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malacca roadtrip during raya haji

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March 26th, 2013 >> anniversaries, baby's playground, desserts, eastern, excursion, malacca, malaysian, special occasions, vacation, yummy yummy~

Although this was a very late post.. But I sorta kinda would like to post… Yeah… Me think so…

A last minute plan to visit the city of history, Malacca…

It was on our anniversary day! 6 years!~ woot!~ fun~

Early in the morning Chun came and picked me up to Jurong to meet up with his colleagues… We waited and waited for others to come also… I guess they’re late.. Coz they seem to look late.. So when the others arrived, we hop on the yellow bus towards JB town to meet up with others…

We was arranged to hitchin a ride in the other colleagues’ car to Malacca.. So the journey began…

And guess what, the car we were in… Has pink seats cover~ And it’s Hello Kitty.. LOL~ (It’s a guy’s car btw)


I brought along my My Melody blankie, see they look good together… It was pretty hot sunny day… So I wore my Hawaii style top and also a flowery fedora~


Reached Malacca in 3 hours I guess… All tired and jammed… It was very very packed because it’s a holiday weekend.. The Raya Haji week.. squished like the sardines in a can…


image14  image16

Wanted to have our lunch at the famous chicken rice balls shop.. But… What the heck.. The queue is too long.. So one of the colleague who’s local there took us to a shop which doesn’t have lots of people.. I had laksa, and others had some other stuffs… It was abit so-so.. Not so ok style.. And I guess… The people out there queued for a reason… Delicious food..


Dessert was okay either… Not so impressive but edible…



Then, after the ok not so ok lunch.. This another colleague’s friend who’s also local took us to this concept cafe located behind some alley of Jonker Street…

It’s called Limau Limau.. The deco inside were pretty vintage and old.. Very sorta artistic with frames everywhere and random mixed and matched furniture.. Pin ups, notes and etc..



the bf..



camwhore in action~

They serve creative slushie and juice.. Like example, mango passion and peppermint mix slushie, or maybe passion fruit orange and green tea? Something like that, cant really remember coz I order their Ice Cream Apple Crumble… Totally normal food… The apple crumble were pretty good.. Or maybe its the vanilla ice cream on a hot day… Or maybe it’s the unsatisfied tummy craving for laksa..


something like passion fruit peppermint or maybe red ruby?


oh hot day, I really love some icecream~

Check out my cat pouch… I think he look good in this pic… What do you think I should call him?? Hmm… Cant think of any name now.. Maybe later…


The cat corner… Cute~


We walked around the hot town.. Looking for more food or maybe just walk… Or maybe a hotel… The first one at Jonker Street were full.. So the person in the hotel recommended us their brother company’s hotel.. Maybe…

Everybody’s tired… But some of them wanted Satay Celup so they split to 2 groups… 1 checking in, and another 1 queue for satay celup.. Since 4pm… Geez…

We’re the one who went to check in.. =) happy…

The Mahkota Parade Hotel..


After the check in, we drove to the Capitol Satay shop… And it looks like everyone is also queuing… Zzz.. Since before 3.30pm…


Finally… We’re in!

Starting to tuck in…

Cat pouch takka picture… Still looking pretty good…


Food…. Not my fave as usual…


After the feasting… We all decided to walk around town again to lose some of the calories… While some others decided to send one of the friend back and also look for the Nejede layer cake…



Cat pouch was here in Malacca… The Red building at night…


The next day was a pretty short day coz all they wanted was to look for the layer cake.. Which was successful but it was a pretty troublesome journey… We finally arrived home tired to the max…

It was a pretty fun experience with people I don’t really know… =)

a date in Malacca part 2 – end

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August 22nd, 2008 >> malacca, vacation, yummy yummy~

la la~

continue my date in Malacca.. 

after nappie~

we parked our car somewhere nearby and we walked to this historical place where we've read in the History textbook when we're young.. hehe.. i'm there for the 4th time edi~  

the red house.. shouldn't it be bomba?
my fave fountain~
us~ in front of the ship 

we walked the whole area.. including the top.. walked till my feet hurts.. even though i wore flipflops only. haha… to the top den come down to the Famosa fortress. 

on top of the hill~ you can see the new i dunno whats that..
big boom, just like the guy sitting there 

while we was there, i smsed Mikel aka Splashmilk asking what's nice i should eat in Malacca. he introduced me, the Mille Crepe Cake. it sounds so delicious and i was tempted to try it.. he gave me Jasonmumbles' phone number so i smsed him ask him to direct me. Chun was grouchy coz he wanted to eat satay celup, i insisted we have some desserts before we eat satay celup~

this is the shop~ i see no people.. i guess its not that famous? eek.. but don't care, as long as it serve me yummy foods!! 


thanks to Jasonmumbles and Splashmilk we ate this special and yummy cake.. i tell you, its nice coz it's not too sweet, and i can play with it while eating.. for example like: peeling it and eat it layer by layer~ haha… i'm just kidding, mammi said don't play with your food while eating.  

Strawberry Mille Crepe Cake~
layer cake 

after the crepe cake, we headed to Capitol Satay Celup shop. we just drove and drove, i dunno why the shop just appeared in front of us in a sudden. hehe.. Chun dropped me off coz we need to queue… and so i queued, while Chun went to look for parking.. i waited and waited till its my turn to sit. Chun's not here yet and my handphone battery was flat. pengz.. so i decided to ask the boss to borrow me his phone and called Chun. called him and told me that he's lost. he dunno where he is edi.. pengz.. >.> no sense of direction.

so i told the boss i will wait for Chun to come then only we start the stove. finally after maybe 20mins, he came.. we started mamam~


that was my 2nd time eating satay celup. but its the first time with potato~ my first satay celup was in another shop.. but i'm not very sure where coz the leader took me there.

eating and going out with him is my favorite hobby
good stuffs?
they kept these inside, only give alittle to the customers. we got only 10pcs
tak sampai 50 also..
look at the queue~

after the heavy dinner, we went back to the hotel and bathe… we went out again after that.. round and round the town we went, but couldn't find any entertainment.. there are lights everywhere, but… no shops or nice hangout place is open. haiz.. so lastly we decided to stop by Geographer Cafe for a drink. 


 oh yeah~ we had an ice cream~ yum~ 


went back after that and sleep… tired…

but the hotel gave me creepy feeling.. i'm so scared i couldn't sleep.. T_T luckily only for 1 night…

and so, the next day… 

we checked out right after we got ready and missed the free breakfast. pengz.. hungry.. so..  

chicken rice balls again~ 
in Hainan Chicken Rice shop this time 

eat again~ hehe.. we went to the 2nd shop recommended by Jeremy. Hainan Chicken Rice shop which i couldn't find coz i dunno how to read Chinese. hahaha.. i never know that the words in Chinese character are Hainan Chicken Rice.. all i know was kopitiam. 


actually i prefer the Hoe Kee's chicken rice coz its much more tastier, but Jeremy told me that the traditional or original chicken rice ball is served by Hainan Chicken Rice.  

yami yami~ 

again~ after chicken rice, we went for desserts.. this time we went to another shop recommended by Splashmilk.. the desserts shop right opposite Geographer Cafe. this is also typical Baba cendol.. but i still like the one i ate one day before.. coz of the sticky gula melaka.. yum~

Baba Cendol~

after the desserts.. we headed our way back KL…

on the way back, suddenly i suggested we drop by Seremban to buy some Siew Pau.. hehe… Chun agreed.. so we turned in to Seremban..

Chun called his friend, and ask about what's famous in Seremban. the girl recommended the Claypot Chicken Rice. we searched here and there coz the direction given was wrong, Chun's very grumpy and unsatisfied so stopped by the roadside and asked the soya lady, and meanwhile i bought a pack of soyamilk.

and this time we got the direction correct. its located next to the Seremban Seafood Restaurant. reached the shop and Chun enthusiastically ordered Claypot Chicken Rice for 2 pax, actually i was still very full.. and i wanted sizzling noodles.  


Chun got pranked by his friend.. the claypot rice taste normal only.. hehe… and i called Sanku so that she can guide us to the Seremban Siew Pau shop.. hehe… she came to the shop we were eating a while after that. she said that she never heard that the claypot chicken rice stall was famous.. hehe.. but she love the "tin kai" (frog) porridge at the stall in the same area. other than that, she told us that the Seremban Seafood Restaurant's crabby are nice~ Saeku loves them~ we will try next time~

Sanku guided us to Siew Pau Master bakery.. i love the siew pau from this shop, everytime Sanku will buy for us from this shop too. 

hmm.. the name abit too "hiong" hor?

we went to Sanku's house after that to visit amma… supposed to stay for dinner but Chun wanna go back edi.. so we left after babysit amma.. hehe…

reached home tired… really tired..

thats all about the date with Malacca until Seremban came. 

other than a pineapple tart and siew pau, i bought only this 2 keychains.. just for remembrance of our date with Malacca.. 

a couple keychain for us and cutie apple key chain for myself
its ours.. i think its sweet..
coz this is the first time we have couple thingy..


a date in Malacca part 1

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August 20th, 2008 >> malacca, vacation, yummy yummy~


back from Malacca~ 

so, which one should i post first ya? continue with Singapore or start with Malacca? 

hmm… i'll just start with Malacca..  

we~ on the way~

after i went to school for some documentations, we headed straight to the highway..

reached The Baba House at 2pm, but our room was not ready so we went to eat our lunch first. i called Jeremy and asked him about the nicest chicken rice balls shop. he recommended me 2 shops which serve nice chicken rice balls. first was Hoe Kee Chicken Rice, and second one was Hainan Chicken Rice. i couldn't find the Hainan Chicken Rice shop, so we went to Hoe Kee located at Jonker Walk. 

walking down the street
Hoe Kee Chicken Rice shop

there's limited parking space, so Chun drop me off in front of the shop so i could queue first and when he's here, we can start to eat. it was quite alot of people when we drove pass, but when i wanted to queue, they have lots of empty seats edi.. so i sat down and waited for Chun to come and order. we ordered chicken rice balls for 2 person. then we wanted the assam fish head, but then the lady told us that we weren't supposed to order the chicken rice for 2 pax coz the fish head is too much for us. so we ate only the chicken rice.. i really wanted to try the assam fish~ 

thumbs up for this chickie rice~ licka lips~
me and my chicken rice balls~

after the yummy meal, we walked the street.. planned to eat some desserts~ and we stopped by the Jonker Dessert: The Museum Cafe. i cant resist ordering Nyonya Assam Laksa although we're bloated edi.. 

soury assam laksa~ my fave~
plus sticky thicky gula malacca on cendol~ yum~

its so delicious i couldn't resist~ oh man~ the laksa was sour~~ nice~~ lovin it~ recommended for laksa addicts. haha~ just like me, Aping, Bibi and Joanne. the cendol was so special.. the gula melaka was very thick, and it taste so sweet it melt~ omg.. i'm licking my lips now.


after eating, we headed our way back to the hotel.. we wanna check in and rest before the next adventure. on the way back, saw these murals.. nbtd~ just take pics lar~ 

the man
the cutie

i've reserved The Baba House's room earlier by internet. this is how the hotel looks like. antique and nice.. they're doing some renovation, so the hotel is not complete yet. 

you can see me in the mirror
the lobby or the receptionist or the living room
second hall
our room~ 

our room was kinda small and empty…

we took a nap and continued our journey exploring the historical Malacca.

to be continued…