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big sis Wedding @ Sitiawan & Ipoh

Posted by: emily

June 26th, 2013 >> ❤ beautilicious~, baby's playground, cosmetics, family, ipoh, malaysian, memories~, sitiawan, sitiawan food, special occasions, weddings, yummy yummy~

Finally… the November of 2013 (this is a very belated update, anyway I just wanna add this memorable date into this blog)

The big sis is getting married… Finally.. *wipes my sweat on my forehead* Oh, just to clarify I’m so glad my moody and emotional elder sis is now owned by someone… Hehe.. She’s pretty nice at times… Especially when she’s in the sunshine mood.. LOL..

The 12th Nov, me and the younger sis took a long coach back to Sitiawan as usual.. The super long journey made us tired as poop.. XD Reached the next day…

While others were preparing for sis’s big day.. We slack like kings.. That’s the only time we could rest and relax… Enjoying our holidays!

The morning session at home…


My new brother in law’s hair so high up.. LOL


The wedding banquet was held at Bei King Restaurant on the 15th.. Our picture!!


3 pretty sistas


The reception table, all handmade by Saeku


I was seated on the VIP table with my grandpa, so I can help him with the food.. Check out this deep fried prawns.. It’s humongous… Too bad I don’t take prawn coz I was allergy with it…


This is my best sister when I used to work part time in the Crystal Shop during year end holiday… Check out her son, very handsome…


The next day… We started our journey to Ipoh… Again.. Traveling… uhuhu… Tired…

Morning Bride fetching session @ big sis’ house… While waiting for Alex, the new brother in law to reach, we camwhored!

Morning puffy face.. Like sponge absorbed all the water..


With big sis!!


 This the younger sis… so you think who’s younger?


My favorite grandma.. LOL.. she’s cutee

As for the wedding banquet dinner, sis booked her makeup artiste for us too.. She dolled us up and also our hair.. Loving it.. Although it kinda fall over after awhile..


Banquet dinner @ Ipoh Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant. I was told this restaurant are pretty famous, need to make advance booking 1 year earlier.. And check out this cold dish.. Their specialty I guess… It’s super big… I meant the plate…


The wedding cake as dessert… Their pre-wedding pictures were printed on the cake.. Impressive…


The next morning, big sis took us out for breakfast before sending us off to the coach terminal… I wanted to have the Ipoh town special breakfast at Sin Yoon Loong but it’s always closed on Monday… So sis took us to this coffee shop near Alex’s house… They too serve this crispy thin kaya toast.. Oh so yummyyy~

Loving it~


I am so happy finally big sis tied a knot.. Me wish her happy ever after~ <3

saya Ipoh mali 2

Posted by: emily

September 11th, 2012 >> baby's playground, excursion, family, ipoh, malaysian, sitiawan, yummy yummy~

I’m Ipoh mali the next day~

We woke up very early in the morning… Just to get ourselves some breakfast… at 6.30am, we reached the dim sum shop… it’s still dark…

This is the shop I wanted to visit… but after a few days of analyzing and asked around my friends from Ipoh.. They insisted me to stick to the opposition side.. so well, I did..

Had our dim sum breakkie here.. Ming Court Dim Sum.. Low budget, and dull looking shop… Prayed that it taste good..

Oh well, I love the “char siu pau” (BBQ buns), “lo mai kai” (glutinous rice chicken).. I enjoyed the taste because it made me felt so homey.. As sometimes dim sum @ Sg doesn’t really taste like my hometown.. Maybe they used too much of ginger in their flavoring…

Thanks jiejie for bringing us there early in the morning~ She looked so pale and tired… Maybe it’s because of the driving..

That’s the beast!! Who stayed in my room and messed it up!!! And now sharing all my dim sum!!!

Check out the dim sum~

Ok, I lied.. We gave in… We packed some snacks from Foh San Dim Sum… Took “char siu pau” BBQ buns, “wu kok” yam fritters and big pau for our tea break later… It was pretty delicious too…

In the end, I couldn’t decide which one taste better… Because.. I kinda forgot how they taste like.. But Chun said, Foh San taste better, just that its alittle more pricey..

We was supposed to drop by Sin Yoon Loong Coffee Shop for toasted breakfast… but it was pretty disappointing because it’s closed on Monday… T_T sulky..

So sis sent us back to the hotel to pack and check out later…

2 hours later, JieJie came and picked us up to the bus terminal… Awww so sad, we’re leaving already… We checked in and waited for the bus to arrive.. Meanwhile, we dropped by the shop next door for tea.. Yumcha~

They serve delicious coffee and milk tea!!! Even better than Starbucks I can say… Oh so yummy~

And before we go onboard.. Here’s a picture for laugh.. This sis of mine… Brought mee sua (rice vermicelli) from Sitiawan.. and she’s gonna bring it to S’pore… Salute…


There goes the Ipoh holiday~ Was happy and tummy full of excitement~