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first bling

Posted by: emily

April 6th, 2010 >> fun stuffs~, growing up, skilled hands

my next day on holiday…

i started doing my stuffs which I've already planned early last month.. i bought a big pack of Swarovski Flat-back SS16 Rose non-hotfix crystal from Orchard.. and also some other smaller packs which were SS12, SS9, SS7, SS5 in Rose and SS5 in Light Rose which I'd thought of placing them in between the big crystals. and some AB crystal SS16.


this is my first time doing this bling-bling stuffs… so i bought almost everything as i started from scratch.. this includes the plates, epoxy glue and tweezers. i managed to find a pink fishing box which I'd used it for my pins, to put my crystals and then labeled them..


i tried placing the small crystal with light rose and rose.. in the end i choose to put light rose in between coz i don't want the whole thing look too dark pink..

tryout.. light rose in between for the left set and rose for all on the right..

i started with l3x's body… actually i saw xiaxue did for her lx3 in silver earlier so i copied.. 

she said cover the odd color to make it even
these pics were taken with my old nikon, not bad right?

when I'm done halfway, i realized that i don't have enough SS5 light rose.. so annoyed.. and depressed.. couldn't describe myself.. i tried to find them in KL but none of them were selling.. so it's still like this till now.. i need to go to the beads store soon..

the rows from left to right weren't perfect..
coz the glue dried in 5mins.. which were kinda too little time for me to adjust.

oh and that day itself, me and Chun went to donate blood. there's a blood donation drive @ Kepong Church.. Chun saw the banner and he's excited to donate so i followed along.. few years back, i couldn't donate coz i was low blood pressure. and this time i had a chance to donate, so why not?


me in the process… my blood flow very slowly…


this packet of blood helps the other life..


the happy me~



happy days~

tagged by aileng miao

Posted by: emily

May 15th, 2009 >> fun stuffs~, growing up, life

Aileng miao

Once you've been tagged, you have to write a post with sixteen random things, habits or goals about you. At last, choose five people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them.

1. i just got a job in an event company~ will start tomorrow (Saturday).. sigh… 5.5 days work…

2. i was VERY VERY FAT

3. i wanna marry a rich guy and make myself a full time blogger and part time shopper~

4. i shake my legs very often.. i couldn't control it.. its just like blinking your eyes, you couldn't stop yourself from blinking every few seconds right??

5. i wanna get myself a PINK lappie~ just mine~ (p/s: paiseh aunties, don't angry if i don't want to borrow you, you can use my mini lappie)

6. i miss my varsity times… how i wish i can turn back time..

7. when my income is stable, i really wanna get myself a Burberry hand luggage and a Gucci medium shoulder bag.

8. i've actually designed a house for myself in my mind.. and i know exactly what i want… but i just need millions…

9. my mammi pamper me alot.. she prepare breakfast for me every morning and helped me to wash my clothes everyday~ I'm so spoiled… love my mammi~

10. loves pink color.. and also songs by PINK too.. "i could fit your whole house in my swimming pool~"

11. i love to hanging out with friends~ but Chun always hangout with me alone rather than gather with friends… yeah.. but not often..

12. swoon over deep voices like David Cook and Chris Daughtry..

13. i dunno what to write anymore.. I'm stuck here for more than 3 hours already….

14. i wanna go back KL..

15. I'm missing Chun.. *sob..

16. i'm so bored at home alone.. facebooking..

done finally.. i'm gonna tag…


easy way out

Posted by: emily

April 1st, 2009 >> growing up, grumpy baby, work!

finally… i resigned…

i know today its April Fool day… but i'm not kidding… i just resigned, and I'm home now…

i couldn't sleep last night.. i was consciously sleeping with my brain running all around worrying about my work, coz last night my boss smsed me wanted to see me first thing the next morning..

he talked to me late this morning coz he reached office late.. just like a teacher talking to his student.. i did not defend myself coz i felt what he said was true.. i did not do my job properly.. i did not meet up with deadlines, i did not make efforts to learn and take initiative to stay late and catch up with my works.. but… sigh.. i only can describe myself as LAZY.

i kept quiet when my boss talked and even when he questions me.. I'd nod or shake my head.. but in my mind.. all the words are going round and round.. its a pretty dangerous for a girl to walk on the street at night.. i need to go home for dinner.. i need to meet up someone.. i will do the stuffs tomorrow.. i have not enough time to do the artwork.. i need more time because I'm new.. excuses.. i know giving excuses are only running away from the problems I'm facing.. sigh..

i'm so scared.. how i wish my job would be easier.. and also a senior to guide me.. i hope to do better…

my boss lastly asked me whether I'm still interested in what I'm doing now… that question made me reluctant to answer.. i know i like design.. but i don't like to stay late to get the job done on time.. i need to self study to learn more about web design..

he asked me whether i wanna start over.. he's giving me 2nd chance to start my job and accept this challenge.. but finally i gave up.. i asked whether can i resign.. he double and triple confirmed before he told me that i can leave on the spot, coz he said i can still take back my words since no one know about it… but i don't think so i wanna continue coz I'm scared of the challenge although the company is nice.. no more turning back once left the company.. supposed to leave after 1 week notice, but i think I'm useless to be there if i can't build the web..

i felt disgrace.. i felt guilty because he hired me and i haven't even start any part of the website yet, not even a teeny weeny page.. that's why i just kept myself quiet.. listening.. he's the first Sporean I would have bow to.. totally respect him, although i've only worked for 2 weeks. because he's reasonable and fair, giving me chances and talk about the problem.

lastly i would really like to say sorry and thank my boss, Keat Ong.. coz the opportunities he gave me.. and i'm so sorry i disappointed him, everybody is expecting the web to be done by end of this month.. but i haven't even kick start it.. sigh.. I'm so useless..

i dun wanna stay because i couldn't bear to disappointed them anymore.. or another word i call myself "escape" from problem.. 

i'm such an arse.. 

i can say that I'm a spoiled brat.. can't take much of pressure and work.. my mammi gave me lots of love, she heartache when i came home almost crying on my first two days at work.. i love my mammi.. she's always there for me.. although the words and comfort spoiled me.. i love her alot..

I've learnt a lesson.. now I'm afraid to apply for graphic designer position because all this going back late thingy makes me phobia about this position.. i told my cousin and roomie that I've thought of taking the easy way out to work as a receptionist or an expensive antique vase in the office.

i know.. every job has its difficulties.. i'll try to learn..

life is hard.. 

wish me luck with my new leaf..