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6 x 365 days

Posted by: emily

May 23rd, 2013 >> anniversaries, gadgets, special occasions, western, yummy yummy~

Peaceful and wonderful public holiday Friday~

We celebrated our 6th anniversary the whole day… Early in the morning, Chun came and picked me up~ I called a day earlier to book Antoinette, Penhas Road.. But Chun’s sudden Malacca road trip on Saturday made me called them again to bring forward the reservation 1 day earlier..

So I guess their reservation for the morning session is almost full.. As we saw there’s some people waiting to be seated at the front door.. And the waitress lead us to our seat… Not as nice as the last time we were there.. It’s kinda like an additional table in the room.. But it’s just alittle cramped.. But anyway, the waitress did offered us the big comfy seat by the fireplace, but we rejected as they need us to finish up in 1 hr as there’s another reservation for the table later..


I LoVEE the interior~ So Versailles~


This ish me~



We had Cat there also~ He’s enjoying~



Hot Chocolate for a wonderful morning~



Signature Antoinette’s Breakfast comes with a basket of viennoiseries and hot choc~



Antoinette’s breakfast with Scottish Smocked Salmon and uber famous poached eggs~


Additional savory crepe which we wanted to try, Paris

Me in the washroom~ Alittle small but pretty enough to let me camwhore~


Bills taken! in a cute antique box..


We left and we wandered around Bugis the whole noon… Had to do some sight-seeing.. and scooting…

Chun decided to bring me for a nice dinner~ <3 so we headed towards Marina Bay Sands…

Enjoying the night..

Walking by the beach? Sea? hmm…. water..


We sat by the float while waiting for time to pass as we reserved our table for dinner at 7.30pm… Tahdaaa… I took out my pressie for him once he’s not aware… Smiley face.. I know he’ll love it…


Here we are, a French restaurant in Marina Bay Sands Singapore, db Bistro Moderne is Chef Daniel Boulud’ s renowned re-interpretation of the Parisian classic.


I took the cat there… LOL`~ I enjoy taking picture with him.. It’s actually a cat shaped flat pouch, for my cards and etc…


While waiting for food, he checked out his present… I got my present from him few weeks later when Note 2 was launched in Singapore… tee hee~~


Appetizer is here… Ham flat bread and tomato soup I supposed.. Sort off forgot what’s the name if the dishes already…


This thick Murica burger is their specialty, THE ORIGINAL db BURGER – Sirloin Burger Filled with Braised Short Ribs & Foie Gras, Served on a Parmesan Bun. Nuff said.. Famous max! But… not my type, I don’t take beef in big portion..



the burger… omnom nom nom

And I ordered their “today’s special”, the squid ink pasta… Arghh.. Regret it!! Coz I can’t bear the smell… The ink’s smell… So I ended up finishing the chips, flat bread and soup…  =(


And also camwhoring~


we @ 6 x 365 days~


The waiters were nice and friendly, they chatted with us and knew we’re celebrating our anniversary so they served Chef Daniel’s signature mini madeleines with a note when we’re asked for our bill… happiness overwhelmed~ I was kinda too bloated so I took a few into my mouth.. Sweet~


Finally the long awaited pressie came with love… Chun renewed my mobile phone contract and got them for me~ As my anniversary pressie~ Although it’s alittle long wait, but it’s worth it~


Happy 6th Anniversary hunny~


<3 strudel

Posted by: emily

October 31st, 2012 >> desserts, gadgets, grumpy baby, yummy yummy~

It’s Halloween tonight~

But I’m not gonna post anything about it… LOL~

Just sharing my Strawberry Strudel with additional <3 strawberry I added last 15th July~

Was busy enjoying my strawberry strudel and fixing my laptop… The windows program had some complications and it sort off couldn’t reboot.. Stuck @ the Windows welcome page..

Pissed off and enjoying strudel at the same time.. FML…


mua bday 2012~

Posted by: emily

August 3rd, 2012 >> baby's birthday~, desserts, eastern, gadgets, yummy yummy~

21st Apr was pretty long ago… But I’m still stuck updating the past… Here’s a short summary for the princess day… =)

A week before, Li Ching already dated me out for dinner @ Bugis.. We had the fish pot steamboat that night… Wanted to have apple strudel next door, but she insisted we have dinner first… But dinner made us bloated.. So we went for a walk in the street…

I love the food served here… Especially the fish soup~

When we’re almost digested… We went to have our dessert @ Ritz Apple Strudel…

We had strawberry strudel~ omg yummy to the max!

A big thanks to aunty Li Ching… She even got me this bling bling pink hair clip.. So thoughtful of her~

Nearer to the day…

A day earlier Chun decided to lied to me saying he’s gonna go back home early after work because he’s alittle sick.. Sore throat and cough.. Pity him… But while I was busy playing Fairyland with friends, he sent me a picture… Of a blurry paperbag at the lower deck of my house..

Excited when he said “Come down fast, it’s gonna melt”.. So I packed my stuffs, ie: the camera, medicine for him, serviette, fork and spoon, my new iPad…

Unboxing the cake~

Light up the candles~ This year I’m 20 years old… ;P

Posing with all the stuffs~ <3

Thanks to my deary boyfriend for the surprise.. Love ya~

I received this the next morning @ office… On my chair…

Took home secretly without anyone knowing.. Don’t want to create any issue tho… Anyway thanks to the person who gave me this… Although it doesn’t look really alike.. muakaka, I’m so bad..

The actual day….

Went out walking the whole day… For dinner, Chun took me to Dian Xiao Er for scrumptious finishing for the day…

Back at home, Win brought home NY cheese cake from Secret Recipe, from Saeku.. Loves~ Thanks for the yummy cheesecake~

Princess for the week~ Enjoyed~