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Redang Island day 2

Posted by: emily

April 21st, 2009 >> redang Island, vacation

my Redang holiday part 2..

early morning on the 2nd day there, we went to Marine Park to snorkel.. too bad no pics.. coz Jian Tong uncle's camera died edi.. dunno why… but luckily we still have the pic which we took on the 1st day..

after snorkeling, we went for lunch… nothing much to talk about.. just some normal economical foods.. and then we went walking around the island.. time for pics~

his eyes were closed.. lol~

we booked for Banana Boat.. its around in the evening.. so we went back and took a nap, then went out for a walk again.. we did not went to the 3rd snorkel outing because we're tired edi.. moreover we're gonna see the same thing again.. nothing special because we already saw baby shark, nemo and also the Marine Park's stuffs..

i'm tanned… while waiting for our ice kacang in front of Laguna's cafe..

golden tan
black charcoal tan
popular spot..
very creative people
famous house
famous people

back to the sandy beach.. nice…

look at the ah beng~
in front of Laguna Resort
carry baby – i know i'm heavy

yeshh! time for banana boat~~


but… its scary.. on our 1st round out on the banana boat… they cornered, and we fell off the boat.. and when we're on the sea.. suddenly we saw Jian Tong's brow bleeding… dripping.. the blood… alott… then they asked us to wait in their boat and drive us back to the beach.. the leader sent Jian Tong tjo the clinic in Laguna.. see his brow bone.. but don't know what happened after we fell off the boat and cut his brow bone..

a small cut..

a small incident.. but make us all scared.. after Jian Tong went off.. the driver of the boat drives carefully… no more dipping into the sea.. just some water splash on us..

back in our room… my false lashes.. all crumpled coz was dipped in the water… this falsies i wore are not waterproof because once it touched water, it will stick together. normally i'll just use my fingers to remove the glue and reuse it back again.. crumpled = cannot use edi..


bathe, dressed up.. ready for dinner… dinner was so so.. 

anyway, here's after dinner when we went out with our pareo.. nice?? i look chubbyy…

this is Steven, Hazel's husband with Chun
he is a funny guy.. he's the one who told me about
our pic.. by Steven

time to go home…

our ferry was scheduled at 7am morning.. so early.. so that night.. went out to pick up some sands and seashells/corals back home..


Irene aunty and others went back to Spore on 9am bus… so me and Chun reached the resort waiting office.. we waited there till 12.30pm and the resort staff sent us to MPKT bus station.. yeap, i headed back KL with Chun.. i've wasted SGD$50 for return bus ticket to Spore and also not to mention, had to purchase another bus ticket to KL.

watching tv in the waiting area.. sien..

the bus KT to KL was terrible.. it stopped for more than 15 times in Terengganu to pick up and drop of passengers all the way… deng.. faint.. its not a good idea to travel by bus to KT.. should take airplane like TatTat..



my sony ericsson phone battery flat… and i don't have a charger with me.. coz mine, i left it in Spore because its spoiled edi.. i used Chun's when i'm in KL, meimei's when i'm in Sitiawan with her.. and finally now i'm in Seremban… no one here use SE handphone.. T_T

now i had to downgrade to 3310.. ops.. its 3100.. at least got color screen laa…

super hot Redang day 1..

Posted by: emily

April 20th, 2009 >> redang Island, vacation

on the 9th April…

the night we prepared ourself to Redang Island~ 


Lyi Hoe, the organizer picked this date because its Good Friday public holiday in Singapore, and we we're supposed to go on 1st May.. but all the rooms were booked because its M'sia and S'pore public holiday.. we wanted Laguna Resort, but none left. not even Redang Beach Resort.. so he finally got a few rooms in Redang Beach Resort during this Good Friday public holiday, which is only RM50/pax lesser than Laguna.. no choice, no more room left in Laguna…

10pax trip.. Lyi Hoe, Jian Tong, Irene, Li ching, Me, Chun, Catherine, Catherine's friend, Hazel and husband Steve.

in the bus for 10 hours to reach SyahBandar Jetty, Terengganu.. our butt, neck and back ache because the bus seat wasn't comfortable. but we're lucky edi.. coz i have a friend, Kevin who's also coincidently went to Redang on the same day as us. they took Alisan bus, but ended up had to sit on those small van from Spore to Terengganu. that's torturing.. 

in da dark… 

Chun came from KL. we met him there at around 8.30am.. he reached MPKT, Terengganu bus station around 4am.. he had to wait for the resort staffs to send him to jetty.. 9.00am – from the jetty, we took ferry to our holiday destination.

here's me… no makeup.. i don't mean to scare you guys, i know i look pale and fugly.. but thats me mah… 3 days 2 night in Redang no makeups on during daytime.. only falsies.. night, paint on some makeup for dinner.. although its not necessary..

while in the ferry… i was very excited.. very very excited.. excited since was in the bus.. can't wait to reach the beach.. 

Chun haven't seen me for a month already, that's why he stare non-stop although i look like a ghost

cover up with sunnie.. 

better right?


crystal clear beach…
i can even snap it with my 3mp handphone camera.. so clear.. 

all i can describe in one word…



hehehe.. nola.. its actually CANTIKNYAAA!! (beautiful). i like to use Malay words to describe, because i can do the NYAAA NYAAAA sound.. lol.. and the 2nd word is PANASNYAAA!! because its really really hot.. the sun is like burning bbq human.. 

my first step on the white sandy beach.. 

checked in~ 

must utilize everything i bought.. even this big straw hat.. 


our beach resort.. abit less than expected..  


but whatever… paid for it edi.. now its time to enjoy… this resort has those old and woody seaside feel.. like those Hawaiian tropical style, but abit cheaper looking.. 

i think my topi very de kacau.. hehehe.. 

here's my MAN! my ah four…  

he's my everything..
my man, my driver, my kuli, my atm, my pillow, my supporter, my bank, my doctor, my investment..
my everything… 

checked in to our room.. the room was nothing to show off… just plain and simple room with only 2 single bed, 1 dressing table + chair, 1 side bed table, 1 toilet and 1 towel rack. they don't even have a television, mini fridge, hot water kettle/dispenser/heater.

lunch time… in the canteen… yep, they called it canteen… well it looks like one too.. with only 1 rice, 2 meat, 2 veggy dishes, 1 soup and drinks.. 


after lunch, our 1st outing.. 

it rained for like 5-10mins.. i tot that we're not able to go out edi.. but luckily it stopped.. and here we are, preparing and camwhoring before heading to the sea..  

here's me and aunty Irene..
i had to wear something over my black bikini..
soli no half naked pics here..
i'm cute kan… 

our snorkeling place.. nice light blue sea.. 


one of the beach boy we followed, caught me a nemo… he took us to see nemo's house.. and let us touch it.. i wanted to bring the nemo fish he got me to show aunty.. but then my butterfingers, accidentally let flip and slip from my fingers.. sigh.. but still its cute.. as small as my thumb only..  


thanks to uncle Jian Tong's waterproof camera, we have these pics..

happy happy~ really.. 

after snorkeling, bathe… and get ourself dressed for dinner… we walked around waiting for dinner time.. pictha time.. 

here's a funny pic.. i didn't know that the photographer press the shutter button edi.
Hazel, Catherine's friend, Catherine, Li Ching, Irene and me..
wind blew so i was on the other direction.. 

nice scenery… behind us is the bridge to Redang Reef.. where TatTat stayed.. met him there.. another coincidence..  

me and TatTat

dinner time~  


do you know what is that picture about??

our dinner…

why the chicken wing?? because the boss and the worker only gave us each person 1 chicken wing. he's guarding the chicken wing the whole night. until i think he went to the toilet or somewhere, Jian Tong went and took 4 pcs more.. hahaha… it supposed to be dinner buffet.. its like… wth.. very frustrating dinner.. ya i admit that the chicken wing was nice.. and even all the food taste not bad too.. just that the selection was very very little and they still call it buffet… they can just call it prison/high school canteen where the staff give you you food in a plate.. you can read more [here] about the boss and his chicken wing. 

our Redang gang.. on the beach… hoping to see sunset..  

nice night…
me me me~

our night on Redang beach.. 




tired… will continue 2nd day later..

just reached Seremban… lock up for around 1 week here..