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April babies~

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September 26th, 2013 >> birthdays`~, eastern, homecooked, malaysian, seremban, special occasions, yummy yummy~

Had April babies birthday celebrations at Ipuddo, Mandarin Gallery Orchard~~

I love the interior but surrounding its pretty disturbing… The place were noisy… Annoyed…




We had the VIP room for the first visit there with Jason and Jian Tong and etc for Aunty Serene’s Birthday~ Very small and warm.. *sweat*


The chandelier, it was too small I cant even get the whole room




We had a little cake cutting session @ Starbucks after dinner.. Wishing my aunty Serene pretty always~


This was the another week @ Ipuddo again celebrating little sis’ special day… Since she was so lonely, took her out for a good dinner.. And also a cute petite cake from Antoinette.. Lucky her~




The couple~

Another birthday baby in Seremban.. My grandma~ That weekend, I planned to drop by Seremban to visit my dearly grandma because it’s her birthday.. Bought the mille crepe vanilla cake specially for her~ and it was also Win’s and ah Pak’s birthday too.. Vincent, my cousin came by too coz he had to send Tuaku over to babysit Grandms, so we celebrated together…


Grandma with her cake~

Home-cooked stuffs~ Yum~ It’s been awhile since I tasted home cooked dishes.. I really love this comfort zone…


Home salad, and lamb chop~



Baked mashed potato and salmon from Canada

Love April~ <3

the day we met Tristan

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September 22nd, 2012 >> family, homecooked, yummy yummy~

the 20th May, we dropped by cousin Hea’s house for gathering… to peek at the newborn baby boy~

Tuaku cooked us lunch~

Such a cutie~

Baby Tristan Pang.. my new boyfriend~

The oldtimer, Wesley~ the current boyfriend~ LOL~

Cutie babies in our family~ Loves*

Marvelous March @ KL *cont*

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June 12th, 2012 >> baby's playground, birthdays`~, eastern, family, homecooked, seremban, sitiawan food, special occasions, yummy yummy~

The day 3 project… Going to grandma’s house… We drove to Seremban after lunch and Chun’s bball session with his gang… It rained cats and dogs, so we arrived kinda later than we’re supposed too.. But Saeku’s not even there yet, she even stopped and took a nap at Yong Peng… LOL~

Grandma, so happy to see us~


happy faces~

Look what’s cooking in the kitchen~ Sanku prepared everything before we arrived… While waiting for Saeku to reach, we  helped out in the kitchen by taking pictures…

Yee Mee~

Thai sauce tofu~

Red rice wine noodle~ (Ang jiu mee sua)

Grandma and her birthday cake~ Oreo Cheese~ yum~

text saying “Blessed Birthday Ma/Ama/Nguima”

Our pictures~

She’s distracted… LOL~

Grandma’s too happy, she forgot to blow the candles…

We took off after dinner… Sanku bought vadai and forgot to pass them to me.. It’s my fave T_T

Reached KL less than 1 hour… No traffic.. Very happy~

Check out my Photobook~ Loving the Graduation book, the quality from Pixajoy is way better than the another one… The pages inside were even laminated~

Did some cleaning, and found this Digi prepaid pack I bought trillion years ago… I don’t know why I love double numbers… And it was cancelled because I forgot to topup..

Late that night, Chun said he’s kinda hungry… So we went out for supper @Bull Run Corner, Menjalara.. We used to love the western food here… But this time round… We’re so disappointed…

The grilled chicken chop… I think I tasted something like old wood inside the black pepper sauce.. The next morning, we had stomachache… and ran the toilet a few times before it stopped…

Definitely no more next time… =(