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November 30th, 2005 >> special occasions

waipo passed away this evening at 4.30pm… i was …. when mammi told me waipo passed away.. i dunno how to talk.. i dunno who to tell.. i only can type in front of the pc crying… i'm not there when she passed away… i didn't get to see her for the last time.. i didnt get to say goodbye to her..


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November 28th, 2005 >> special occasions

received a call from mammi.. she said that waipo is in hospital now… in ICU.. her condition quite bad liao ler.. waipo's heart very weak.. she is in comma now.. dunno when only will wake up..

when mammi call waipo, her tear rolls down.. waipo….

everybody very worry.. i'm very sad.. mammi hav been there since yesterday to take care of waipo.. pray that mammi will be strong.. dun fall sick.. mammi say she dunno when waipo will suddenly go.. mammi so scare… mammi sure cried many times liao le…

i also dunno what am i supposed to do… i dun even know am i supposed to be there when things happen… argh~ pray that waipo will be fine..

hope that she'll live longer..

lost my voice

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November 26th, 2005 >> life

back in mc liao ler.. so happy coz i can online as long as i wan liao.. i asked amy to borrow her internet acc.. evening time went out yumcha in kayu… haih~ wait vicky come back so we decided to have dinner there… mana tau… i'm craving for ABC… den i ordered ABC and roti sardin… sob sob… my throat getting worse.. night time sleep, den woke up in the middle of the night cough cough.. so xin ku… T_T

den night time went to cheras yumcha with the emotions online gang… as always, more guys than girls.. they must bring me and cath along coz if not they will be 'gay'thering there liao.. hahaha..

everyone was concerned abt my voice.. i think i really lost my voice liao… didnt really talk when the night yumcha session.. can talk but i end up coughing like mad… so0o xin ku…

i wan stay in kl until saturday den follow jiejie go jb… i dun wan go on monday… when reach jb.. i'll be alone again.. so sien.. somemore there cannot online… haih~~~~