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Blessed Luna New Year 2012 – part 2

Posted by: emily

March 21st, 2012 >> baby's playground, barbeque, family, homecooked, malaysian, sitiawan, sitiawan food, special occasions, yummy yummy~

The event of feasting like a king continues…

24 January – Lunch @ Grandma’s…. Having my “ang  jiu mee sua” (red rice wine noodle)~ Checked~

 Late afternoon… BBQ @ Big Aunt’s place~

kids playing cards~

big boy Wesley~ wearing the tee I bought him~

Uncle KC and Vincent starting the BBQ~

cooked food~ love the fried noodle~

feeding baby time~ haha.. look at his hair~

I had nothing to do except for taking pictures so Sanku “directed” me to bring out the “Yu Sang” and arrange them according to my artistic sense~ LOL~


After~ so pretty right? LOL~

They continue to BBQ while sitting… how efficient~

Finally it’s time for the dessert… Secret Recipe carrot cake with cheese topping~ It sound so lame but its delicious though~

Half gone, although my Saeku’s complaining about it..

Fireworks time?? Yeah, Janne wanted to show Wesley how to play fireworks, but no one wants to play with the firecrackers… LOL.. So ended up Janne played… While the other kids watching TV inside the house..

25 January – Early in the morning, I woke up in a mess… Slept too late I guess… Got myself up and rushed out to have some breakfast before heading down to Ayer Tawar for a dentist visit… Everywhere was packed like sardines.. We went to a few restaurant and finally settled here…

“lu mien” on top and “kou rou” noodle~

On the calm way to Ayer Tawar~

When we reached, Li Ching and Boris was already there… We waited almost 1 – 2 hours for our turn… Too many people need their teeth fixed… I’m almost late for my “pai nian” in the noon…

Rushed back home, bathe and dolled up~ Khai Y’ng reached, then followed by Joanne when I was dolling… Late late… Biby was already in Aping’s house as she came down from Ipoh earlier…

On the way to “pai nian”~

Reached Aping house gathering~ Chun was so hungry, he had nasi lemak in Aping’s house… =.=

While watching this cute girl playing around, we chatted alot~ It’s just nice visiting them~

Cutie Xyn Ru playing with puppy~

Annual CNY picture~ the girls in action~

After Aping’s house, we continued our way to Joanne’s house as I wanted to eat her homecooked laksa (thick skin me) and also borrow her Lumix charger for my camera.. =)

Till before dinner, we left as they have their dinner with family… Me and Chun continued to Grandma’s house~

Night, Girls night out were fun!!~

3 girls, 1 guy and a yumcha place is more than enough~ gossip channel was on the whole night till late… I miss hanging out with them… >,<

ex-Nota BBQ night

Posted by: emily

July 21st, 2010 >> baby's playground, barbeque, gathering, mooie, yummy yummy~

last 2 weeks,

Saturday after work, i went home and took a nap before i went to Mayer Road.. Declan, my ex-colleague from Nota Design, invited me to his place for a BBQ party, for the ex-Nota colleague he said… 

i came early to help.. but nothing much i can do as they've already prepared almost everything..



this is Declan, he's doing the BBQ pit..



the foods… he ordered those from BBQ express i think, those otak-otak, squids and satay… but the chicken wings were marinated by Patrick… 

Pat made pineapple chicken wings and BBQ flavor chicken wings..


and here's Pat.. he started to cook after he cooked some pastas for appetizer…

there's the pasta.. and also some other drinks brought by the guests..


look at the night view of the place… so divinely peaceful and pretty… romantic too..



this is Norin, she's the girl who sat beside me when i was working in Nota.. she's very very nice.. she taught me stuffs, got me introduced to the whole company, dragged me to lunch together, teatime together.. explaining what my boss wants.. yeah, she's really nice.. although i think she look scary when i first met her..

she left Nota too after Artoholic closed down and she moved up to Nota..

me and Norin


oh.. did you see what's in the BBQ pit???

yeah, the BBQ banana.. weird..
after BBW, it became black Banana.. it's called warm banana.. haha..


we actually have only 1 pack of charcoal.. Declan said he bought 2 packs.. but it's gone.. so while waiting for the other guests to come, they've already get one of the guests to buy some charcoal and bring them over… so the flame in the pit eventually fading off… and when the charcoal came, it doesn't want to start burning.. so they took the tray out and restarted all over again..



its almost 10pm when the charcoal came… they had to finish BBQing at around 11pm.. it's the house rule.. so Declan decided they had to cook the pineapple chicken wings.. to save time BBQing the chicken wings..

cooking in the kitchen


the look from Declan's balcony..

this is Jin Ru.. she left Nota few months after me.. 

Pat.. he's not leaving Nota.. LOL..

Declan.. maybe the next one who will leave Nota.. 
another BBQ session if he's leaving..


the picture of all Nota staffs… some current and some ex..


The orange top girl, she's the one will leave soon.. and the one on her right, she's new in Nota.. the others, left before i was there and after i was there.. so I'm not sure..

me and Jin Ru left the BBQ session after awhile.. just before 11.30pm..


oh and also…

before the last post… me and my cousin Rainie went to watch "the Twilight Saga : Eclipse" on the first day screening.. i thought that it should be exciting… but it turned out to be a yawning sensation.. very much of disappointment.. i didn't see it coming.. i meant the climax.. maybe it is a good idea to watch only the first episode and the last..


and last week.. me and Li Ching went for a movie which I've been wanting to watch since my senior recommended me after the 1st day screening.. he told me almost 80% of the movie.. i was very impatient.. i wanna watch the little Agnes with her "it's so fluffy, I'm gonna die!".. made me smile the whole day seeing her.. over and over again`~ and so last Saturday, while we were shopping at Plaza Singapura, we bought seats which were 2nd row from the front.. abit very desperate, so took it… its the cutest movie ever! totally worth the 2nd row from front and also the $10.


I'd really would like to watch again, this coming week @ Sitiawan.. i hope they're gonna screen it soon… at least before i go back Spore..

it reminded me that i had 2 unicorns i got from Vicky~ i bugged him like how Agnes bugged Gru to get her the unicorn~ i'm so happy with the unicorns but, the problem is.. the unicorns were very very dirty already as the dusts accumulate on them.. sigh.. they're now residing inside Chun's house, inside the cupboard, safely wrapped in a comfy eco-friendly bag.. pity..



will be going back to Sitiawan tomorrow night~ very excited.. after my dad bugged me for 10mins on the phone, will be back to see him~

p/s: having problem with the server/internet connection.. dam hard to post and edit… very stressed…

CNY balik kampung part 3

Posted by: emily

March 2nd, 2010 >> barbeque, gathering, homecooked, sitiawan, special occasions, TT - yumcha`~, yummy yummy~

more updates…

this is part 3.. day 3 of CNY..

late early in the morning.. we went to amma house for breakfast and was assigned to cut carrot and cucumber for that night's family BBQ @ big aunt;s house.. so right after the cutting session, i dolled up myself and headed to aunty Irene's house to fetch her…

then we drove to Rainie's house~

all the chroma of red..

then we headed to Li Ching aunty's house~ this picture was taken with her mom~


oh ya, then her cousin sister came with their nephew… yes its the nephew… the kid below is a boy… but i think he mistaken himself as a meimei already… he's confused.. just like the picture below.. hehe.. cute~

look at the piggy ponytails~ and that patch of sexy bangs~

cute kid just pecked on my cheek, and the photographer didn't manage to shoot… 


after Li Ching's house, back to aunty Irene's house… 

she own a super cute and hamsap dog name Scott… he like to sniff me.. i don't know why.. but all i know that he's super cute and playful~

sniff sniff… sniff me.. 

cute right??

he waits for his turn to sit on the sofa which Chun's sitting coz its his throne..
look at the face~ uber cute~

rushed to the Family BBQ @ Pang family's house.. it started early around 4 or 5pm.. everybody's there already except for me and Chun… late as usual… sorry had to delay… too many things to do yet so little time..

the BBQ grill is the handwork of my big aunt's husband…


they started BBQing already… big thanks to uncle Kc, he did almost all of the BBQ food.. tastes superb~

Lim family in the mode aka makcik the Puan Ting

that's my dad…

Mr Ting

then my akung~ in PINK!~

Mr Ting

and my amma~ so happy till can't see her eyes..

Mrs Ting aka Madam Yu

then the foods~ we had like some…

grilled stingray with chills twisted cluster beans
"nian gao" aka sticky kueh
baked potato jacket~ this is superb yummy~
grilled salmon and salad tub

BBQ till the sun went to sleep….


and everybody's still eating…

grilled clam
grilled clam with chillis
then came the mussels..
non-stop~ his fave~

i went and helped out with the BBQ.. and managed to barbecued 1 piece of perfect unburnt chicken wings~


after eating…

back at home…

Sanku invited us for wine after the scrumptious barbecue dinner~


yeah.. but we had some problem there… there's no wine opener in the house.. everyone cracked their head to look for a wine opener.. but failed…

we tried everything… look at the guys…


we even went to 7-11 and other 24hours convenient shop but no luck.. 

in the end.. when we're back from 7-11, Chun saw our neighbor were outside the, so he went and ask hoping they have a wine opened.. and walla~ they really have one… its so near, but we just searched hi and low for it.. its like searching for the last wine opener on earth.. LOL..

the last wine opener..

and finally.. the memorable cork…


and the sacrificed fork….

fork… worthless sacrifice…

the memorable cork and the sacrificed fork… it rhymes~ lol~

just because we wanna have a sip of the wine….

Jamie called out for yumcha late that night… she had something for everybody~ thanks~ a pack for everyone and some lipgloss.. everyone get to pick 1 or 2..

2 brown bags of pressies~
then the lipgloss for the ladies.. i didn't take any coz I'm not fond of lippie..
he's excited with the chocolate powder~
the oz girl… soon..

yeah.. another day full of events~


look forward for the day after ya~