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miss lonely

Posted by: emily

July 23rd, 2005 >> grumpy baby, life

man… hate it when terdelete all the stuff u type..

gonna start my class monday.. i'm 2 weeks late.. so need to catch up with all the stuff.. haih~ dunno anyone here.. dunno wat to do tomolo when 1st time go to class… my room is soooo small.. share with another 2 girls.. dunno wat to say…

still ok ok la my roommate.. maybe now still not yet 'cook'.. so dunno wat to say to them also.. haih~ so kelian here.. so sien.. dunno anyone here.. dunno where to go.. dunno how to go… waaa.. waa.. my cousins… haih~ they so bz.. bz bz bz.. 1 bz with work, 1 bz wit gf kua.. haih~ no time to accompany their little cousin…

yaya.. i know.. u sure say, my jiejie is just around the corner.. hey bro, i dun really like to talk to her one laa… and ong, u owe me a dinner.. u didnt bring me out today.. so denda..

miss my meimei… so kelian her alone at home.. hope that i'll go back hometown often to see her la.. haha.. if not.. she sure berkulat at home liao.. miss everyone when i'm lonely.. so lonely.. really lonely…

a new leaf

Posted by: emily

July 21st, 2005 >> growing up, life, varsity

turning into a new leaf…

tomolo i'm going to kl liao le.. saturday going to register into utar liao.. still pondering whether to take broadcasting or advertising.. hmm.. both also i like.. but my gugu said broadcasting oni can work in radio and tv station… and advertising have bigger chances/various types of job…

hmm.. headache la.. dun wan think too much.. anywhich one also will do la.. as long as its fun..haih~ gonna find place to stay la… dunno wan stay where now… anyone has a room to let, please pm me.. thx thx..

oh ya~ i'll be in the pj campus.. so section 17 will be perfect… and u know wat? it's near RUSH =p haha… at least still have ppl sponsor me to utar.. coming soon will be my battle in the education battledome.. study hard study hard study hard~

that's what ppl is telling me now.. gonna begin my new life soon.. wish me luck~

honey to the bees

Posted by: emily

July 19th, 2005 >> grumpy baby, sitiawan, varsity

today went to teluk batik with eric and his cousin bro..

haih~ went to the other side of the beach… kena sting by bees.. all together 8 stings.. 3 on the hand, 4 on the legs and 1 on my lip… so kelian..

den i'm becoming tanned liao.. everyday go here go there kaikai… no wear sun block.. later if i'm still in stw, sure become ah ne ne liao de…

got good news.. just called utar.. they said they are still accepting students till end of this month.. i'm applying within this 2 days liao la.. hope that everything will go on smoothly la..