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Check in for 2015

Posted by: emily

April 17th, 2015 >> baby's playground, events, excursion, special occasions, vacation

Its been 2  years since I stopped blogging~

Just checking in for 2105 for now…

Recently just went to Macau and HK earlier this month! Woo hoo~ Another territory claimed!


Both places are awesomelicious!!! Totally worth my hunn’s efforts to plan this trip. I don’t find them really rude as I think some of the peoples in Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan acts the same too… I’m just comparing to Chinese. Just sayinggggg….


Checking out now~ Adios~

Tristan Full Moon~

Posted by: emily

December 9th, 2012 >> bites, desserts, events, special occasions, yummy yummy~

Baby Tristan’s full moon celebration…

They sent us this full moon cakes~ It’s pretty delicious~

Bought this customized baby romper for him~ Super cute~~~ Loving it~ <3

Grow big and handsome boy~ Miss ya~

Christmas Potluck @ Norita’s Crib

Posted by: emily

February 22nd, 2012 >> baby's playground, events, fast foods, homecooked, yummy yummy~

A week before Christmas, we had a potluck dinner over @ Norita’s place. It was supposed to be a gathering dinner but because we postponed the dinner from October to November then to December, might as well make it a Christmas celebration dinner..

So on the 17th of Dec, we finally gathered…

This is Norita’s crib~ I super heart it~

Our food~ I brought Golden Pillow delivered to her house and Jason + Yandy brought Popeyes~ While Norita baked cream pasta..

This is Norita’s Tri-Colore pasta from Venice (she got it the last time she went there, and kept for us) done in cream baked style~

Started eating~ We’re so hungryy…

For desserts, she prepared Chocolate cupcakes~ awww heavenly… yums~

They come with Vanila flavor too~

Our pressies~

Norita got each f us 2 pressies, and we do some pressie exchange.. Mine is the one which looks like tube/candy..

After the draw~

Left-Right: Yandy, Jason, Me & Norita~

And when the draw was done, this is my pressie~

Azlan, my another ex-supervisor got the roll of money tissue paper I bought~ LOL~

We and our presents~

I love hanging out with my friends~

Thanks for the wonderful dinner my friends~