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Family Day @ Universal Studio Singapore – 22 May 2012

Posted by: emily

November 10th, 2012 >> baby's playground, excursion, family, Singapore, vacation, western, yummy yummy~

Let me start off this story with long long ago…

There’s once we planned an outing for our family day in May.. This year… It’s around 6 months back to be exact… When my aunt and her family were supposed to join us in this outing but in the end, we moved forward our outing because there’s a girl called my sister, she had to work on the planned week… So only the 4 of us..

Sorry for the long ago update… But I was too lazy to touch up the pictures… Argh… Lazy bug, get off me!

On that lovely morning… We woke up early and had prata breakfast before we started our journey to Sentosa… Chun had something on so he came by later on… We arrived~ Thanks to Viking who gave me tips on surviving in USS~ LOL!

We pitcha before we went in~

And also thanks to my aunt, who gave us these complimentary USS tickets~

The mini cat, trying to act cute with the cat in boots…

My mummy is cute.. She still treat us like a baby.. Look at the water bottle she brought…

it’s a baby’s milk bottle…

We started off with the Party Animal ride.. can’t remember the name so I made it up..

Then we continued to the NY street… Lvoe it so much~ Felt like I’m really in New York… =)

This diner, is the exact same piece they have in Universal Studio Florida.. (saw them in some movies) or maybe everywhere else..

Our attempt on the 4D Transformers… SUperb1!!

We’re lucky we choose weekday… Coz we don’t have to queue for any ride… Love~

We had almost everything there… Till the evening.. Love the Cylon and Human the most.. I went twice on Cyclon and once on Human~ Super@!

Bought one of the tumbler as souvenir other than the Transformers tee~

The magic pots~ (but the drinks were pretty sweet >.<) and I actually wanted to try the Goldilocks Homemade Fried Chicken, but mummy was pretty tired… She wanted to call off the day… So we went out and had Chilli’s for dinner… Chilli’s here is not up to my expectation.. Sigh.. I miss Chilli’s back in KL…

my magic potion to make me beautiful like a princess~

The only regret for this outing.. Was… We did not tried on the humongous pizza in Loui’s… I got to know about this pizza after our outing.. Sigh.. This will be my priority the next time I’m there… ;p

picture from

End of the day… Tired like a baby…

A short update is short… =)

Cut down on the grandmother story.. Hope you guys like it~ Enjoy~

Sentosa Day trip

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March 31st, 2010 >> baby's playground, excursion, fast foods, Singapore, vacation, yummy yummy~

last last weekend, the 3rd week of the month..

we went to visit the Lion head Mermaid..


after a breakfast at Kopitiam Vivo, we went to Sentosa coz Li Ching's bro Boris will be going back to Malaysia for good… it's gonna be his 2 weeks holiday here so we went for his last visit to Sentosa…


he's trying out everything there..

the phyton.. real phyton..


and this is us.. the ladies.. under the flowery gazebo under the sun..


oh ya.. then we dropped by the Skyride and Luge activity area coz we wanna plaY~ we bought 2 rides of Luge and Skyride coz the Luge have 2 trail which we can try.. moreover its only $5 extra..


this is me~ with the red helmet..


thanks to aunty who took our pictures when we're playing~ the another 2 aunty refuse to play because they're not fond of games.. its not even extreme…

this is our first ride, the trainer there will teach us how to use the luge..


then after we went down the hill.. we came back with Skyride.. can you see us?


nah.. we're here~


on our 1st luge ride down.. we was given a stamp on our hand.. this is to prevent us to transfer our 2nd ride ticket to other player..


then.. we had Subway for lunch~~


we bought the Oceanarium and Underwater World, Butterfly and Insect Park for $29.90.


the Butterfly Park… there were quite some butterfly there.. and Boris said "eeh, these butterfly were in Simpang Tiga too" and we all laughed. coz we can see those in our hometown anytime..




then the Underwater World… this is my first time in the Butterfly Park and also Underwater World. actually i prefer Aquaria in KLCC, its much… newer i guess…


they have this Touch Pool for us to touch the water creatures.. abit scary though.. i only had a starfish on my hand.. they also have sting ray at the other pool where you can hand feed them.. (feed using your hand, not feed your hand to them)



this is the Sea Angel cube.. the angels were so cute and small.. you should see them..


then the fishes…


the aquarium kinda look very gloomy though… and the fishes were so lazy.. and moody.. in the dark.. i think they fed too much edi.. the sharks below aren't dead.. they're just hibernating i guess…

and this is Dugong a.k.a the mermaid~

we went for the Sea Lion/Seal show and also the Pink Dolphin show here..


i kinda missed the chance to take picture with the pink dolphin… they only allow 4 person to take picture with the dolphin.. so sad.. huhu..


after the Underwater World, we went for a tea break.. and the fries below costs us $5 a plate. so expensive.. and it doesnt really taste as good as McD's..


we walked around… and it looks like its gonna start to rain… but check this out.. its the WaveHouse wave rider.. it looks good.. i wanna try those next time..


we stopped by the Casino.. it was raining heavily… and the floors were so wet.. very very not practical… waters everywhere, and the workers had to take an umbrella to transport the customers to the other side.. terrible isn't it..


here's the entrance of the Universal Studio… look at the workers, they're scrubbing the floor coz there were flooded by the rain..


the Sentosa trip ended..


I'm very stressed and depressed now.. coz of the Swarovski crystal.. I'm short of the small flat-back crystal and i cannot continue doing my thing…


Chistmas Tour @ Singapore

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January 6th, 2010 >> eastern, excursion, Singapore, special occasions, vacation, yummy yummy~

ah Suiz and friends came to Spore for Christmas last year last month..


sorry for the outdated update…

Saturday.. the Boxing Day.. Suiz and friends, my course-mates dropped by around in the afternoon. I'm the tour guide for that day because a day before, they went to Bugis all by themselves..

they were looking for a place to park their cars so that they can go to Sentosa by public transport.. i have no idea about the parking charges below my house, so i asked them to drive me to office, and parked their car there.. its not very mobile to travel around town with cars especially when we're not familiar with the roads.. imo, by public transports are much better in Spore..

after parking we walked to the mrt station and took the public transport just like normal visitors do..

buy mrt tickets…

pictures below all credit to Chiaw Hong, CK Zikan, Ashley, Alice, Carrie and Jun. beware lots pic post.

ticketing machine…
just having fun~

we reached Vivocity and went straight to the Sentosa counter to buy tickets.. it was very packed and everybody's queuing… and the queue's super long… public holiday weekend i guess.. so me and Suiz queued while others went outside to see the Doulos ship…


it started to rained while we were in the queue.. … sien… raining day.. so we decided to have lunch before we went in.. 

@ antique Food Republic.. oldies chinatown style.

as you can see from all the pictures… they love candid shot… anytime anywhere… they just play and shoot..

candid people..

we took mrt in to Sentosa~

chickas chickas

having fun~

we walked around and we reached a stop where they play the Luge and Skyride.. everyone wanna play so.. here we go~


tickets… we did not get the package tickets which will be cheaper. so we only bought the 2-in-1 which are the 1x Luge and 1x Skyride, costs $11.


go pick your helmet!!

i got mine~

groupic… the cameramen was the green hat guy.. "dai lok mou" Zikan a.k.a CK


this is how the Luge game looks like.. we can't take any pics because it will be like speeding with camera on hand… none of us can do it while holding the handle.. lol..

image from

the Luge was going downwards.. so to go back to the top.. we took the Skyride..

taken by CH
by CH too
i took this pic for them.. they're too busy taking pics..

i had FUN!! loving it.. i will sure to drop by next time for more games~

after the fun, we just walked around and took pics…

to the beach we went~

Siloso Beach~
leaving the beach…

as usual… boys will be boys…

they can't stop when they see something interesting..




he's alittle shy shy.. but then he's looking at the …. haha…


nah.. his shy shy pose..

the ladies were doing just fine…


last picture before we left Sentosa~


nop its not time to go back… but its dinner time..

Zikan suggested we eat Frog Porridge @ Geylang… he's craving for it.. and he even knows how to go to the shop..

i was >.< sweating.. wuuu wuu… T_T praying that they have other porridge option.. i don't like frog.. they're scary… T_T


looking very hard into the menu.. wishing for some other porridge to pop-up…

no luck… they ordered katak porridge…

scary weiii…


i had some of the meat… and it just go down the throat without chewing it.. so i just ate the plain porridge with some veggies.. and some gravy from the frog meat… not bad though the flavor.. very savory..

after the scary dinner… we took mrt to Orchard Road for the Christmassy feel environment..

they planned… i had the reindeer hairband..


they took alot of pics.. i only manage to grab some of them… with me in it..

in the ball~
love the lighting~

in the Christmas tree again.. but did something cute~

placed the camera on the floor with timer..



i love this pic very much.. guess… which one is me?? 
tah daa~
I'm just so chubbyy..

introducing my coursemates.. (the picture above)
starting from me, to my left Ah Sui, Zikan/CK, Jun, Alice, Carrie, Chiaw Hong, Ashley.. and back to me..
Ah Suiz, Jun, Alice and Ashley were my coursemate when i was studying in UTAR. Zikan, Carrie and CH are my new friends..


more pictures with Christmas trees~




the Ferrero Rocher Christmas tree~~ i wished they are real..



just another crazy thing we did.. we pose in front of the traffic… look at the vehicles behind us..


time to leave…

i was so tired already… we left at 11pm plus i guess… its my bedtime already..

taken by Ashley


its me its me!!

hey.. look at the Christmas tree on my head.. its handmade by Ashley… so cute..

tired sleepy face..

we went back to my office and picked up their cars.. i was abit scared because the next day is Sunday.. I'm just scared if the guard locked the gate and went off.. they were afraid that their cars gone missing.. not to worry, nothing happened..


last stop for that day.. the Fullerton One.. Merlion Walk..

i just cant stop laughing at this picture… I'm speechless…



me and Carrie..


Ashley and me..



finally.. time to leave..

look at the sea… or man-made sea.. full with wishes inflatable balls floating on the water… yeah, i think the shopping complex/organization organized an event for them who purchase stuffs and get the white ball and sigh/wrote something on the ball and throw them into the sea… i think so.. not very sure about that.. but that explains how the balls got into the sea…


back at home… 3am…


*this is the longest post for last year i guess.. since its updates for Christmas 2009.

 -edit: 10 Jan 9.50am
i just edited it because this post was cut off dunno why. i remembered i double checked the post before i went to sleep that night.. sigh…