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i’m a bachelorette~

Posted by: emily

October 6th, 2008 >> growing up, memories~, varsity


wanna update my passed and long  passed pictures i got from Clive.. he sent it to me early last month, but i had no time to edit it.. so till now..

Clive, i tell you.. i'm really happy i hired you.. coz my studio pics and stage pics turned out to be a piggy.. i know i ate and enjoyed too much that week.. i had too much yummy foods till my face inflated.. haiz… thanks alot Clive to be there for me~ you're the best!! i love all my pics taken by you!! 

here's an enteree: 

the bachelor princess

rewind back to 23rd August 2008, my convo day. it was a rainy day that day.. gloomy.. but i was kinda happy.. see how excited i was in this pic: 

"my flower! my flower!", i shouted..
hehe.. just kidding..

then.. i think i got allergy to the flowers.. hahaha… 

ackchoo!! with cute expression~ 

okok.. my family pics~ everyone in my family thinks that its my BIG day, even my akong and amma came~ hehe… love them all~ they got me Sunflowers to cover my face with it.. *they thought that the sunflower will be bigger than my face* hehe..

thats my saeku, amma and akung~
the VIPs in my life..
and not forgetting my mammi~
another VIP~ 

mammi came the next day from Spore.. but luckily Clive was able to take our pics again in Bangunan MCA on 24th.. coz i couldn't find a spot to take pics with my mammi due to raining again.. pengz.. 

more more: 

me, mammi and meimei~
3 sisters with daddy~ 
this is my aunty, she's my stepmom~
and yeah, i'm their Very Important Princess^^~ 
the 3 flowers~ i mean us.. not the one we're holding.. 
>.> meimei got me the piggy.. >.< 
the person who made me the most important person on that day..
he accompanied and entertained my family while i was stuck in the hall for very very long.. and drove me here and there…

i was so surprised that he gave me a bouquet of Lilies.. coz he said that he dun wanna buy flowers as they will die in a short time.. so i picked a Tiffany & Co. bracelet which he's gonna buy me to replace the flower.. haha~ thanks dear for everything..

look at him… see whats he's trying to do..
he's always as disgusting as usual..
with his family.. they came~
so 'bei min' (give face) hehe..
this taiko William came too.. to accompany Chun..
he's single and available.. fast grab anyone?? 

and finally…

congratulations to all my friends and graduands~ 

that's aunty qling, ah sui and jun~
my classmates~
we couldn't find others coz there were too many people edi

throw flowers like wedding?? hehe.. we did the throw our square… what izzit called?? hmm.. i dont know.. here's the pic.. 

its me, right on the right.. 

i think thats enough for today.. i still have some pics which i did not post up.. coz i think i posted quite alot already… i dun wanna crash your modems.. hehehe…

currently still working on the photobook.. should be done very soon coz i've almost done laying the pictures.. i only do them in my office, when i'm free.. so imagine how free i am when i took more than 1 month to finish it.. T_T

gotta ciaoz to be a princess.. sleeping princess.. 

nite.. muakz.. 

convo teaser

Posted by: emily

August 23rd, 2008 >> varsity

back from convo today… tired.. it rained… can't stop it… so sad coz it rained… it supposed to be a happy sunny day… haiz…  


teaser for my convo~

before the convocation starts.. queuing to go into the hall..  


started to give speech and rants… hehe.. i'm just kidding… sien till die.. so long in the hall.. felt so sorry made Clive came so early and waited for me for around 3 hours.. so sorry…  


after we get our scrolls.. happy horr..  

finally, its MINE~ 

stay tuned till i hands on the pics.. hehe.. 

getting ready for big convo

Posted by: emily

August 23rd, 2008 >> varsity

was busy this 2 days…

getting myself ready for convo tomolo… yay~ err.. today (Saturday)

went to school to pick up my robe, and also need to shopping shopping for black pants and black blazer and also not to forget, accompanying Chun to business presentation. bought a cheap black pants from Jusco, and i have 2 of this exact same pants coz i used to wear it for work last time and i left it in hometown. oh ya~ tomolo i'm gonna wear my black pants. look out for me.. hahaha~ i'll wear pants once in a blue moon.. so tomolo's gonna be blue moon..

thank god Chun borrowed for me a black blazer.. coz i dun really need it after using it for once.. 


my convo~ 23rd  August

i hired Clive for the session~ hehe~