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what a movie…

Posted by: emily

April 30th, 2006 >> baby's playground, mooie

reach MC edi tired… den simon came to pick me up go his house coz i wan to put the jelly tomato and strawberries in the fridge

den after that, we kaikai… went for movie in 1u with jun wai, elyna, crystal and a few of her frens…. we watched a scary movie… haiz..

i nv knew that it was supposed to be a scary movie till we went in and den only crystal said… "FRAGILE" the movie.




i actually only watched abt 70% of the movie coz when the scary part comes, i close my eyes edi.. ahaha.. i wan to sleep tonite de leh..

my vacation~

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April 30th, 2006 >> baby's playground, special occasions, vacation, yummy yummy~

on the 27th morning, woke up at 8am to get ready to go to ipoh le…. me, qling and paek kwan followed margaret back to her house~~

the 1st place we stopped was Bidor.. coz margaret bring us go there buy biscuits and eat the Duck Drumstick Noodles at the PunChun Biscuit restaurant or somehting like that… it taste nice.. the soup i mean… coz i dun like eating duck meat.. hehe…


den after that, we went to the Hot Spring.. nearby Sungkai.. i dunno what's the place's name la.. i blur edi… the place very nice… it looks like those japanese hot spring like that…


but 1 thing i very sad is, i didnt charge my digicam, den when we went in to the private spa room, my battery flat edi… somemore didnt bring hp coz there no line ma.. so bring also no use… but… the use of a camera… haiz….


inside the spa more nice… got a jaccuzzi… den somemore we went to boil eggs at the hottest spring…. we had half boiled eggs with bread for lunch that day….

we started to head our way to ipoh liao ler… back to maggie's house rest rest.. tired coz whole day out liao ler… den at night, maggi's bf brought us to pasar malam in ipoh….

i really love night markets… coz can really eat alot of stuff while u're walking there… maggie and her bf, keep on buying stuff for us to eat… really… really full la… den somemore i bought a flipflop again.. hahaha… its black and white spotted de

and also maggie start to keep dog le.. she has a chihuahua mix named Cici… very cute and small ar.. somemore got kids calls it "meow" so cute~ hahaha….


den night time, they bring us go EBox sing K. we brought Cici into the k room le.. hehe… we put it in Desmond's pocket and bring it in… haha….

after sing song K, we went for supper… again they fed us with foods.. i'm really getting fat this time…. do i look fat in those pics??

back home and sleep after that….

the next morning, we went to old old town coffee shop drink coffee. sun yuan foong coffee shop… its a very old coffee shop that have the old coffee style.. haha… the toasted bread there very nice… its thin and crunchy.. and also we ate some kind of pudding made of eggs and full cream milk… dun really like it coz the eggs smell very strong…


den after that we went to boutique all around ipoh coz paek kwan wanna buy dress for her cousin brother's wedding function….

we went to somewhere bawah pokok to eat the tofu, fried stuff that u dip in the laksa gravy… yum.. its nice… i actually drank too much of carrot juice, and then i vomited.. hahaha…. luckily i vomited b4 going up to cameron, not on the way….

i was sleeping in the car on the journey up to cameron… the 1st place we stopped was blue valley or something la… somewhere we can pluck our own strawberries… really.. i picked my own ones… and its really red….


den we went to kaikai around cameron… all the pasar also we walked… also the pasar malam…

there got many fried mushroom, enoki, zhi sing fan shu(purple sweet potato), sweet potato egg, and many many more la.. i also cannot remember the names… den we also ate the golden corn.. i dun really like it loh… i saw purple and green cauliflower leh.. coz usually the one we ate is yellow de ma… but this is special de… dunno wat rasa ler…

den i bought some baby cactus too…. its cute… i buy all those got pink little flowers on it de.. but dunno in place that's not cold, will grow or not the flower.. if not, need to put it in aircond room le… 


came back from cameron, they straight away bring us go to eat the chicken bean sprout noodles ler… "nga choi kai" popular food in ipoh….


after pasar malam, went back home sleep ler.. coz next morning wanna wake up early go eat dim sum… in pasar malam, i bought another beach slipper again.. haha…

morning ate dimsum… there are so many ppl there le…. the zi ma wu, lo mai kai, siu mai, ha kau, zhu cheong fun, nai you pau and more more… haha… too much to eat….

den after that we went to maggie's daddy shop sit sit... just wanna say thanks to them coz letting us stay at her place for few days… coz everyday we came home late and woke up later than them… didnt see and talked to them properly also…

we went to ipoh parade for a walk… the clothes there are so cheap la… tak tahan… wanna buy…. but cannot ler.. need to budget.. coz bought alot of stuff there edi… haiz~ next time la….

den after that maggie sent us to the bus station and we took bus back to kl… me and paek kwan only coz qling took straight away reach segamat de….

more pics: 


2nd heat – my pageant day

Posted by: emily

April 30th, 2006 >> special occasions

abt that day's pageant, 26th april at 10pm… i have no comment.. and what i can say is the clothes is really very ugly…. and i dun wan to even talk abt it…

i reached there early coz vicky had to work at 1pm, den the thing is at 2pm de… i reached there abt 12.45 pm… in bangsar avenue.. its a nice place.. i went around the whole place alone and takes photo as usual….


the rehearsal started late… den somemore kena scold coz i cant remember the steps on the stage… haiz… u think i like to remember one meh? these stuff is not important one la.. hiyo.. i hav other better stuff to remember somemore le.. 

simon came to wish me good luck de… but they dun let me go down to meet him.. so menyusahkan ask him to come oni haiz….

vicky and askwin came to see me on stage~


and after the whole tiring.. and feet pain event…. reached home abt at 2am… den clean myself up.. and slept at 6am coz cannot sleep and also packing stuffs for my journey to ipoh tomolo….