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dragon horse spearm god

Posted by: emily

December 31st, 2005 >> growing up, special occasions

happy deepavali~~~~ ehe.. selamat hari gawaiii~ … hehehe.. ops.. soli la.. its happy new year 2006.. happy happy always to all… and this year my new year revolution is…. ehem.. are… no more clubbing for me and cannot miss church, speak the word of sweet blessings for my friends coz every word we say towards our friends will be a curse or blessing for them.. so if the curse dont work on them, it will end up cursing yourself.. so must becareful o..

this year had been a marvellous year of friendship for me… i made alot of nice friends.. friends in uni, in ccc church, jb, and my private emotions online.. but not a good relationship year… albert my twin, said that i'm too extreme for relationship.. break the records.. haha… and early this year, i heard from the tv or radio that i'll have some relationship problem of 3 party.. i actually dun believe it at 1st.. den now only i realise… i was a mistress.. darn~ bb and aping abt this>

my study year is going very fine now… i LOVE it in school now… its fun.. not stressed at all… i just need to take care of my grades, just a pass is good enuff liao.. so dun really need to study so much~ haha.. i see my roommates exam time study till 4-5am. but everyday i yumcha till 4-5am nia..(yumcha till so late, until my pimples all also pop out. next time dun dare liao) haha.. den study time only study till 12am den go to sleep ler..

but i actually hated the period when after my stpm result came out… everyone was shocked.. but i'm not, coz i know i did badly.. and i never hope that i'll go into any uni… i actually prefer to work(last time, now i love to be in sch).. a hairdresser is my favourite.. everyday can wear nice nice clothes, make up, den can do whatever to my hair… love it so much… both of my yiyi are hairdressers in singapore… they earn approximately 2k sing dollar, probably more than that..

i never have dreams(hope)… i always dun think so far.. coz u might not know what happens tomorrow… i'll probably die by tomorrow.. so when my cameron yiyi asked her friends, what is your future hope and dreams? most of them will answer, wanna be rich and get high pay job… den she'll recommend them to work for lampe berger.. haiz~ like that also can think de?? isk isk isk…. i really wanted to answer her, "i always wanted to be a good housewife and marry a rich guy, can i?" <– can that be a hope? izzit realistic? isn't that easy… be a siu lai lai.. hahaha…

money comes and money goes… so be happy for what u hav now.. don't hope for more… i've always experienced a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow… haha… so don't be like me.. like my amma always say, "tiger reach ur buttocks liao only u wanna run" <– a foo chow quote..

so, i'll be hoping for a good time next year… hope that i can manage my money with wisdom.. dont over spend on shopping.. and also for my mammi too… she is having some kind of tumor in her uterus/ovary… i'll pray always for her healing and salvation.. and also a good surgeon with wisdom to operate her after chinese new year.. oh ya.. and also for meimei that will go to national service tomolo… all the best.. hope that she will be good, pray for the holy spirit to protect her.

and for all my friends… happy always.. hope that u all will have your dreams come true this special coming year… all the best.. year year got fish and dragon horse spearm god.. hahaha..


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December 29th, 2005 >> ❤ beautilicious~, cosmetics

nbtd… so i did something…. guess wat??

i played wit my make up.. hahaha… see an extreme change on little weird rite? hehe… coz i put the eyeshadow different colour ler… right eyes: yellow + pink, left eye: black + silver. coz at 1st wanna mix and match the colours de.. den finish liao wan take pics ma.. haha..

den somemore no concealer to cover the dark circle worr… den my eyes cacat worr, one no double eyelid, one got.. haiz~~~ *from this i transform myself to this..




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December 28th, 2005 >> attrezzare, ❤ beautilicious~, baby's playground, nails, yummy yummy~

waa… today so tired… just oni came back from shopping alone in sg wang… ya… alone.. AGAIN.. everytime shop alone sure buy alot of things de.. haiz~~~ actually tot wan go do digital perm de.. but ask edi soo sooo expensive.. probably the price went up due to cny coming soon… so i rather spend the money shopping…tot wan call biby go shopping together de… sms her no reply pun.. probably she's still in s'pore bah… my feet hurts….. kelian my little toes.. red red edi… the flatty very hard.. end up hurting my feet..

this time bought all tops and accessories… and no skirt.. but saw 1 abercrombie and fitch's jeans skirt.. very nice… but lazy wan go try coz carry many things liao.. den did the nails art.. scare later spoil the nails… so next time only go buy ler… this time the nails art not very nice… i only like the purple de… others de blur blur…


and see this bullshit t-shirt that i bought… funny rite? hahaha… somemore got alot other words.. all dam funny de… some more got another one i also wan to buy de.. but then all the same pattern de.. just wordings not same nia… not so special.. so only bought 1… and this pepsi earrings.. look kinda funny if i wear it.. haha..


at the end of the day… i bought a box of dragon beard peanut candy.. and its strawberry flavoured de o.. nice… i love eating peanuts so much.. hahaha… dunno y.. hope that my face wont pop up pimples ler.. ahaha…


when come back time, got 1 aunty so good.. i went up the bus, got no place to sit, den i stood loh.. den the aunty wan to go down from the bus, she tapped on my shoulder and asked me to take over her seat… she is sooo good o.. some more kelian me no seat… a big thanks to her…

mc de cc pc spoil edi… i cannot online… so kelian… so sien… now in sch… online at sch.. haiz~~ must wait till next month only get internet connection in my room..