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my new theme~

Posted by: emily

February 28th, 2006 >> bloggie stuffs, fun stuffs~, life

My new theme is pink colour~

but I lazy wan edit the pictures.. coz if wanna edit, really must edit a lot… so, if you read those ugly blogs, I'm sorry~ I'm lazy… if I'm free, I'll do it de… =) whole day kecoh doing this blog… still didn't touch my assmt yet.. looking like I'm gonna die uglyli le…

assignments . exam . assignments . exam

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February 28th, 2006 >> life, varsity

I dun smell like shit shit!! I dun bathe in mc.. I went to Simon's house and bath` there not smelly.. my roommates both bought a dozen of drinking water from Carrefour to bath.. last night Simon came and fetch me at almost 11.. I already felt sticky.. after bathing so0oo nice… but today no water la… luckily took water from his house last night…

After that we went to subang yumcha wit some of his team.. I couldn't concentrate on their conversation… keep on thinking abt my multimedia assmt. Dunno wan do wat.. No idea at all… haiz… I also wanna finish it fast la.. but no idea, how to start worr� after that they went to stick stickers.. I tried brain storming.. Doesn't work also… haiz~

Got a lot of assignment need to do ar… My multimedia Photoshop must pass up on next Monday, and research + paperwork on premarital sex topic, English for mass comm must pass up on next Friday.. Conceptual design must let lecturer see the �texture� artwork thumbnails and form in actual size, also the typography design.. Need to pass it up next Friday..

Den this Thursday got copywriting de midterm.. Den copywriting de advertising design also needs to start.. If not, dunno when will finish… So much to do, yet so little time… luckily intro to Chinese de midterm passed edi.. Now left the presentation next next Thursday.. But now still need to arrange all the work and do the transparency thingy..

But still got English for mass comm de presentation after passing up the paperwork, and also conceptual still got another group assignment… so farn~

Later my classmates sure will say, no time to do assmts but got time to write blog� haha… =p

ooh and somemore… petrol naik 30cent… and vicky said he no money wan buy hp edi.. now left me alone still mampu buy… so probably going to buy tomolo if no prob… =)

my assmt for conceptual design, my topic i changed to life edi… 1st pic: the tree of life, 2nd pic: imperfection in life. 1st one is for line, and second de is for shape. Still got another 4 more pieces must do� next week going to let miss denise approve my form and colour liao..





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February 26th, 2006 >> baby's playground

Today went to sogo To see mammimammi now working in a boutique opposite sogo. I took 1 bus, 2 lrt only reach there�.. luckily uncle saikopat helped me to find transports on the net… coz I dunno which lrt to take… den dunno where to take number 41 bus if reach kotaraya edi.. so took lrt only loh..

1st I took number 12 bus till university lrt station, den took putra lrt to masjid jamek.. When I was at masjid jamek, I lost my way when I was taking star lrt.. Hmm… Now change to rapid kl edi.. went to the wrong side, luckily I realize and asked ppl there.. den when I reached bandaraya.. I walked to sogo.. Den I saw my mammi edi.. right opposite sogo~ she was there bz arranging all those clothes…

I met my mammi's bosses.. Husband and wife.. With her daughter from Singapore.. Talked a lot with that jiejie. pretty jiejie o.. I was at the shop looking and hanging around� den I went to sogo kaikai. went to try out perfumes..

wanna find a suitable fragrance for myself.. checked out Britney spears' curious, Morgan de toi's love love and light of my heart bottles de.. the love love taste sweet.. den the light of my heart ones taste like yummy ice kacang.. hahaha… den tried anna sui's secret wish…  it's sweet too. and also the salesgirl recommended me innocent . dunno by who… very nice, really nice.. but dun like the bottle.. coz very simple only..

that's the few ones I like… yesterday went to 1u with xin ying, already test a lot edi… liked true star by beyonce and Lancome's miracle..

bought something for cath cath for her burfday. a huggy clip.. a purple cat.. very suitable for cath cath coz she loves purple… and the "cat" hehehe… I know I'm naughty..

when I came back to mc time… my roommate told me the water taste like shit shit le… dunno wat happen to the water in pj, really smell like shit shit leh.. yuck!~ wanna go mammi's place bath bath~~