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french extension

Posted by: emily

August 15th, 2013 >> accessories, ❤ beautilicious~, nails

What do you think of my french nails??

They’re extension for CNY this year… I guess I prefer them to be simple and classic but it’s pretty hard to maintain, as they’re easily dirty… The white part..


I added on the pearl bow deco myself, so I saved a bucket..

I liked it tho…

Simple and classic <3

Valentine’s Day – actual day

Posted by: emily

May 14th, 2012 >> anniversaries, ❤ beautilicious~, eastern, nails, yummy yummy~

After the awesome, romantic and dandy valentine holiday @ bangkok…

The actual day… Waited for the whole day… But no sign of “valentine” feel… I meant, no flowers or present on my desk… My boss and lady boss went to Taiwan for Valentine celebration for the whole week and we were left in the office…

was waiting for roses/flowers to be on my desk… T_T

So in the end, I went to the nail saloon and got pedi done in Gelish Mint Icing, while waiting for Chun to knock off…

We had a very awkward dinner @ Ichiban Sushi because all were seated like in the exam hall.. =.=

That’s what all Valentine’s about… *hehe*

We ate and we went home… Compare to KL celebration, we normally go for a movie before heading home.. but this is better than nothing~ ^^

Wish ya all a belated Valentine’s Day~ *since its like in May now* :p

2006 – 2012 and counting…

bling bling ribbon gel nails~

Posted by: emily

April 7th, 2012 >> ❤ beautilicious~, D.I.Y, nails

And you know what?

Check out my new gel nails~

I’m very happy with the bling bling nails, I started camwhoring~

Trying to act like a notorious rapper with bling bling~ LOL~

A month later, I started to buy all the acrylic and gel nail thingy to start doing them myself.. I did the infills myself after that.. It was pretty easy as for the application, but for the material wise.. I had a pretty hard time getting the equipment/tools and buying the liquid, top coat and so on.. As in Spore, those shops were pretty pricy… Almost 2-3 times the price I saw in Holiday Plaza…

So I ended up having only a mini set of acrylic application, a brush, cuticle pusher, a UV light and hard gel.. The acrylic was a failure as I couldn’t mix them properly.. So I do my infills with only the brush, UV light and hard gel..  And use the remaining of the acrylic brush cleanser for all my gel cleaning thing, which is not really effective.. LOL.. but at least I did almost 3 sets of infills till today…

Proud of myself~ =D

And yeah, the UV light is sgreat for my DIY bling bling Iphone casing.. Using the gel to glue accessories on the casing.. Great deal~