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sayonara my beloved cpu

Posted by: emily

September 29th, 2005 >> gadgets, grumpy baby, life

kns de… my pc spoil jor… waa… waaaa…

the stupid letrik not stable.. my motherboard, ram and power supply also spoil jor.. den mine de is built in graphic card in the mobo.. so bye bye all la.. haih~ den now canot use jor..

yesterday all my assignment still in the harddisk ar.. nasib baik hard disk still can work. den now all must do back.. luckily not major assignment la.. now wan buy new cpu.. bobo say abt 1.5k can get one liao loh.. i wan new flat screen de monitor… hehehe… and also wan the casing to be transparent and pink light de.. hahaha…

but…… my gugu dun let me buy… waa… this case lagi sad… so sad… i wan new pc.. dun care.. i wan new de… bobo and dk came to check the cpu.. but gugu dun trust.. she ask cheechee come to check again today… aiya.. now 10.10am liao.. he might be coming le.. so that's all for now la.. =)

wake me up when september ends

Posted by: emily

September 25th, 2005 >> baby's playground

yesterday went to kaikai o.. me, qling, xin ying, yu ming, peak kwan, amy and wan zi went to 1 utama … saw 1 shoe very nice… den dunno wan to buy or not coz now no sale so no discount ma.. den think think liao very long… so i asked bobo.. bobo say if like ma buy loh.. like=buy. if not later i sure regret de.. so at last, right before we were going home, i went to buy that shoe… so nice o… didnt regret buying also…

hehe.. others bz wan buy high heels to wear for the english presentation this saturday… but i bought a super nice walking shoe.. lol…� den all of them bz buying formal clothes also.. i think, i'm the only one who didnt buy any formal clothes… haha.. formal clothes no need buy de la.. just buy 1 black top and 1 black skirt, can wear everytime presentation de la.. not always presentation also de…� i'm still not in the mood of doing my presentation..

saw 1 roxy bag… so nice… but expensive o… just a very low quality type of bag also cost rm69.90… low quality but very special.. haih~~~ nvm la.. next time i learn how to print money 1st den only buy la… now this skill hasn't increase ever since forever.. hehehe… gosh.. i'm talking crap.. join bobo and dk82 too much liao.. talking nonsense nia.. haha…

next month going is my final exam liao loh.. i'm still jollying around… i dunno whether i should be worry or be happy.. nothing much to worry de kua… better dun worry.. later become old faster.. hehe…. its gonna be end of september le.. next month only start studying bah… gambateh yoh…

breaking all the rules

Posted by: emily

September 24th, 2005 >> events, growing up

kns de… today my fren took me to zouk..


i broke all my rules le… i tot i can keep the last rule, and wont break it de… haih~ mana tau, he made me broke it by 'surprising' me, bring me to zouk… my family set rules for me when i 1st came to kl… 1 of it was cannot go clubbing.. den cannot wear short skirts, shopping for twice a year(cny and christmas only), cannot paktor(playing wit love), my curfew is 11pm and many more la…

i also forgot le..

i think i need to make promise, i wont go clubbing anymore le.. make me felt so guilty today.. no mood also..

last thursday went kota damansara yumcha.. i think the mamak is padang kota 24 hours de.. saw william san ar.. i bet u all dunno who is him la.. he is a local singer/actor only…haha… *edited:the picture of william's album.