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tired tired tired

Posted by: emily

June 26th, 2005 >> malacca, sitiawan, special occasions, weddings

just oni came back from malacca..

haven't been home since the 17th… miss my bed soooo much..

i was in seremban on the 17th till 20th… den went to malacca on the 23rd.. in between that 2 places.. i was in my wai po house… so long nv go back and sleep in that wooden house le… night time sooooooo cold… even cooler than aircond.. no joke dude…

my xiaoyiyi got married on the 26th in malacca.. that's y i was there for vacation too.. and and and…. i put on 2 kg…. so sad… need to start diet and exercising liao le.. this pic was taken in my wai po house on my xiaoyiyi's wedding dinner day..

my mommy side family pic..  


Welcome Back!~

Posted by: emily

June 14th, 2005 >> grumpy baby, life

finally… back to my own room… it had been like ages since i left my room for my grandma's house… haha.. but actually not very long la.. abt few months only.. this is my room… nice ma?? i had to bring back all my stuff from my grandma's house(just opposite my house only).. hehe.. the most important thing is my pc..

darn! i dun hav anymore broadband… just using dial up now.. so so so slow… wait till fed-up… haih~ better than dun hav la…

my room is sooo full… full of stuffs… and posters.. and the posters are so last year… haha… i used to change it every year… but now become lazy liao.. den no change anymore.. haha…

**edited.. my room's pic was taken out… soli*

My Swarovski Crystal

Posted by: emily

June 7th, 2005 >> special occasions, weddings

just bought some Swarovski Crystal beads that cost me RM50. made a bracelet and a pair of earrings.. these stuff are handmade by ah fai.. thanks alot~


i'm wearing these to Jing Siew's wedding ceremony and dinner… trying to look my best coz she is the best and the only aiya-jiejie that i have.. hmm… dunno whether she will accompany me always after married… sure wont have time liao de la..

this is the 1st time i receive invitation card with my name on it…


most of all.. wishing her all the best la.. since she's so good to me.. i'm sending all my best and warmest wishes to her.. wish her 'zhao sheng gui zhi' and 'bai tou dao lao'