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time off mode~

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April 3rd, 2010 >> ❤ beautilicious~, baby's playground, cosmetics lens, gadgets, malaysian, non-halal, special occasions, yummy yummy~

last Saturday…

I'm back to KL for a week holiday to clear all my last year's annual leaves.. after work.. i went back home before i headed to the airport… i reached the airport a little early so i went window shopping inside the departure hall.

its my first time taking Jetstar flight.. not bad though.. this trip costs the same as the bus ride i took 2 weeks back.. cheap i can say.. moreover the room for our leg its wider compared to TigerAirlines. services were definitely better too.. if i can cheaper tickets i would definitely travel by Jetstar. except for its quite troublesome and confusing the arrival @ KLIA. the place were kinda messy..


i took the skybus to KL Sentral so Chun could pick me up easily.. we went to 1Utama for dinner.. he wanted to take me to somewhere for a heavy dinner but the stall will opens at 10.30pm sharp.. so we ate something light in 1U.. had a Rotiboy and Shihlin's Oyster Mee Sua.. actually this stall's oyster mee sure is better than MV and also Spore's. 


we walked till when its almost 10pm.. Chun drove me to this small place.. very kinda dirty… i saw one big rat crawling at the back of the grill.. erm.. yucky though..

wanna know what we're having here? continue reading..

it was him..
and me..

Chun very recommended this place… he said they serve the best pork herbal soup (bak kut teh/rou gu cha). we had this claypot bak kut teh with pork ribs (yai zhi guat) and also (2nd picture below) lean meat with some bean curd sheet (fu chuk). too bad they don't have veggies, enoki, yao char kuai (fried fritters). the tofu puff (tau pok) was so so only.. as it was served in different claypot just like the lean meat.

Raymond, Chun's friend arrived awhile after that.. this 2 bowls of pork, we shared.. and we're bloated..



the herbal pork ribs in the big claypot was the master of all.. it was so big.. the ribs.. i cannot deny that is was a savory stew.. the relish was really strong and it stayed in your mouth till you were back home. but Chun's advice was do not add soup into the dish because they will give the raw herbal soup instead of the stewed one.

after the really heavy dinner.. we're back at home. i started to unpack my stuffs.. oh ya.. i bought Sheridan's Coffee Layered Liqueur from Changi Airport, as they were raving about it.. i couldn't stop myself from buying.. i tried it few days back, it was not bad… but do not consume too much at a go as its kinda too sweet + bitter makes you felt like wanna puke and scared of the tang.


i dropped by the Terminal 3 iStudio and bought a PINK bone link for my iPod. meanwhile i was in 1Utama earlier, i bought another travel AC adapter charger for the iPod too.. i don't wanna bring the laptop to charge my iPod..


then came the stuffs i bought online.. i bought these cosmetics contact last month earlier. when last few weeks Chun showed me the video regarding the fake cosmetics lens which results eye infection, i got very scared.. and i looked through my previous lenses.. i found 3 pairs which were the same packaging as the one showed in the video.. I've already used 2 pairs and another 1 pair more.. threw it away… scareddd… i don't think i see these packaging in the video.. hope anyone sees it, please tell me..


dueba ds-21 aqua, dueba b-type green, eos adult lens brown

then the Super Nudy Barbie Lens in pink. yes in pink.. i tried to get it for CNY but it was sold out.. last 2 weeks, the stock arrived… 


me in the pink lens, it looks scary though..


me in pink lens and pink dress~

overall.. it's not a good choice to wear them out.. maybe for photo-taking its alright..

tomorrow is my final holiday day.. princess gotta wake up from her dream and go back to real life on Monday… sigh…

Raya @ KL day 2

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September 27th, 2009 >> attrezzare, ❤ beautilicious~, baby's playground, cosmetics, cosmetics lens, hot pot, skincare, special occasions, yummy yummy~

what's nice??

my day 2 at home~

Chun have been receiving my parcels for me when I'm not around… i did online shopping and got them to send it home before I'm back in KL.. my shopping spree~~

I've got pink color insect USB fan, pink bunny storage box, 1 black + 1 purple denier 280 leggings, 3 pairs of cosmetics lens – violet, hazel and blue, anna sui brow powder (this has been discontinued, so i had to get it from other seller) and NARS blusher!! my wishlist! 

i got myself those leggings because I'm alot darker compared to 6 months ago.. coz in this new company, we had to walk to Kovan for lunch… and the sun is steaming hot all the time in the afternoon.. and on my feet, you can actually see the horizontal mark from my flappers… sigh.. that's why I'm wrapping my legs with the stockings.. 


here's my first NARS blusher in Super Orgasm!! nice name huh? lol..

satin matt finishing the case
peachy pink with golden sparkles~
love this color~

and this is the pink bunny storage box.. 


another new item in my cosmetics case… i didn't get this online, aunty Rainie went back Sitiawan and bought it from Irene.. Elemente Sheer Natureal Foundation.. nice thick liquid texture.. soft.. and when rub onto our skin, it turns to powder.. soft and matt… nice.. very sheer and natural… 


and my new cosmetics lens…

those old ones expired edi, so my new eye outfit of the day~ I'm wearing purple today.. this is the NeoLens DS-21 in Violet.

my accessories~
da lens~

look into my purple eyes~

look of the day`~

after dolling myself up.. we gotta go out to Setapak to look for Sheng Lun, my meimei's bf to get something from him.. and so… we met him up for lunch too~ actually on the way to Setapak, I've already eaten a box of KFC nuggets… and now, Sheng Lun took us to Lao Di Fang @ Jalan Genting Klang… which was actually meimei bugged him to take us there.. as she recommended the Fish Head bee Hoon.. she said it was very delicious… 


yeap.. the Fish Head Noodles were very nice.. but still not as nice as the one in Kepong , Ikar.. i wanted fried fish fillet, but they only have the fish head.. dun like the bones.. very hard to eat the meat…


and after the late lunch with Sheng Lun.. we went for a walk in Tropicana City.. a new shopping center which I've never been before since it's opening.. it was so-so.. alittle very small i guess… or still very empty.. looking forward for more stuffs in it soon…

we dropped by this place and thought that it was broken in or what…

so many people…. looking for what??

robbery?? fire? thief? accident??


hungry ghosts looking for food… @ Yuan Steamboat


we headed down to Sunway because we wanted to eat steamboat in Sunway Mentari… we called in to reserve for Yuan Steamboat but no reservation allowed for 4 pax like us.. pengzzz… and what-so-ever.. we reached around 4.45pm and the place is opening at 5pm… we got shocked because there's so many people in front of the shop before the shop is even open.. don't know doing what.. not even queuing… just gathered and look like wanna rush and push into the shop look for foods..

Chun got our number, and we got our table once the shop is open… the environment sucks… looks like a factory or low budget restaurant… and even the worker is lanci-er than other restaurant's.. really sucky.. feel like wanna kns the workers…


we got our foods while waiting for Aunty Irene and Chin to reach…


started boiling…


and Chun really did something funny… he rushed over like those other hungry chicken wing ghosts to grab some so called "the best chicken wings", for us… and what he said after getting the chicken wings, "I felt so proud of myself! it's really nice to fight for food with people there just now". i think… most of the people did the same thing for fun…

all i can say is… NOT VERY NICE ONLY LAH…

my friend Dexter a.k.a kennkenn makes the best bbq chicken wing..

show off, show off… showing his "cannot see de face"


finally… our pictures of the day~

the ladies

i still love the steamboat buffet in Beach Road/Bugis… can't be replaced..

after the nasty steamboat dinner.. we went to Sunway Piramid for a walk…

i love dresses… see what found in F21..


i kinda like the black one more than the tiered checker dress.. but then i have lots of black dresses already… so i bought the F21 tiered tube dress and also a casual Springfield tee for Chun.. 


oh ya…

late that night.. we went out for desserts again… in KTZ SS2..

that's why i gained 3kg since…. since I'm getting fatter…


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February 8th, 2009 >> ❤ beautilicious~, cosmetics lens, holiday foods, special occasions, yummy yummy~

during my 6th day of CNY..

Chun took me out to his friend's house pai-nian.. we had bakkwa yu sheng in the girl's house.. hehe.. CNY special edition..

cutting bakkwa 

it looks pretty nice due to nice color combination.. but then when they add on the peanuts.. it changed colors… abit over-dressed edi… 

yu shen drowned.. *help

lao ar! lao ar! lao aR~  


finally done… messy.. 



my makeup of the day… and my baby blue eyes~~

got my cosmetics lens recently.. got it from some pre-order blog, from Korea.. 

soaking lens
monotone eyes~
look of the day~
my skin still have tiny bumps due to the face threading..

i tot that this lens makes me look cute.. except for when you look into my eyes, its abit scary… hehe.. 


my 7th day of CNY..

its the day when i came back to Spore… heartache.. missing my CNY holidays.. sigh…

back to reality again..

btw, i got myself a new tumbler coz Chun lost my birthday tumbler from jiejie last year.. and i got a cute one this time.. 



currently so busy…

no time to update my blog and also accompanying my mammi… busy keeping fit~ yesh! gambateh!~ 


joined Fitness First like i said last month.. look at my card.. my picture.. my chubby face..   


i gained 3 kg since CNY.. so sad… i really gonna keep myself going for this month…

wish me luck~