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May 31st, 2006 >> baby's playground, mooie

today 2nd pendidikan moral lecture was canceled… so we all plan wan go kaikai le.. as soon as the lecturer tell us evening no class, my mind cannot concentrate on his lecture anymore.. i was thinking abt going kaikai oni…. haiz..

den we planned to go times square and sg wang… me, qling and xin ying wan to go go times square to watch movie… wanna watch X-MEN… den margaret and paek kwan wanna shopping… kelian tse ker, he walked alone and went back early by himself…


the movie very nice also… but then all the old characters are dying one by one ler… now coming the new youngster x-men.. and also the mutant porcupine, looks like the guy from linkin park ler… i think so its him.. or the guy who acted in Dark Angel… 

and also that mystique, i think the blue body its not hers… coz her face look kinda when she's in blue.. moreover, she looks kinda meaty when she was naked and in the cctv… but not when she's in blue.. so i think they used other ppl's body…

the best quote, "i'm disappointed becoz he died for those who wants to live" or something like that la.. can't remember the exact line..

after watching movie, we went to sg wang for a walk, den on the way home, we went to petaling street to eat our favourite assam laksa~ yum~


actually for those acryllic paint and stuff, shi jing told me no need to buy de.. coz she got… she can borrow me also… coz last time she did this subject in tarc edi… haiz.. should ask her earlier.. den somemore the tiles not necessary must use tiles also.. just use those plastic one is enuff liao ler… haix…

last night margaret stay over my place.. slept very well.. hahaha… but then mammi actually wanna sleep over here also de.. coz she was awaken by a nightmare.. den she called me.. since margaret was here, she went to her frens house to sleep ler… den tonite my roommate is coming back here to sleep for few days.. so maggie cannot sleep here.. tonite sure its gonna be cold ler…. so scare…""

and also there will be a stock clearance sale for c.dior, estee lauder, sk-II, lamcome, clannel, clinnique at level 13 wisma oua, kl on 1st and 2nd june. 10am to 5pm.

bak chang~~

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May 30th, 2006 >> baby's birthday~, baby's playground, gadgets, yummy yummy~

this morning woke up early to go to sch ar.. not enuff sleep also… slept probably abt 3 hours only… haiz.. but then, till now not tired also… become superwoman edi ler…

after class today, margaret came to pick us up.. den went to buy TILES, yes bathroom tiles for our colour studies assmt..

den after that, for lunch we went back section 14, "Da Chang Jing" in mandarin, a korean shop to eat.. Dae Jang Gun in korean.. i ate the Soon Du Bu Chi Gae (Spicy Beancurd), den paek kwan ate Kim Chi Chigae, almost same wit mine de… my soup taste spicy, but not spicy enuff for me… den paek kwan's is kinda sour abit… den Margaret and Xin Ying both eating lunch set, one is seafood and 1 is pork… it looks like bento too~




 den for dinner we ate bak chang.. hehe… Yue Ming and Qling brought pork bak chang from hometown… den Paek Kwan brought Nyonya Bak Chang from Malacca yo.. hehe… itd blue and white colour glutinous rice de o.. very special and nice… yummy~ too many pork tonite.. so full~


oh ya.. got a Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo 512MB for my birthday present.. last month birthday, now got this as a birthday present le… special thanks to Margaret, Li Yin, Jeygan, Amy, Xin Ying… thanks ya…



little black dress

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May 29th, 2006 >> baby's playground, yummy yummy~

today went to 1utama kaikai ar… but no money…. its a real cruel fact… haih~ so pokai nowadays… coz all money spent to buy my assignments stuffs… need to buy arcyllic paint ler.. somemore its kinda expensive… 

haiz.. back to story… no money.. but cannot resist to buy when shopping.. bought a little black dress… y i call it little black dress? coz its actually a top.. i bought a bigger size so it looks like a dress… should haf took it in fitting room de, but forgot jor… hehe…


when i tried on the M size, its not really nice.. its length only until my tummy.. den i tried on L size, its like this.. a dress.. haha… see la how short am i.. i can wear ppl's quarter pants as a long pants la… hiyo..

den we had our lunch in chilli's.. Qling wanna try Chilli's so we went there. at 1st wanna try the Dragon-I de.. but.. change to Chili's… we ordered Skillet Fries and TRIPLE Play.. 3 person plus Xin Ying, eat 2 plates of food till very very full ar… really very full… eat liao fatty foods, need to do some excercise le… yay~ shopping~


actually followed them there coz i wanna send my stilletoes to back to the shop to repair.. coz afew diamonds fall off edi… and also to buy stationary for assmts loh…

la la la la… cannot sleep again… haiz… morning class at 8am…