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April babies~

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September 26th, 2013 >> birthdays`~, eastern, homecooked, malaysian, seremban, special occasions, yummy yummy~

Had April babies birthday celebrations at Ipuddo, Mandarin Gallery Orchard~~

I love the interior but surrounding its pretty disturbing… The place were noisy… Annoyed…




We had the VIP room for the first visit there with Jason and Jian Tong and etc for Aunty Serene’s Birthday~ Very small and warm.. *sweat*


The chandelier, it was too small I cant even get the whole room




We had a little cake cutting session @ Starbucks after dinner.. Wishing my aunty Serene pretty always~


This was the another week @ Ipuddo again celebrating little sis’ special day… Since she was so lonely, took her out for a good dinner.. And also a cute petite cake from Antoinette.. Lucky her~




The couple~

Another birthday baby in Seremban.. My grandma~ That weekend, I planned to drop by Seremban to visit my dearly grandma because it’s her birthday.. Bought the mille crepe vanilla cake specially for her~ and it was also Win’s and ah Pak’s birthday too.. Vincent, my cousin came by too coz he had to send Tuaku over to babysit Grandms, so we celebrated together…


Grandma with her cake~

Home-cooked stuffs~ Yum~ It’s been awhile since I tasted home cooked dishes.. I really love this comfort zone…


Home salad, and lamb chop~



Baked mashed potato and salmon from Canada

Love April~ <3

Royal China Dim Sum Breakfast

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September 12th, 2013 >> baby's playground, eastern, yummy yummy~

There’s once Chun booked a dim sum dining 2 weeks in advance because he couldn’t get us a table 1 week before.  And do you know which dim sum restaurant I meant?? No, not Tim Ho Wan although it’s most raved restaurant now.. It’s the best dim sum in Singapore claimed by some other bloggers, the Royal China @ Raffles Hotel.


2 weeks in advance babe! We’re not celebrating anything, its just that we love dim sum. So we eat for pleasure..

My first look at the dining room.. I totally felt cozy coz of the Antoinette teal color they used… It looks kinda Versailles and oriental combination interior and theme.. Very classy, totally different from those common Chinese restaurant interior with bold red and gold color setting. We were seated quite far behind from the entrance, I love it because it gives us more privacy rather than cramping us in between other bigger tables/groups who talk loudly..



Everything was ok but the first thing irked me was their menu. It was pretty worn out and dirty. There were blotches of oily dirt stains and patches of scotch tape on them.  The material were quite flimsy, I’m supposed it should be more prestige as their “atasness”. I guess it’s time for them to change..


We waited for our order…

image04  image06


This is their steamed BBQ pork buns! I wish I had BBQ pork pastries, but I totally forgotten to order.



Royal China’s Special Cheong Fan. A combination of barbecued pork, scallops and prawns cheong fan. Fluffy and fat Steamed Prawn dumplings:



Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf, and Phoenix Claws:



The one and only item I wanted to eat the most, every time. The Infamous Custard Bun. They taste pretty different from other restaurant.. I guess maybe its their brand of margarine or butter used or maybe some special herbs or spices they added into the custard salty egg lava.. Still to my liking~ Oozing good lava custard.



Chun wanted to try this “special” dish which he was eying for quite some time. His favorite scallop and something out of norm he said. Deep Fried Yam Puff with Scallop in Portuguese Sauce. The scallop was undeniably huge..



It was a pretty satisfying breakfast but the wait made us expect more than this.. I wish it was more than just normal dim sum..

That’s all the dim sum feasting about.. Taaa~

big sis Wedding @ Sitiawan & Ipoh

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June 26th, 2013 >> ❤ beautilicious~, baby's playground, cosmetics, family, ipoh, malaysian, memories~, sitiawan, sitiawan food, special occasions, weddings, yummy yummy~

Finally… the November of 2013 (this is a very belated update, anyway I just wanna add this memorable date into this blog)

The big sis is getting married… Finally.. *wipes my sweat on my forehead* Oh, just to clarify I’m so glad my moody and emotional elder sis is now owned by someone… Hehe.. She’s pretty nice at times… Especially when she’s in the sunshine mood.. LOL..

The 12th Nov, me and the younger sis took a long coach back to Sitiawan as usual.. The super long journey made us tired as poop.. XD Reached the next day…

While others were preparing for sis’s big day.. We slack like kings.. That’s the only time we could rest and relax… Enjoying our holidays!

The morning session at home…


My new brother in law’s hair so high up.. LOL


The wedding banquet was held at Bei King Restaurant on the 15th.. Our picture!!


3 pretty sistas


The reception table, all handmade by Saeku


I was seated on the VIP table with my grandpa, so I can help him with the food.. Check out this deep fried prawns.. It’s humongous… Too bad I don’t take prawn coz I was allergy with it…


This is my best sister when I used to work part time in the Crystal Shop during year end holiday… Check out her son, very handsome…


The next day… We started our journey to Ipoh… Again.. Traveling… uhuhu… Tired…

Morning Bride fetching session @ big sis’ house… While waiting for Alex, the new brother in law to reach, we camwhored!

Morning puffy face.. Like sponge absorbed all the water..


With big sis!!


 This the younger sis… so you think who’s younger?


My favorite grandma.. LOL.. she’s cutee

As for the wedding banquet dinner, sis booked her makeup artiste for us too.. She dolled us up and also our hair.. Loving it.. Although it kinda fall over after awhile..


Banquet dinner @ Ipoh Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant. I was told this restaurant are pretty famous, need to make advance booking 1 year earlier.. And check out this cold dish.. Their specialty I guess… It’s super big… I meant the plate…


The wedding cake as dessert… Their pre-wedding pictures were printed on the cake.. Impressive…


The next morning, big sis took us out for breakfast before sending us off to the coach terminal… I wanted to have the Ipoh town special breakfast at Sin Yoon Loong but it’s always closed on Monday… So sis took us to this coffee shop near Alex’s house… They too serve this crispy thin kaya toast.. Oh so yummyyy~

Loving it~


I am so happy finally big sis tied a knot.. Me wish her happy ever after~ <3