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Check in for 2015

Posted by: emily

April 17th, 2015 >> baby's playground, events, excursion, special occasions, vacation

Its been 2  years since I stopped blogging~

Just checking in for 2105 for now…

Recently just went to Macau and HK earlier this month! Woo hoo~ Another territory claimed!


Both places are awesomelicious!!! Totally worth my hunn’s efforts to plan this trip. I don’t find them really rude as I think some of the peoples in Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan acts the same too… I’m just comparing to Chinese. Just sayinggggg….


Checking out now~ Adios~

April babies~

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September 26th, 2013 >> birthdays`~, eastern, homecooked, malaysian, seremban, special occasions, yummy yummy~

Had April babies birthday celebrations at Ipuddo, Mandarin Gallery Orchard~~

I love the interior but surrounding its pretty disturbing… The place were noisy… Annoyed…




We had the VIP room for the first visit there with Jason and Jian Tong and etc for Aunty Serene’s Birthday~ Very small and warm.. *sweat*


The chandelier, it was too small I cant even get the whole room




We had a little cake cutting session @ Starbucks after dinner.. Wishing my aunty Serene pretty always~


This was the another week @ Ipuddo again celebrating little sis’ special day… Since she was so lonely, took her out for a good dinner.. And also a cute petite cake from Antoinette.. Lucky her~




The couple~

Another birthday baby in Seremban.. My grandma~ That weekend, I planned to drop by Seremban to visit my dearly grandma because it’s her birthday.. Bought the mille crepe vanilla cake specially for her~ and it was also Win’s and ah Pak’s birthday too.. Vincent, my cousin came by too coz he had to send Tuaku over to babysit Grandms, so we celebrated together…


Grandma with her cake~

Home-cooked stuffs~ Yum~ It’s been awhile since I tasted home cooked dishes.. I really love this comfort zone…


Home salad, and lamb chop~



Baked mashed potato and salmon from Canada

Love April~ <3

belated C’mas 2012

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July 31st, 2013 >> attrezzare, ❤ beautilicious~, baby's playground, special occasions

Checking back all my past pictures…

Found this…

My Christmas 2012… I think I’d missed it… Let me just briefly go through…

We walked Orchard Road during Christmas month.. i super love Christmas~~ Check out my unicorn..


And he’s jealous.. Coz I was supposed to take his picture, not the unicorn…


Taka’s Christmas tree.. in emerald~ and blue lights~


This is again, unicorn in front of Tangs~



I just love walking down the Christmas street.. That feeling… <3

Us in Tangs..


The Christmas day @ Bugis Intercontinental Hotel Christmas tree… Looks so autumy..



Pressie for him~ My Miami Heat 21 Emily, customized jersey.

image02 image03

And some b-ball tees~ Direct from US…


=) Another happy memories…


Baby G Girls Generation edition.. Not sure if I’m too old to own a babyG or I’m just too childish to own it.. LOL~


Marie cat’s keychain from lil sis~


We actually enjoyed Christmas  @ KL too… Here’s at Starhill Gallery..



And Pavilion, KL…

image16  image13



Feliz Navidad!! 2012!!

Looking forward for this year’s Christmas <3 <3