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baby unicorns~

Posted by: emily

October 30th, 2005 >> ❤ beautilicious~, baby's playground, fun stuffs~, nails, neoprints, TT - yumcha`~

YAY!~ finish exam for this month le… now HOLIDAY~~ after raya still got another one paper… hehe.. came back from sch just now.. online saw bb worr.. (yup.. she also love pink colour very much).. my ji mui from hometown.. got another aping not here.. she went back hometown do body checkup coz her back pain..

since we quite long nv go out together le, den we went to sg wang…. we took neoprints o.. love neoprints very much.. but expensive nia.. hehe we took twice.. the 1st wan not nice.. i'm posting the second time we took de.. hehe…


  somemore i did something to my fingernail ar.. hehe.. let me show u..


 *wan post that day de.. but server down.. so cannot post..

nice or not my nail arts.. hehe… ita a pink lady.. just like me… can only do one coz expensive.. coz it uses a machine to print de.. somemore it will lasts abt 1 month… and bb also did one on her thumbnail too..

the girl who was working there, she is only 17 years old ar.. she look very mature.. she asked us what form are we in now.. me and bb laugh and tell her we are studying in uni and working liao le.. nowadays de young girls tend to look much more mature, even much more mature than us.. haih~ we old liao le.. 20 liao la…

reached home in the evening, tired.. den at night, painted somemore strawberries on my other nails.. hehe.. too free liao coz cannot online…

NBTD!!!! arGH!! MC de connection down after 8pm… hate it so much… somemore sunday the office no open.. cannot go tell them…. geramnya… tot can online on sunday.. mana tau server down… wanna post my pictures also cannot…

YAYY!!!~ got my unicorn liao le… so happy… sunday evening went yumcha wit dex, vicky and bryan… actually wan go ss2 watson's buy the unicorns de… but there dun hav.. so went to sunway piramid to buy.. hehehe.. see my baby unicorns?? hehe.. white and pink de… white de is male and pink de is female.. hehe.. coz white horse prince charming and pretty in pink princess.. nice ma?? (???) a lovely unicorn couple.. thx to vicky who kept his promise.. hehe.. here's a the picture of vicky the man.. haha.. i paksa him to put the baby unicorns on his shoudler and took the pic de.. hehe..


 the baby unicorns' are on my bed when i took it.. my new bedsheet… also pink colour de sakura flower.. the name of the bedsheet is "HARU".. and here are pics of me and my baby unicorns.. hehehe… on the left de is white unicorn, right de is pink unicorn.. cute ma?? me cute or the unicorns?

you know wat.. vicky asked me to use his SE w800i to snap some hot girls' picture… outside of the sunway piramid there.. the place that are facing sunway lagoon view.. la.. who dare worr… den i just snapped their pic from behind nia.. haha.. snapped their a$$, and vicky is very very happy with it.. u can see from his photo section… hahaha…

night time went out yumcha in william's.. got new ppl in the TT session.. erm.. let me see… got daijobu and leon.. both are dexter's fren.. and then QiMei also joined us.. the HELLANGEL who loves hamtaro.. lol..

haih~ this whole week will be in MC only.. nowhere to go… hopefully wednesday will go seremban loh… go to my gugu's place.. since in MC also no ppl liao and not applying for internet next month.. better go there to find my amma… so long no see her liao le… miss her so much too….

KISS – Because I’m A Girl

Posted by: emily

October 28th, 2005 >> fun stuffs~, life, varsity

hmm… i hav been alone since this 2 days… my bigroommate went to her frens place to study.. and my another roommate already on holiday liao… den all no come back and sleep.. the first night was scary.. dun dare to sleep also.. but when i lied on bed, i just slept like a baby.. too tired studying this 2 days… daytime just sit in the room nia.. didnt went out also.. and dun dare to go yumcha also.. coz scare come back late, den morning time bler bler… so i hid myself in the room for the rest of the day..

today also.. i'll be in my room, online.. hahaha…the 1st pic is my bigroommate.. 2nd pic is my roommate.. and i'm smallroommate since i'm the youngest.. haha.. bigroommate de pic was taken by roommate de.. hehe.. she took it when she was sleeping.. and my roommate also like to act cute de.. haaha.. but she also cute..

hehe… yesterday so sien.. until, i took out my manicure set.. and painted strawberries on my nails.. i only have 3 strawberries on my all of finger nails.. coz the galactic green is thickening liao… very hard to apply.. the colour i bought it few years back.. now no sell anymore.. see the emerald green nails… nice colour.. dunno y, i like it very much.. somemore it matches my metallic pink sandals when i painted my toe nails…


this cute little thing comes in a pair de.. i'm not sure wat is it.. maybe its dragon, maybe its tiger.. most probably is tiger la.. i bought it at ss2 pasar malam quite a while ago.. coz i saw qling wear the big ones.. now only i got chance to post it up here.. coz just recently only bought the string… its made of rose crystal.. pink in colour de.. but not too dark the colour..

today just finish my mass comm paper.. yay~ but…. the paper so dam hard ar… dunno how to do also… and i also dunno last night i study wat… objective questions can tembak la… but the short answer question only got 5q, each question carries 5 marks… i dunno how to do 2 questions ar… i dun even know wat it asks also.. never read before in notes.. or heard in lecture… haih~ 10 marks gone le..

tomolo de pengajian malaysia also dunno how to kao tim.. i never liked history and pengajian am.. and now i hate pengajian malaysia… haih~ later also need read the notes ar… dunno wat it talk also.. somemore so hard to remember wat it says.. so many years must remember… haih~ but after tomolo's paper, i'll be free liao le… coz on the 9th exam is IT de.. IT will be much easier since i everyday also hang around with my baby pc.. except for the programming part la.. i dunno wat izzit also… must ask cowcow teach.. coz he take programming de..

here is a korean MV.. very nice de… tear roll down my cheek when i 1st saw this MV.. i kept this webpage for quite long le, for viewing when i'm free.. den yesterday try to load the mv again, den i remember something, i can save the video file in my hard disk ma.. haha.. now wanna share it with u all.. happy viewing~

KISSBecause I'm A Girl

hartamas square

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October 26th, 2005 >> TT - yumcha`~

last night went yumcha in hartamas… so tired coz came back too early in the morning den today got exam in the afternoon.. luckily its only english exam..

this morning wake up to read notes also still very bler bler… last night very sien after cath cath went back home when yumcha.. den i started to play with vicky's camera phone.. haha.. too wu liao… all pics also i take.. whatever also i take… didnt post all coz dun wan to spam my blogs wit pics..




 last night only drank milo ais.. that's the picture of my milo ais… den the next 2 picture is the place we yumcha same as this blog title coz lazy wan think..

"denise" is a wine shop.. the name denise is the (wine goddess).. that's my meimei's name… and she very proud of it.. the design of the name so nice.. got a wine glass there.. look cute too.. "mamak, ice wine satu~" *imagining myself yum-wine in mamak* *gila me*


our table number.. izzit 86 or 98?? i'm also bler.. i dunno also.. hahaha…


everytime i pass by the water bank.. i wonder what they sell? izzit they keep water in there? or keep money? or wat? why do they need to keep water in the bank? why there are banks for water? do u guys know wat's in there? now only i know when last night i took a picture of it… the answer is… it is "pengedar alat-alat penapis air" haha.. now only i see properly wat it wrote on the board..