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amizing August 12 KL break…

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January 8th, 2013 >> baby's playground, eastern, life, TT - yumcha`~, yummy yummy~

went back on 8th of Aug… for a break…

and washed my unicorns… They’re pretty black and dusty… Took them to the neighborhood’s laundry service… They charged me RM9.00 for each unicorns.. so freaking cheap.. loving em~



to WHITe… lol~


And also had a gathering with the ladies~ It’s been awhile since we met… Always busy…


Wish I could have more time… I wish to take more rest than working everyday…. Sigh… Working life… Seems like everyone is trapped in it…

Marvelous March @ KL – part 1

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May 31st, 2012 >> baby's playground, eastern, gathering, malaysian, TT - yumcha`~, western, yummy yummy~

23 March 2012, took a few days off for a break @ KL… and also to Seremban for Grandma’s bday~ So after work,  waiting for boarding @ Balestier Plaza…

The meal provided on the coach… It’s not nice but better than nothing.. Chun usually don’t eat them… Chun went back to KL a night earlier coz he took 2 days extra~ and he came to pick me up when I arrive at night…

The next morning was a wonderful day~

We’re out for breakfast with Chun’s daddy~ Had the all time favorite Herbal Meat Tea~ We’ve always reminded ourselves: there is no place like home… There’s no place like home… There’s no place like home… Malaysian food is still the best compared to Singapore… This time, I’m back with my “to eat” list~ and it’s pretty long too.. Hehe…

Back home and bathe… Dolled up and getting ready to go out~

On our way out for lunch gathering with the uni mate @ Publika..

We dined @ Ben’s… They were there earlier than us although we stay nearer than them… It’s because that was our first time there.. We actually walked the wrong way upstairs, and then looking for the way down..

I just simply love the good looking food there…

XY’s spaghetti

ah.. Mr XY husband’s fish burger~

Qling and Li’s quinche

wild mushroom soup~

Caesar’s production veggie, with some bacon bits and poached egg~ yum~

Me and Chun had the mushroom soup and Caesar salad with roasted chicken breast.. The salad was marvelously made to my taste.. Love it~

We wanted dessert.. but Chai Yen was almost there, so we made a move to 1Utama instead..

Chilling @ 1Utama~ Just the 3 of us waiting for Chai Yen…

Around the evening, we finished walking around 1U and asked Qling’s bf, Li to fetch us… We headed to Hartamas for Korean dinner like we planned earlier~ It’s a recommended by Qling~ Dined @ Dae Jong Kem..

The interior was very Korean… And it seems that the owners are Korean too.. Anyway, we felt pretty welcomed~ Nice dining place but too bad the air-cond wasn’t really working…

Wanted to sit here at first…

Then, we moved to the last table…

When we settled down…

First couple, Qling and ah Li..

Second couple, Xin Ying and Wei Yong

3 uni mates~

me and them~

While waiting for Chun and JJ to come… Chun went out with his friends for tea and JJ was working on that day, he only could join us after knocking off..

He’s here~

Our food~ Ordered by Li and Qling.. They’re almost expert in food… *winks*

a table of food (can I use this collective noun?)

we’re dining like an emperor~

steamed egg custard in a bowl.. Korean style maybe? but it’s alittle burnt…

this could be the sweet and spicy squids

BBQ wrap~

We had nice drinks too… Chamisul soju with sliced lemon and also Hite beers from Korea..

Pouring soju…


Congratulation to this couple, they’re getting married on 13th May 2013.. So happy for them~

Finally when we’re all bloated… We ordered desserts… Ice cream and cakes were too mainstream.. So we ordered something more… Mild… Roasted barley and Korean iced coffee… yums~

cold desserts~

3rd round and final round of the day… Qling actually suggested we drink @ Jalan Alor but Wilson suggested we just cave somewhere nearby like, Overtime Mont Kiara…

famous Lager..

^^ Happy picture by Qling


Check out my ridiculously good looking spectacle I borrowed from Li.. =p

Last picture for the day…

happy drinking session..

The 4 of us… My uni mates~

sneaky outing~

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May 15th, 2012 >> baby's playground, gathering, TT - yumcha`~

The 26th Feb…

Outing with this gang of mine… Ex-colleague from this company which I don’t wish to mention… Had lunch @ Raffles City, then we chatted throughout the eating session… Until we ended up @ Marina Sq for tea~

I’m happy to meet such happy friends in that company.. Thank God~~