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2nd day of cny

Posted by: emily

January 30th, 2006 >> sitiawan, special occasions, yummy yummy~

wah.. so sien neh.. today is 2nd day of Chinese New Year le… but the mood still not there… no ppl wanna go pai nian also… but my sanku came back from seremban today…

this few days no transport to everywhere… i'm becoming a orang asli edi… its either i walk or cycle.. den i lost 1 bike edi, den now left only 2 bikes.. so sometimes i walk, sometimes meimei walk.. but most of the time i walk de.. coz i'm the one who lost the bike ma.. luckily my house is just behind the supermarket.. if not, i sure cannot go out liao le..

that friday, i went to perm my hair… actually i went to see my frens.. den saw one of them her hair very nice.. den she ask me wanna perm or not.. den i ma say i wan also loh.. coz it really looks nice… i went to the saloon and sit there for 6 hours… so tired… from 2pm till 8pm.


i did spa perm and dyed my hair chocolate colour. but the hair turned out not the one i wanted… i wan digital perm… den when i went back to my frens place, she said that hers permed 1 month ago.. den the shape run edi… so that's y hers looks like wavy, like digital perm.. but nvm loh.. this hair special abit.. no ppl hav.. only the old english style got nia.. 

cny eve, albert my twin bro brought me to lumut countdown… but not many ppl there also.. all malays at there.. all chinese at home waiting to countdown wanna play boom le.. den we went to lumut waterfront eat ice kacang.. YUM~~ my favourite… he treat me ice kacang special with 2 scoops of ice cream on top.. later i'll upload the pics.. hehe.. but then, kena saman aRRRR!!~  


yesterday wore my cny clothes… kena scold kao kao from my saeku.. haiz~~~ buy that little clothes also kena scold.. cny one year only once.. also kena scold.. so fed up man… somemore i only bought 1 pair of shoe only.. only 1 set of cny clothes.. den the dress i wore that day also wanna ask the price.. that dress i bought for last year's cny de.. like that also wanna know… felt very farn see my this gugu again!!!

everything that's on me also wanna know the price.. as if i'm an illegal consumer like that.. like that also wanna scold me OVERspending money… the money also not hers.. i wan to do whatever i want with the money also cannot… somemore that skirt is pinpin last time buy for me de.. overall i only spent abt rm70 for the whole set include that shoe and exclude the skirt.. woih! funny la this kind of ppl… today i didnt wear my cny clothes liao le.. she see liao, later she sure ask again de.. so i just wore t-shirt and shorts out nia.. later tonite go out wit frens only change…


pic of my cny clothes.. me and my jiejie and meimei.. left is my jiejie, right is my meimei..


yesterday evening wei xiang and sam came to visit me.. both of them are my chatfren.. long time no see them edi.. all working liao ma.. so they seldom come by my house liao… ah sam look like paikia edi le.. dunno wat happen to him… hahaha… 

dunno wat happen to the all chinese gathering liao… tiba-tiba lost sound.. no more gathering le… sienz~

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January 30th, 2006 >> fun stuffs~, special occasions

yay!~ my private forum with own domain name is finally out in public le…. its included my own private blogging acc. hahaha… so happy… wanna celebrate with the guys after dex dex come back from sabah~~
private forum –
my undone blog –

Spring Festival

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January 26th, 2006 >> grumpy baby, sitiawan, special occasions

yay~~~ later going back to sitiawan ler..

so happy… but kinda rush.. coz i still wanna shop.. and simon's cny clothes also not yet buy.. tot wanna go shopping tonite de.. but cousin bro say wanna go back tonite pulak… supposed to be tomolo morning de.. suddenly change plan..

haiz~ today kinda fed-up… tot class was 11am de.. den i set alarm at 8.45am.. mana tau 9.15am time, amy misscalled me so many times… den somemore last night my hp expire edi.. haiz.. cannot call her back.. but to wait her to let me answer the phone and tell her, i haven't ready yet…

so this morning i took metro bus to school.. haiz~ really a bad luck day.. i stood in front of mc to wait for bus.. but the bus came and passed by me… the driver cannot see me waving my hand… argh~ den the bus stopped at the bus stop in front there, i tot the bus will wait for me, i run like wanna chase after the bus but mana tau it left…..

that time i wanna cry edi…. waited for so long for the next bus to come.. T_T was late for my english class… but luckily still got others were later than me.. hmm… might not get to online when i'm in hometown ler.. so see u guys in sitiawan la… miss ya~~