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Marvelous March @ KL, summarizing my ending

Posted by: emily

June 29th, 2012 >> ❤heart drinks, baby's playground, eastern, fun stuffs~, hot pot, seafoods, special occasions, yummy yummy~

Its end of June.. Time passed so fast… I was very very busy fighting… Oh no, my colleague said I’ve been caught by Diablo… I was like…. =.=|| Sweat to the max… Coz I’m always late to work… But not more than 30mins tho…

The bf bought D3 right away when it was launched.. Then he passed me the guest pass when I was bored bugging him, or maybe he’s bored of me bugging him… >.<

In the end… I bought a copy of D3 from after thinking for quite long.. Its quite pricey compared to the physical version ones.. But it’s all sold out everywhere… So I had no choice to buy digital version…

Ok back to my story in KL.. Well I’ll just make it short…

The following day… On our way to Tropicana City Mall..

We had lunch with Chun’s uncle @ Zanmai.. I had my all time fave, the salad… Love the gravy.. Delicious…

Teatime @ Ikea/Curve…

My happiness~

Dinner with Chun’s family… Not my fave tho…

Uh oh… The day to go back to the reality is coming… Sigh… I’m so0OoO in need of a break… Long break ….

The gloomy face…

Had the fave sushi~

Seafood dinner~

Oh ya, check this out… My uber old collection of cellphones.. All mini size… Cellphone nowadays are getting bigger and bigger…

The next day… The time has come… For us to go back to reality… The camwhore in action while waiting for Chun in the car…

After lunch, Chun’s parents sent us to Mont Kiara shoplex for boarding… So me and Chun walked to plaza mt kiara and packed Subway for our dinner on the coach… Then, we had the Pink Ice Cream Day @ Baskin Robin while waiting for our coach to arrive…

The sky were crying, watching us leaving…

Told ya they miss us…

Had a great time as always… =) Food hunting – checked! *smiley*

the day to Ubin

Posted by: emily

February 27th, 2012 >> eastern, excursion, seafoods, yummy yummy~

It was 20th Nov, when we all decided to have fun @ Pulau Ubin…

We bought the Ubin Cycling voucher from the web earlier, and we’re entitled for a boat ride to the island, bicycle rent and fish spa/kayak/snorkeling @ Celestial Resort.

Met up with the rest @ MRT station early morning before we took bus heading to Changi Village jetty… All directed by Aunty Serene, she’s the best~

This is the boat we hopped on headed to Ubin Island…

It took around 30mins to 45mins to reach our destination…

Look at the view, to me… It’s like I’m back in Sitiawan, but in Pulau Pangkor.. and a little bit dirtier…

We got ourselves ready by applying sunblock, mosquito patch, sun-glass, cap and etc… Then we started to walk to the shop which rent our bicycle, provided by Celestial Resort..

This is the bike shop.. Almost the furthest one… and the bike which we are getting from the voucher are those cheap bike far behind.. Suck to the max… But it’s better than nothing, so no complain…

Cycling around the island… This lake is pretty… but its too cloudy and dark when we’re there…

Ok now, this picture proves that the pink bike is not mine… =)

Uncle Jian Tong came late because he had some business to attend.. So when he arrived, we’re having our lunch @ nearby the bike rental shop~

Food and seafood was tasty but portion was so small.. Maybe just enough for 1 person or 2 max.. So we ordered more dishes…

After lunch, we went back to Celestial Resort again to attempt trying on the kayak… But it actually started to rain just after we got our pass… Sad…

So the others went to the fish spa, while me and Chun took a nap at the food hall… Tired…

Last picture of the day~

Happy cycling in the rain when we really had to go back to the jetty to catch the boat…

Not wet, its just drizzling lightly…

Wesak Day holiday update – the Seremban day

Posted by: emily

June 22nd, 2010 >> birthdays`~, eastern, excursion, family, homecooked, seafoods, seremban, special occasions, yummy yummy~

after the phone call from amma… the next day we started our journey to Seremban at 11am..

but who knows, it was a big disaster.. the massive traffic jam awaits us at Serdang… some kind of slow moving work ahead on public holiday…

the very pissed off driver… 
the very impatient passenger… 

finally reached after 2-3hours drive from KL to Seremban…


the grandma instantly showed us to the dining area for lunch.. late lunch.. all the aunties came and help while the amma sat there and do the directing.. ask us to eat this and that..

it was Kristen's birthday, that's why they have so many her fave things.. all the foods… were there waiting for us…



the yam cake~ homemade…

the maggi goreng~ freestyle~ now this is what we call maggi goreng..

doesn't look like maggi?? and i think its abit too dark..

so here's the maggi..

these are some ingredients for Saeku's Vietnamese popiah.. the peppermint.. she went to the market and asked for Colgate… hahaha… coz she dunno how to speak Chinese.. very drama…

the peppermint from RC

and also these are bayleaves.. in case you don't know..

all nicely wrapped~


and then dipped into the sauce from Vietnam.. 


crackers~ prawn crackers.. its everyone's fave in this house..


the drinks.. Sanku offered her Kahlua with milk~ oh yum.. i love the milk liquor..

kahlua the coffee liquor..

the cake you said?? yes, its a homemade chilled cheese cream cake yum~~ i know how to make this too~


after the toothsome heartwarming lunch, we rest in the living room… thanks to the aunties for the delicious meal… Sanku went for a nap while we talk and talk and talk with amma and Saeku.. then Chun remembered that he need to buy some "siew pau" (BBQ pastries) back home for his family..


and so with the help from the Birthday girl, we managed to reach the shop safely.. you know what, Amma's too bored and she insisted she wanna follow along.. although she sat in the car the whole time.. she's happy..




there were quite alot people queuing for the "siew pau"..


well… as usual.. i do my stuffs when i have nothing to do…




jeng jeng jeng~ mine~

bought a dozen.. and some egg tarts for amma and puff for the family..


irresistible.. its a MUST eat when you're here.. especially the one from Siew Pau Master~ 

just to show off I'd have siew pau also..
crispy, nice, yummy, savory, wonderlicious..

back at home.. 

Saeku offered her newly bought Vietnamese hot dog~ we ate them just like that.. twist and pop, break into half..

erm… its abit creepy… don't know why.. don't dare to imagine..

amma the magician did her magic… sekejap ada, sekejap takde~ the ladyfingers came out from her pocket just like that.. she have green fingers and her plants were superb~ its for Chun's family..


cute right my amma~

went back before 6pm to avoid traffic jam…

we reached KL just the time for dinner.. Chun planned to give me a big treat. so he suggested something i never had before @ La La Chong Seafood Restaurant.. its actually for my belated Birthday treat~


we ordered some satay… but came alittle too burnt.. and also the sambal taste almost the same like nasi lemak sambal.. so not recommended..


this is the fish Chun's taking about.. "suet san fei wu" (translated to be snow mountain flying fox) because the fish was covered with salt which looks like snow.. so they waiter actually peeled off the skin aside and we only eat the inside.. actually the chill gravy makes it delicious.. yum~


its just a simple dinner with 3 dishes… nice and delicious..


thanks for everything Chun..

*how's the larger pictures? loading slow?