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my aunty’s birthday~

Posted by: emily

May 29th, 2009 >> baby's playground, birthdays`~, eastern, fun stuffs~, neoprints, work!, yummy yummy~

tomorrow is weekend again.. its been a while i talked about my last weekend… now, talking about my weekends…

last 2 weeks… 

on Sunday~

it's an important day for aunty Irene coz we celebrated her birthday~ we went sing K in Cineleisure Orchard~ 



i don't often blog about me singing K because i don't go sing K often… its all because of peoples said i sang like ants.. and this time they said i sang like miao… sigh… i know i can't sing… but i really would like to sing too… 

me and my Irene aunty 

and this is their K lunch… it taste tremendously undelicious.. you see already also know it taste bad… hahaha… but in KL ones, looks good but taste no good. LOL.. 2-3 choices to select from, but one each only.. 

chicken rice
 salmon fish

and.. there's the waiter came in and dropped us a surprise.. he said that the captain ordered him to send us a plate of nicely decorated fruits.. hmm wonder why… maybe its because aunty's birthday.. 

but whatever.. the fruits looks pretty..  

yummmy yummy delicious~~

we camwhored with the fruits~ 

act cute~
the main lead is the plate of fruit
Irene (she's Irene too), Rainie aunty, Li Ching aunty, me and Irene aunty 
lovely group picture~

after the K session, we went to the neoprints shop and got our face snapped~


finally… Irene left before she could join us for dinner, she need to go to meet her husband. so we went to Wisma Atria and waited for the guys to come..  and i got myself this bling bling umbrella from Esprit, while Li Ching was busy choosing clothes..

bling bling

waited for too long… coz there's another guy came late.. so we waited in the food court for them to come..

cutie birthday card for aunty Irene

got a cake after that and we went to this Soup Restaurant in DFS Gallery in Orchard.. nice and calm interior…  

this is the waiting area before you're seated

a tree in the restaurant indoor.. 

hallway/walkway in to the restaurant, from the inside
the table…

finally we're seated.. the table was facing the glass wall, towards Orchard Road.. and a tree near our place again~ 


their cutleries and table set was cute.. because… in Chun's house, there's a sauce dish looks exactly the same.. i wondered whether did Chun's parents accidentally took it home.. maybe.. 


the foods~ their recommended/special dish is this steamed chicken with ginger sauce.. but that dish came out cold… because of the air-cond and pre-prepared i guess…


the soup of the day… 

melon soup i think…

meat.. can't remember what's this already…  


more dishes~  

steamed fish
sambal potato leaves
sweet sour japanese tofu

and finally…

how could it be a birthday celebration without a birthday cake right?? here's to aunty.. er.. her name is not LV, but she's a massive LV fan, so uncle Lyi Hoe insisted to write LV on it.. 


here's my lovely aunty with LVs~  


on our way out, final picture of the day…  


lots of fun, yay~


currently liking my job.. just finished doing some artwork for Transformers 2: Revenge something something event in Paragon this weekend.. will be displayed starting from today…

so sad i couldn't go because i have to move house/room tomorrow and Sunday.. sigh..

shop shop

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October 11th, 2008 >> ❤ beautilicious~, baby's playground, cosmetics, fun stuffs~, neoprints

this is us…

while shopping… and cam-whored in the restroom.. hehe~ 

Rainie, Irene and baby~

Sasa was on sale that time, and i bought falsies again~ (it was last month to be exact)


currently in love with Cosmos falsies coz it looks tremendously natural with dramatic effect.. just love it… but dun like the pre-glue, too sticky edi… the beauty perfect falsies was a good buy coz it was only $2.00 each. 

i've got more… 

went back the next week and bought more more more… hehe…


more more more~

and also our neoprints~ 


cute rite?? 

passed updates… happy birthday hubby..

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September 6th, 2008 >> baby's playground, fun stuffs~, fusion, neoprints, yummy yummy~

finally.. another saturday.. time to blog…

talking about few weeks back event… it was Spore national day.. we went to JB kaikai[link back to original post].

FIR in City Square: 


i'm too short… so Irene helped me to take this pic.. haha… afte that, we went to Tebrau City, Food & Tea for lunch..


this is the Mushroom Cream Brulee style.. yummy.. you can even eat its bun just like that… they toasted the bun so its crispy to eat.. nice.. my fave.. 


but very little only.. coz the bun is quite thick…  

bun kosong 

our foods…. loads of foods…  

seafood roll, white fungus dessert, radish and yam cake 
cheese baked rice, mushroom cream, lychee pudding, smoked ham and fried rice

my picture… 

camho.. i look so yellowww….
my roommies~
Irene and Rainie~ 
 wasted foods… couldn't finish them..image09.jpg

our neoprints.. haha~ were so bad in designing.. the arts look so funny.. but but but.. i'm a designer rite? oh ya.. its public holiday so my designing skill is on holiday too.. hehehe… (excuse) 


thats all about my JB trip.. came back home tired like usual.. hehe… thats what shopaholics do..


my dearie's birthday today.. how i wish i can celebrate with him.. so sad… haizz.. somemore he said he got nothing to talk to me edi… sad sad… sien lor.. i work here, he's there… i also got nothing to talk to him edi.. dun understand him also.. haizz…

bleh… i just want my life back.. T_T