with news on what happened in sitiawan while i'm away… hehe…

What is the most memorable memory you had with #18? [ah fai]
he brought me to lumut, in the middle of the night.. coz i'd just broke up that time… he listened to me and gave me advice… for abt a few days he accompanied me when i'm down…

that's all for today.. hope u all enjoyed it.. especially for those who likes to come to my blog..~

Satria Neo = Satreo

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June 26th, 2006 >> gadgets, life

today kinda free… and mammi's here… she's here for a few days liao ler… since saturday coz she feel sien at home.. so every afternoon she'll come and accompany me…

today browsed all forums.. and look what i've found… wooo… newly launched Satria Neo (last week).. costs abt 46.5k for 1.3AT and 51.5k for 1.6AT… manual, 43.5k and 48.5k for 1.3 and 1.6… the Twilight Blue Satria Neo is almost black with a hint of blue under the light. nice~ but it comes with orange colour one too… which i hate the most, it looks like w800i pulak..

and also there's Symphony and Desire~