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after CNY celebration – its all about play

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March 23rd, 2010 >> baby's playground, fast foods, Ottoman cuisine, yummy yummy~

back with another lame update…

last month….

that weekend after our CNY holiday.. that particular weekend.. we did something very crazy, sang KaraOK the whole night… that Saturday, after work i went back home and took a nap before we went out for dinner with them.. the crazy gang… its my cousin's friends..

after the heavy dinner at Bugis, we went to the arcade for games~


just before the Top One karaoke lounge. 

the new friends~
both sleepy panda…
this picture was taken after the karaoke lounge started closing, some of them still in crazy mode

yeah… it was a crazy night.. sang from 11.30pm till 5.30am… had an early breakfast @ McD, and back home….

and you know what, i slept from 7.30am till 3pm… and that night.. i slept like usual… more than 15 hours sleep that day… *evil grin*  hehe.. its my beauty sleep..

and the next day…

working was like torturing.. i felt tired… i had like 15 hours sleep and I'm still tired… had a dinner with uncles.. it's actually meant to be our CNY dinner @ Singapore.. but its too late for CNY dinner, as the last day of CNY was a day before… so its just a normal dinner i guess.. we hardly hang out together anymore coz uncle Jason is kinda very occupied with another half.. if you know what i mean…

the tired face

we had Fig & Olive @ Vivocity. i think its a Turkish diner.

the food was not bad, and the seating we choose was outdoor.. nice, facing the Sentosa Island..

Jason's grilled beef
Teng Tong's grilled chicken… cant remember the names..
my grilled butterdory i think… the rice was a big no no..
Li Ching and Rainie's Spaghetti grilled chicken..

the working adults… everybody's after work outfit..



then after dinner, we suggested to pay Sentosa Resort World a visit since we're near…

here's the first stop @ their Walk of i dunno what… nice design.. but its not practical during rainy days… the cover were not actually meant for rainy days… the water will splash everywhere…


then we drop by the Universal Studio entrance.. it's not open to the public yet.. i think the opening date its on the 12th March while we dropped by here on the 1st..


everybody just wanna take a picture of this funky globe`~

and again~

time to pass by the Casino…

their walk to the casino..

grand huh??

its Monday and there were peoples all around..
Entry fees for PR and Singaporean..
take a look again, people queuing on the left.. there's a flock of human..

Jason refuse to pay $100 so we did not enter…

we took a walk around the hotels.. this is the super techy walk.. look at the lighting and the LED screen… listen to the background music…


and we saw…. all of the exotic cars at the jokey.. you name it.. i think they have all of the cars you would dream of… casino is for rich people…


and the luxury shopping area… 


we went a walk outside coz Jason showed us the Hard Rock Hotel..


tra-la-la-la~ having fun~


and on our way out.. we got lost in the Sentosa Island Convention Center (i think so this is the name of the building) coz we were trying to find the underpass/link to the casino.. but the sign guided us to a huge fully furnished convention center but no people.. scary though.. no people at all..


and in the end, we took the elevator and leaded us back to entrance of the convention center.. check out the elevator.. look at how grand is this.. 


everyone want a piece of the bling bling elevator..


done.. we checked out the casino`~

we had Ottoman cuisine

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November 25th, 2009 >> Ottoman cuisine, TT - yumcha`~, work!, yummy yummy~


just received a Christmas pressie last Thursday~

picture of the Design Team Office Shenanigans – Christmas Edition
with note

special note from my supervisor.. we only can open this pressie on Christmas~


my supervisor is on a very very long leave since last Thursday.. that's what she left for me… and also my senior.. its on his table..

we actually celebrated in Sofra Turkish Cafe and Restaurant @ Shaw Tower a week before that.. she's celebrating that she will be on a long long leave..

last 2 Tuesdays… on the 10th.. i thought that i would stay back and OT because of the Christmas deco thingy.. my supervisor called off the OT and took me and my senior out for a big meal~

all i can say 1 thing is, the waiters' services provided was super friendly..



we ordered alot of foods… here comes the soup of the day.. Turkish Soup.. and pita..


the refresher, Turkish Salad.. and pita pita..


as for drinks, i ordered Turkish Tea.. my supervisor had Sour Cherry Juice (in the image far behind)

look at the cute glass..

our main dishes..

Firin Kofte – oven baked meat patties in tangy tomato sauce
my supervisor..

Izgara Kofte – grilled flat meatball served with Turkish pillav and salad
by senior
Doner Kebap Rice – doner kebap served with Turkish fragrant rice
by supervisor's husband
and finally mine…
Sofra Yaprak Tavuk – chicken meat stuffed with veggies and mushroom. served with mashed potatos
i couldn't finish this whole thing myself..

side orders…

these are Turkish pizza~ Pide..


their foods was great but just alittle too salty.. its either too salty or too sweet.. maybe they like stuffs with strong taste…

finally the desserts~

they're super sweeeettt~ so we decided to order some and share..

Bakiava and Turkish Chocolate Pudding

food was wonderful… it's still alittle early so we decided to sit down and chat…

@ Ah Chew Desserts shop, Bugis..

my lashes in front of the desserts shop

back home after the yummy desserts!~ they had deliciously scary mango pomelo and mango pomelo durian… that's my senior.. yucky..

I'm waiting for her to come back from her long long holiday soon…


back from KL on Sunday…

tired.. will update soon~