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big sis Wedding @ Sitiawan & Ipoh

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June 26th, 2013 >> ❤ beautilicious~, baby's playground, cosmetics, family, ipoh, malaysian, memories~, sitiawan, sitiawan food, special occasions, weddings, yummy yummy~

Finally… the November of 2013 (this is a very belated update, anyway I just wanna add this memorable date into this blog)

The big sis is getting married… Finally.. *wipes my sweat on my forehead* Oh, just to clarify I’m so glad my moody and emotional elder sis is now owned by someone… Hehe.. She’s pretty nice at times… Especially when she’s in the sunshine mood.. LOL..

The 12th Nov, me and the younger sis took a long coach back to Sitiawan as usual.. The super long journey made us tired as poop.. XD Reached the next day…

While others were preparing for sis’s big day.. We slack like kings.. That’s the only time we could rest and relax… Enjoying our holidays!

The morning session at home…


My new brother in law’s hair so high up.. LOL


The wedding banquet was held at Bei King Restaurant on the 15th.. Our picture!!


3 pretty sistas


The reception table, all handmade by Saeku


I was seated on the VIP table with my grandpa, so I can help him with the food.. Check out this deep fried prawns.. It’s humongous… Too bad I don’t take prawn coz I was allergy with it…


This is my best sister when I used to work part time in the Crystal Shop during year end holiday… Check out her son, very handsome…


The next day… We started our journey to Ipoh… Again.. Traveling… uhuhu… Tired…

Morning Bride fetching session @ big sis’ house… While waiting for Alex, the new brother in law to reach, we camwhored!

Morning puffy face.. Like sponge absorbed all the water..


With big sis!!


 This the younger sis… so you think who’s younger?


My favorite grandma.. LOL.. she’s cutee

As for the wedding banquet dinner, sis booked her makeup artiste for us too.. She dolled us up and also our hair.. Loving it.. Although it kinda fall over after awhile..


Banquet dinner @ Ipoh Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant. I was told this restaurant are pretty famous, need to make advance booking 1 year earlier.. And check out this cold dish.. Their specialty I guess… It’s super big… I meant the plate…


The wedding cake as dessert… Their pre-wedding pictures were printed on the cake.. Impressive…


The next morning, big sis took us out for breakfast before sending us off to the coach terminal… I wanted to have the Ipoh town special breakfast at Sin Yoon Loong but it’s always closed on Monday… So sis took us to this coffee shop near Alex’s house… They too serve this crispy thin kaya toast.. Oh so yummyyy~

Loving it~


I am so happy finally big sis tied a knot.. Me wish her happy ever after~ <3

sweetie with cheerie on top

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August 26th, 2009 >> baby's playground, memories~, mooie

looking back at my old picture…

recently there's something HOT going on my Facebook.. everybody's posting our old old pictures.. man.. i look terribly terrible.. let see some of them..

make a guess… which one is me??

these was taken in year 2002 if not mistaken.. during our school trip to KL and Genting.


guess guess guess???


my weekend..

last Saturday, i don't feel good because its not the weekend to go back KL.. sigh..

but we went to AMK Hub for a walk and to catch a movie.. and i bought this strawberry shortcake cutie cup cap for my miao mug because few weeks back in the office.. when i took my mug out for shower, the door was too heavy so it swung backwards and i accidentally pushed my arm to the door to hold it and PANG!!, my mug cover fall on the floor and got into pieces… sigh.

this cutie cup cap is a designer item.. see:  Actually i wanted to get the Strawberry on top compared to the Sweets cap, but when i saw this Strawberry Cake, i changed my mind on the spot.. i knew i must get it..

and yes, i can cover my hot drinks because it's made of fine grade silicone that has a wide range of temperature tolerance from -50°C to 230°C.


oh ya.. and i watched "The Proposal" for the second time.. still funny.. hahaha.. and yeap, as usual.. i get to see the un-cut scene.. nothing much.. doesn't change the story at all..



me and my cousin… we're wearing the almost same color for the day… our new tops.. my off shoulder eyelet and her tutu tiered tube..


picture of the day… the cheerios three..


its just another happy weekend… 

our Sunday you asked??

another shopping day in Bugis.. oh ya.. and i bought a straw wedges.. cute in pink.. i'll show you later~

time for trance… ciaoz…

i’m a bachelorette~

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October 6th, 2008 >> growing up, memories~, varsity


wanna update my passed and long  passed pictures i got from Clive.. he sent it to me early last month, but i had no time to edit it.. so till now..

Clive, i tell you.. i'm really happy i hired you.. coz my studio pics and stage pics turned out to be a piggy.. i know i ate and enjoyed too much that week.. i had too much yummy foods till my face inflated.. haiz… thanks alot Clive to be there for me~ you're the best!! i love all my pics taken by you!! 

here's an enteree: 

the bachelor princess

rewind back to 23rd August 2008, my convo day. it was a rainy day that day.. gloomy.. but i was kinda happy.. see how excited i was in this pic: 

"my flower! my flower!", i shouted..
hehe.. just kidding..

then.. i think i got allergy to the flowers.. hahaha… 

ackchoo!! with cute expression~ 

okok.. my family pics~ everyone in my family thinks that its my BIG day, even my akong and amma came~ hehe… love them all~ they got me Sunflowers to cover my face with it.. *they thought that the sunflower will be bigger than my face* hehe..

thats my saeku, amma and akung~
the VIPs in my life..
and not forgetting my mammi~
another VIP~ 

mammi came the next day from Spore.. but luckily Clive was able to take our pics again in Bangunan MCA on 24th.. coz i couldn't find a spot to take pics with my mammi due to raining again.. pengz.. 

more more: 

me, mammi and meimei~
3 sisters with daddy~ 
this is my aunty, she's my stepmom~
and yeah, i'm their Very Important Princess^^~ 
the 3 flowers~ i mean us.. not the one we're holding.. 
>.> meimei got me the piggy.. >.< 
the person who made me the most important person on that day..
he accompanied and entertained my family while i was stuck in the hall for very very long.. and drove me here and there…

i was so surprised that he gave me a bouquet of Lilies.. coz he said that he dun wanna buy flowers as they will die in a short time.. so i picked a Tiffany & Co. bracelet which he's gonna buy me to replace the flower.. haha~ thanks dear for everything..

look at him… see whats he's trying to do..
he's always as disgusting as usual..
with his family.. they came~
so 'bei min' (give face) hehe..
this taiko William came too.. to accompany Chun..
he's single and available.. fast grab anyone?? 

and finally…

congratulations to all my friends and graduands~ 

that's aunty qling, ah sui and jun~
my classmates~
we couldn't find others coz there were too many people edi

throw flowers like wedding?? hehe.. we did the throw our square… what izzit called?? hmm.. i dont know.. here's the pic.. 

its me, right on the right.. 

i think thats enough for today.. i still have some pics which i did not post up.. coz i think i posted quite alot already… i dun wanna crash your modems.. hehehe…

currently still working on the photobook.. should be done very soon coz i've almost done laying the pictures.. i only do them in my office, when i'm free.. so imagine how free i am when i took more than 1 month to finish it.. T_T

gotta ciaoz to be a princess.. sleeping princess.. 

nite.. muakz..