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buaya club v4~

Posted by: emily

May 31st, 2005 >> fun stuffs~

yay… our buaya club version 4 has been created.. and i'm the topic starter.. i'm the spamming princess in buaya club of see my previous post? broke my own record, dude!! cool~ and btw i'm shinyshampoo… hehe…

~ Buaya Club ~

Created by : Vinny da' Buaya King on 14th May 2005

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kl shopping trip

Posted by: emily

May 29th, 2005 >> baby's playground, special occasions

26/5 — went to kl alone to meet my forum friend squall lh, his name is Kelvin wong. I know him from's cupid corner.. he promised me to bring me go shopping this few days coz I wanna find a few pair of shoes for jing siew and xiao yiyi's wedding..


When I reached pudu, it was in the afternoon.. squall just finished his class and then came to fetch me.. we went to midvalley straight away.. I bought 2 pairs of high heels.. one was the pink stilettos from vincci, squall bought it for me as my birthday present although it has passed abt 1 month ago..

and another 1 was a black wedges high heel from vid&val. Then I bought a cute handbag from girls.. a pink angel fluffy bag.. After whole day of walking, kinda tired.. so we went home in the evening.. and kelian squall coz he had to carry my luggage.. luckily my luggage is not too big and heavy..

When I reached squall's place.. met his younger brother, sis and sis' bf.. I think his bro's name is … and his sis' name is Fiona.. We went to asia cafe for dinner that night.. I slept in fiona's room with her.

27/5 — today is another day is squall's house.. early in the morning, squall went to class edi.. and I was still sleeping until I dunno wat time.. den when I woke up.. squall called me to get myself ready and ask fiona's bf to fetch me to the lrt station. Its funny, I speak to him in mandarin and he replied me in Cantonese.. my Cantonese is bad, that's why I don't like to speak. And he don�t know how to speak mandarin.. so we talk like chicken and duck.. hahaha..

Today we'll explore sg wang. Went to met squall in sg wang.. we had our lunch in the sushi station on the t-hop(6th floor). den we kaikai there till evening.. didn't see any suitable shoe there, but there was only one heels I like.. didn't buy coz tot of going back to buy it later.. but in the end, we didn't pass by that shop edi.. haiz~ regretted.. but then I bought a t-shirt for squall for his birthday too..

Night time, we went to sunway pyramid.. bought a skirt and tank top which is army green in colour from romp.. squall said I looked nice in it.. after that, his bro came to picked us up. Late at night, we went out yumcha with chanti-sama.. also a fren from the same forum..

28/5 — this morning.. squall went to class again.. and fione's bf fetched her to uni and then sent me to lrt station again.. from there, I made my way back to sitiawan..

i’m n-gaged

Posted by: emily

May 13th, 2005 >> gadgets

bought nokia n-gage from wei shen.. i'm 3rd hand user.. 1st one was a policeman.. he exchanged this n-gage wit wei shen's nokia 3650.. den 2nd user is wei shen loh… wei shen wanna sell his n-gage coz small liew sold his n-gage to ah chiew ma.. so he also wanna sell loh… den i exchanged with ah chiew the original housing of the n-gage… mine was the grey/black version.. den ah chiew's is the pearly white ones..

happy with my new baobei n-gage~